Two Great Aussie LPs to Stream: The Brights + Pop Filter

Two great Australian acts release brand new records today, and oddly, both are being released by great Spanish record labels; but, they both come from different parts of the country, so there’s that?

Sydney’s The Brights have released Oyster Rock! today via Meritorio Records. It’s a collection of pop songs with little bits of Western twang lingering in the songwriting. You’ll find a few upbeat numbers, with most tracks working on a pensive point that allows the melodies to sit quietly with you for hours afterwards.

Pop Filter, up in Melbourne, are like the indie rock hydra; you cut off the head of one songwriter, and there’s another equally gifted craftsman’s head popping up. With so many songwriters, Cono feels refreshing at every turner, tossing out subdued little pop nuggets and bouncy bops of badassery. LP courtesy of Bobo Integral.

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