Goosewind Share Lime Time with Clementine Video + Announce New LP

How does one describe a band that’s been around for over years, continuously experimenting and shifting? In all honesty, you can’t. But, you can spend a little over three minutes with this brand new track from Goosewind, and you can hear how they’ve taken an amalgam of all their years of existence and moved into one sonic piece. A brief flirtation with heavy rock lines opens things up, but out of nowhere Melody’s voice comes into play, offering a faint hint at DIY lo-fi in its delivery; I started to think this was going to be a nod to K Records! Then Rick Goosewind takes control, using his baritone voice to bring in a bit of swagger as the track blends elements of psychedelia and rockabilly. They jump into the chorus quickly, with a bit of emphasis on the heavy guitar lines; you can still hear them layering the song brick by brick, only to pull back and settle into the verse again. Building the song in such a manner has the song teetering between cacophony and beauty, which epitomizes the secret charms of Goosewind. Think of this as a jam band featuring members of Halo Benders and Low, and if that sounds incredible, then be on the lookout for a copy of The Miracle of Tape, available April 19th via Shrimper.

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