ATH Top Songs – 2023

Well, we did it folks. We made it through another year. Your ATH crew was busy as ever, posting well over 1,000 songs this year(!!!), sharing album reviews, and covering local events throughout Austin. As we wrap our FIFTEENTH year doing our thing, it’s also of course that time to share our top tunes from the past 12 months. Now remember, we often post 4-6 songs every single day, so this was a tough list to preen and edit before settling on the top 150 from the year. In my totally accurate math, this is about 10% of everything we covered this year! After the jump you can find a full list of all the songs plus playlists for you to take along with you.

Full list of tunes in alphabetical order below, or you can skip to the bottom for playlist links to both Apple Music (better) and Spotify (okay). Also, if you dig any of these tunes, please please consider supporting the artists by clicking on their band name and making a purchase of some kind. Tis the Holiday season!

7ebra – Lighter Better

A Beacon School – Alone

Acid Arab – Leila

Alien Eyelid – Where Elgin Bends

Annie Hart – What Makes Me Me

Another Sky – Uh Oh!

Bandit – We’ll Be Alreet

Beach Fossils – Don’t Fade Away

Being Dead – Last Living Buffalo

Big Blood – 1000 Times

Big Thief – Vampire Empire

Blonde Redhead – Before

Bratty – Continental

Brother Bird – something better

Bully – Days Move Slow

Certain Times – Spectral

Chelsea Wolfe – Dusk

Cindy – The Price Is Right

Class – Behind the Ball

Colored Lights – Warm Jets

Connections – I Confess

Constant Smiles – In My Heart

Cucamaras – Cotton Wool

DAIISTAR – Repeater

Daisies – Is It Any Wonder?

Dancer – Love

Death Bells – Take My Spirit Now

Deeper – Sub

Dippers – Tightening the Tangles

Dream, Ivory & Jay Som – Milk

Dumb Things – Self Help

Elephant Kind – Feelings

En Attendant Ana – Principia

Exit Kid – Classic Lie

Expensive Music Band – RNR Cliche

Far Caspian – The Last Remaining Light

Feeling Figures – Movement

Feeling Small – All My Friends Are Losers

Fiddlehead – Fifteen to Infinity

Finnoguns Wake – Blue Skies

Flight Mode – Hyperventilate

Font – It

Frankie Rose – Sixteen Ways

Girl Scout – Monster

Golden Apples – Waiting For A Cloud

Greg Mendez – Maria

Gumm – Slogan Machine

H. Hawkline – Empty Room

Half Stack – Burnt

Hand Habits – Something Wrong

Hartle Road – ICU

Heart to Gold – Chlo

Hello Mary – Take Something

Hotline TNT – I Thought You’d Change

House of Harm – Two Kinds

Human Interest – All My Friends

Hurry – Something More

IDLES – Dancer

Illiterate Light – Feb 1st

Jana Horn – The Dream

Jaws the Shark – Waiting for Something

Kindsight – Tibet

La Securite – Serpent

Lachlan Denton – Changed

Lamplight – Call Your Mom

Lewsberg – An Ear To The Chest

Life Strike – Downwinders

Lightheaded – Mercury Girl

Lip Filler – Monster Truck

Lola Tried – Don’t Care at All

Lost Cousins – Dreamer

Low Praise – Time Is Calling

Lower Plenty – Blue Shadows

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – It Goes

Matt Pond PA – Halloween Two

Mickey Diamond – Shredder Vs. Casey Jones

Mo Troper – For You To Sing

Monde UFO – Garden of Agony

Nation of Language – Weak In Your Light

Nymphlord – Stinks 4 Lyfe

Object of Affection – Run Back

Oslo Twins – Back To Nothing

Pachyman – Sale el Sol

Pale Blue Eyes – Takes Me Over

Pile – Scaling Walls

Pop Filter – Fighting Spirit

Postal Blue – Chance Occurrence

Prewn – Perfect World

Priors – Daffodil

Psychic Shakes – Fifteen Forever

Public Opinion – Bug

Purr – Drift

RVG – Common Ground

Ratboys – It’s Alive!

Red Pants – On A Wire

Redbud – to the moon

Roller Derby – Always on My Mind

SPRINTS – Adore Adore Adore

Screaming Females – Brass Bell

Sea Lemon – Vaporized

Seablite – Hit the Wall

Sean Henry – Everything Breathes

Shady Bug – zero expectations

Shangri-Lass – Father’s Daughter

Slothrust – Maybe Maybe

Slow Pulp – Slugs

Slowdive – the slab

Small Black – Desert of the Heart

Snailosaur – Apartment Boxes (nyc poem)

Snooper – Fitness

Soft Covers – Every Week

Soft Science – Sadness

Special Friend – Selkie

Spice World – Mountain Pony 20

Steven Adams – Living In The Local Void

Subsonic Eye – Yearning

Sun June – Get Enough

Superviolet – Big Songbirds Don’t Cry

Swansea Sound – Keep Your Head On

TORRES – I got the fear

Taking Meds – Outside

Talk Show – Closer

Teenage Tom Petties – Stoner

Telehealth – Taliesin Grid

The Drums – I Want It All

The Garment District – Left On Coast

The High Water Marks – Dream Some More

The Laughing Chimes – A Promise To Keep

The Manikins – Rosita

The Mary Onettes – Easy Hands

The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Waiting on a Ghost to Haunt You

The Serfs – Club Deuce

The Small Intestines – Old Town

The Smashing Times – Glorious Tales Of Wes

The Sprouts – I Hear Music

The Tallest Man On Earth – Every Little Heart

The Umbrellas – Echoes

The Uptights – The Unfinished Libretto

The Wonder Years – GODDAMNITALL

Tony Jay – Isolated Visions

Topographies – Night Sea

Transy Warhol – Deceiver, Baby

Troller – Out Back

Truth Club – Exit Cycle

Truth Cult – Heavy Water

Uni Boys – I Want It Too

Whitney’s Playland – Sunset Sea Breeze

Witching Waves – The Valley

Wye Oak – I Learned It From You

Youth Lagoon – Idaho Alien

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