Unwed Sailor Share Blue Tangier Single

Having just caught Mogwai play the other night, it seems fitting that I’m settling into my midweek with a fresh track from Oklahoma’s Unwed Sailor. Both bands have always operated in like territory, creating narratives within the realms of instrumental rock, much like this single below. At its start, it’s harrowing in a sense, synth notes washing over a thunderous riff, until the the lead guitar begins its journey. That journey sees a glimmer of light work its way into the track, telling a story of reaching out of the darkness to find comfort, which is where you are just after the 1 minute mark. Thundering noise sneaks in too, but it’s a reminder that there’s a natural ebb and flow to the tale coming through your speakers. If you’re into instrumental storytelling, you need look no further than Underwater Over There, out May 10th!

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