Last Week’s Jams (6.10 – 6.14)

Consider yourselves lucky! Three of the song’s I wrote about didn’t make DSPs yet, otherwise, you’d have a two hour playlist of joy to listen through today. Luckily, Australia was keeping it real, with new stuff from The Male Gays, Pop Filter, Kosmetika and Alluvial Nuggets all gracing the site. There was some Austin show coverage too, namely Mikky & the Doom and Adrianne Lenker, so jams from those acts get included. On the personal tip, I was really pulling for the Manners Manners and Nightshift to be big hits out there in the scene, with this new Parallel tune right behind it! There’s also some expansive jams too from the likes of Immersion and Nap Eyes, if you need a tune over 5 minutes for your life. Enjoy.

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