Show Review: Adrianne Lenker @ Paramount Theatre (6.9)

This past Sunday at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Adrianne Lenker showcased not only the immense depth in her discography by bringing out a multitude of songs from over ten years ago, but she also showcased her ability to seamlessly span across her musical universes and their differing fanbases. The evening opened with Texas folk legend Steve Fisher, rumored to be a huge influence on Lenker.

A mere one-third of the songs Adrianne played were from her most recent album Bright Future, allowing the vastness of her thoughts and creative picking patterns to materialize. From the song “Steamboat,” the beloved solo from Adrianne’s first album Hours Were The Birds, produced at the ripe age of twenty one, to “Vampire Empire,” one of Adrianne’s more recent hits that was first released as a Big Thief solo. With just a guitar, microphone, and the unwavering attention of the crowd, Adrianne created an intimate atmosphere within the Paramount that was unmatched in its authenticity, ultimately displaying how art and writing has been used to heal Adrianne throughout the years, and inversely, how Adrianne’s art has been used to heal her devoted fans. There were grown men clapping during the most niche of songs, fans crying, and an obvious sense that each attendee had their own individual and meaningful experience accompanied by Adrianne’s voice and the downtown Austin Paramount interiors.

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