Last Week’s Jams (2.5 – 2.9)

We had a windows down car drive end to the week, so here we are looking at all the hits we covered in the last week. There were a few jams like the new single from Gentleman Jesse or the Pheromoans latest that aren’t anywhere on DPS, but we’ve got tons of other jams from the week. I really loved the new bops from Johnnie Carwash, Icarus Phoenixand Flowertown, while Ray snuck in some new Mini Trees and Acid Tongue. Plus, we tried to suggest you take listens to new LPs from Itasca, David Nance, Dead Bandit and Pylon Reenactment Society, so if anything, sample a tune here and there from the new records. Get in and drive with Last Week’s Jams.

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