Aisha Burns Covers Gillian Welch + Tours with Torres

Following her exceptional cover of Chris Isaak late last year, Aisha Burns announces some tour dates with Torres by sharing a new cover of Gillian Welch‘s “Look at Miss Ohio.” Impressively, Aisha’s voice doesn’t stray too far off from Welch’s original, which is a great reminder of just how much she’s come into her own through the years. For me, I love Burn’s honesty in her words about the song and its continued importance, expressing admiration for the protagonist “declaration of doing things in her own time, despite expectations.” It’s an admission that we can still expect growth and change from Burn’s work, and our job is to support and uplift where we can. Speaking of…look for Aisha on the road with Torres through the end of this month! Tune courtesy of Western Vinyl!

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