Giant Day Share We Were Friends

Derek Almstead has been working around the Elephant 6 Collective for some time, though I love his work with the Glands the most. As of the moment, he’s working on his new project with his wife Emily Growden named Giant Day, and they’ve released a brand new single from their next LP. When listening to their latest single, I can’t help but hear two very distinctive sounds working through: there’s a gentleness akin to Elliott Smith in the vocals and there’s a huge driving build that surrounds the voice. It’s like you can hear this delicate storyteller sitting inside a cocoon, only that cocoon has been crafted by this driving rhythmic wall of noise that’s inescapable. But, then again, you’d expect someone who has worked with the E6 to know all about building huge walls of sound in their craft. Oh, and speaking of, the band will release their new Glass Narcissus LP on August 23rd via Elephant Six!


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