ATH Premiere: Magana Shares Break Free

If you’ve been going to shows the last few years, you’ve likely encountered Jeni Magana, who has been seen playing bass with both Lady Lamb and Mitski. But, for today, we bring you news of her new solo record under the Magana moniker, which I’m thinking will have her on your radar for the time being. Your ears are instantly met by a deep wash of synths, with Jeni entering the picture moments later, her voice falling like a soft rain atop the dream soundscape. Then you hit that 24 second mark and a thumping beat joins, intoxicatingly spinning you about as the track steadies itself on those falling vocal lines. When the guitar line shoots through with a solo, you’ll probably already be mesmerized, with the track’s pulse and vocals pulling you into the depths with their mantra-like feel. A powerful statement, so be on the lookout for Teeth, dropping March 25th via Audio Antihero/Colored Pencils.

Here’s an earlier single too!

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