ATH Premiere: 40th Parallel Share Cleaner Air Better World

When this new track from 40th Parallel popped in my box, I was really intrigued; there were bits of this style, little flurries of that brand…and yet when woven together, it sort of took on a life of its own. Opening up, the guitar line weaves its own tapestry, with light cymbals and a wash of keys, but then it opens up, teasing with a bombastic pop bounce that unfolds with snippets of jazz saxophone, leaving you with careful guitar pop that was born and raised in a smoky nightclub. And that’s only the first phase, as the vocals soon enter, yet even when they’re present, they feel a bit distant to a degree, pulling on the emotional vibe of the listener. Pushing on, the vocals burst, creating a traditional chorus feel that adds a dreamier realm just as the jazzier moments squeeze back into the picture. It’s a distinctive piece that has songwriter Jeremy Staude building his own musical brand!

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