Gentleman Jesse Preps 7″ for Drunk Dial Records

Drunk Dial Records is an interesting concept; the label encourages bands to get together for a 24 hour drinking session, record a new tune and then rip a solid cover. The spontaneity and inebriation always land on interesting results, and we’re stoked to hear that ATH fave Gentleman Jesse is on board with a new 7″ dropping this week. If you’ve been following Jesse Smith’s trajectory over the last several decades, the power-pop enthusiasm should come as no surprise here. But, for me, it’s the breakdown, perhaps booze-infused jamming, where I begin to grin, as Smith stretches the tune into some darkened regions that he pulls off perfectly, right before jetting right back into a perfect howling close that would make Bolan proud. Then the trio switch into a swaying power-stance version of Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack.” If you weren’t familiar with the tune, such as this 90s nerd, you might not even know its a cover, as they take it to an entirely different place. You can grab the 7″ HERE.

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