Laughing Announce Because It’s True

If you’re not ready to enjoy some of the best power-pop around, then you may as well skip onto the next track, as this fresh Laughing tune is just too tasty. At first listen, you might hear a bit of a nod to Teenage Fanclub, and there’s nothing wrong with that, though the band settle into a little bit more casual and direct spin, harkening to the left-of-the-dial hits of late 90s college rock. The musicianship is pretty stellar when you pull your ears really close to the noise, with overlapping guitar lines swinging the listener back and forth like a great pop rock lullaby. Feels a bit like a house party thrown by members of Ash, Superdrag and Teenage Fanclub, and there’s not a single person who isn’t wearing a big old-fashioned shit-eating grin on their face. Because It’s True is out June 28th via Celluloid Lunch/Meritorio Records.

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