The BVs Share Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures

What I’ve always adored about the BVs is their adherence to building albums where each tune feels purposeful; there’s intent in the style and the placement of tracks. It seems like we’re nearing another bit of that with their latest LP, if we’re to compare and contrast this new single with their first. “Clipping” came out at the end of last year, arriving as this bounding piece of energetic pop. But, today, they share the title track of their new album, and it’s a much more pensive piece, building slowly, churning and turning in upon itself a reflection of the imagery that flashes through the video (created and animated by the band’s Fred). Pictures flash and fade away, with drawings moving like op-art, where you’re unsure whether its the song or the image moving…or both. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the 2:40 moment hits and the exuberant nature of the band begins to shine through; lyrics are delivered more quickly and the drums seem to have a bit more snap, shifting the tune ever so slightly, naturally creating this feeling of longing that I hope you’ll love. Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures will be out on February 16th via Shelflife/KUS!

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