Strand of Oaks Shares Party at Monster Lake

Not sure exactly what it was that grabbed me, but there’s something magical about the new single from Strand of Oaks. Part of me wants to pledge allegiance to the father/son panda duo of the video version, but I’m also keenly aware that Tim Showalter’s vocal performance here is what really made this track a marvel. A synthetic backbone sets up a light strum, and though simple, that’s all Showalter needed to roll out his voice; it hits a true high point when he hits the line “there’s something about the rain,” which oddly coincides with what’s going on outside my window at the moment. If you think the vocals are all that matter though, be careful when you open up the music box as the tune is filled to the brim with accents and nuance that create this huge texture that soaks you in emotion. Miracle Focus is out June 7th via Western Vinyl….with an Austin release show on June 21st at the Parish.

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