SXSW Tuesday In Photos

While Nathan was jet setting around on Monday, Tuesday was my first full day into the SXSW madness. Both of us started early with a focus solely on unofficial and sort of off the beaten path shows for the day. I stuck around the campus area at Tweedy’s and Hole in the Wall while Nathan headed over to the east side. We’ll be giving you a full recap of band highlights and photos later this week and on into next, but I thought ya’ll might want to see what it’s like out there, especially as weather and other factors may come into play as the week carries on. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on Tuesday with photos.

You can see a ton of bands in a few hours with dueling stages and two venues nearby. Highlights from Tweedy’s and Hole in the Wall for me:

Worn-Tin – Definitely the set of the day for me. Tweedy’s will be dealing with some sound bleed over from an outside stage at The Ballroom, but this L.A. group brought loudness and loads of energy to overpower and bring a twangy, gravely voiced set to the outside stage. Highly recommend. RIYL: Fruit Bats, Deer Tick

Mary Shelley – They seemed fun and sort of silly at first, but wowed with an 80s punk vibe inside at Hole in the Wall. Surely entertaining. RYIL: The Cramps, B 52s

Rain on Fridays – Clearly younger than other bands on Tuesday, this trio may have had the tightest and fullest sound despite their shortness in years. Sludgy, slacker rock. RIYL: Bleach era Nirvana, maybe Silverchair with more pop

Laney Jones and the Spirits – Easily the happiest person to be on stage, which is infectious and brings positive energy to everyone in attendance. Jones’ song can be both intimate and also bring a thumping rock n roll sound. RIYL: Sharon Van Etten in her rock stage

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