Dez Dare Premieres 10000 Monkeys + An Argument with Time

Looking forward to what’s shaping up as a busy March, we’ve got our eyes on Brighton’s Dez Dare and his record, A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. An earlier single was sort of an electronic-induced version of that cliche of “going for a drive with the windows down;” it was a smash, and a reminder of the anomaly that is Dez Dare. Today, you get the more pensive piece, culling some heavy riffs into this almost spasming bit of electronic pop music. Could it be a game soundtrack? Possibly. Could it be Dare flirting with our need to be surrounded by walls of noise? Certainly. Those bursts are brief, an exorcism that quickly gets peeled to reveal clever beat-play. Then, it returns, the riffs jamming out and the vocals adding an emphatic kick to the percussion, stomping the song to a close. You can grab the new LP from God Unknown Records on March 1st.

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