Off the Beaten Path: Holiday Music, Rob Logan and More

Mondays are always strange. I run a bunch of stuff that snuck by, or I throw a cumbia hit here at you…but this week, I wanted to spread the word on some new stuff that maybe doesn’t fall under my everyday coverage…though admittedly, it all fits in this musical world. We’ve got new stuff from Holiday Music, Rob Loagan and Donny Mahlmeister.

Holiday Music, who we’ve covered for some time just released their 333 EP, which is a collection of tunes defined as “bedroom rock mixed with industrial-wave.” While tunes like “333” and “Final Notice” are more traditional offerings, you might dig into some of the more experimental stylings of “Best in Show,” which uses electronic samples and blends it all together. Stream the whole 333 EP below.

Rob Logan just dropped Explode the Rose, which is sort of a cinematic journey of sounds. The work within utilizes textural electronic components to create individual musical paintings. Tunes like “Magic Coin” open up to a feel of escapism, letting you drift into your own meditative state, though admittedly, I’ve been partial to “Portal,” which has slight movement, while still accomplishing that feeling of eternal drift. A cassette is available via Trouble in Mind.

Speaking of Trouble in Mind, they’ve got another collection of ambient electronic works coming from Donny Mahlmeister, who plays in Levinson/Mahlmeister. The music on Paper Glacier feels as if its been constructed to score your walk through your favorite museum; there are moments to pause and reflect, while other moments pulse and encourage you to move into the next room to find another masterful piece. No words, just musical imagery for your brain.

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