Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Embroidered

We know there’s a brand new Letting Up Despite Great Faults record coming on the way, though details are fairly vague (thanks Mike!). That said, there’s a pumping new single you’ve got to hear if you’re a fan of the band’s indiepop style. If this new single is a glimmer of what’s in store, I’m totally ready, as this seems to have taken their polite bedroom pop sound and fused it into something bolder and bumping. This new track has these huge hooks in it, driven by the pumping synth lines and guitar riffs jangling behind. Dual vocals are still deep in the mix, which is always one of their charms, so you can still pick up on the breadcrumbs of the band’s earliest days while they forge ahead with a more potent brand. We’ll keep you posted if we here more on the new LP!

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