No Monster Club Drop the Trundling Path

If you thought that music of the indie sort had gone a bit stale, well, No Monster Club aim to kind of stretch your expectations. Their brand new single has this sort of chamber pop approach, utilizing horns and various arrangements that build the song, texturing note after note. As the track bounds along, it picks up a bit of a catchy, cacophonous stomp, like your favorite marching band hitting on the hooks you never knew you loved. And why wouldn’t they close it out with an exuberant jam to tie a bow around this brilliant piece of pop? Their album deadbeat effervescent is out on February 11th via Emotional Response.

No Monster Club Drop Save the Circus

Irish outfit No Monster Club have a new record coming your way this year, and they open up that announcement with a really fun tune, trying to “save the circus” for us all! From the get-go, the tune introduces this jangling bounce, filling out the corners of the tune with little bits of horns before the vocals come into play. When those vocals do drop in, they dominate the tune, operating like a ringmaster, controlling everything about the track, even pushing the pace in step with the drums during the chorus. The band will be dropping deadbeat effervescent on February 11th via Emotional Response.

Even More From No Monster Club

Dublin’s own No Monster Club is currently one of the busiest bands in the game having released 5 EPs already in 2017. Being so relentless with releases this year, one might think the quality of music is watered down, but you’d be totally wrong. Maybe you’ll believe me after listening to this new fun pop single called “You Are Here”. If a song was ever ready for summer, it’s this bright and catchy new track from no Monster Club.

EP #5 of the year, Faqir – Hex, is now available for digital purchase on bandcamp.

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Pure Joy from No Monster Club

NMC_SLEEVE_PICThere’s a genre of music that’s undefined. That sort, like this new No Monster Club, doesn’t ask that you put it carefully in a box; instead, it begs you let your walls down and immerse yourself in pure enjoyment. For starters, you won’t find this new tune as your regular run-of-the-mill sort, so that’s already a bonus. Ultimately, you’re just going to leave your listening experience with a smile upon your face and enough inner joy to carry you through the rest of your day. The heralded Irish act is set to release their first ever Stateside EP via Emotional Response on September 16th…Pre-orders HERE.

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New Video and Album from No Monster Club

nomonsterclubWe ATH kids love us some No Monster Club and I was happy, yet also sad at my tardiness, when I found out that the band just dropped a new album.  So apologies for my brain fart out of the way, let us enjoy this new track and video from the band called “I’ve Retired”.  As expected, the band delivers with an awesome, fuzzy, and catchy rock number that no one can say no to.  Follow the jump for video and album deets.

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Noisy Little Rocker from No Monster Club

If you’re looking for a band that lives somewhere between Fresh and Onlys and Wavves, then let me introduce you to No Monster Club!  The group came to my attention as I was following one of my favorite smaller labels, CF Records.  They’ve recently helped this Irish trio put out a small small run of their newest LP, Dublin, and it’s a pretty solid introduction to the band.  Below you’ll find a rambunctious bit of garage pop filled with infectious hooks and a bit of disregard for hi-fi recordings.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get this jam out of my head.


Download:No Monster Club – Be My Bone [MP3]

New Music From No Monster Club

No Monster Club is a Dublin band fronted by primary songwriter and founder Bobby Aheme.  Bobby formally played music by his lonesome but has since fleshed out his sound to incorporate a touring band.  Below you’ll find a sample of this new garage rock styling band in the form of “The Last Bottle in the World”.  A new EP is said to be coming soon from these guys so I expect you to pay attention.


 Download: No Monster Club – The Last Bottle in the World [MP3]

Stream The New Andrew Jackson Jihad Album Now

AJJ Oh you’ve never heard of the punk folk stylings of Phoenix’s Andrew Jackson Jihad? Well, lucky for you their upcoming fifth album, Christmas Island, slated to come out May 6th, is streaming for your convenience over at the A.V Club. Sounds like the band has re-imagined their sound a bit with these new tracks, delving back a bit to get innovative again: so far, I especially like the ragtimey piano parts that jump out immediately. These gents, in addition to launching this new album, are about to embark on a monster tour, which begins at our very own Red 7 on June 2nd. So scoot on over and have a listen, fall in love, and get ready to jam with them come June.

Catchy Pop Number From Sir Bobby Jukebox

Though you may not know the name, Brisbane based Sir Bobby Jukebox, is definitely a guy you know us or from other music sites. Most of his time has been spent with his ATH approved band No Monster Club, be he’s also spent time with Grand Pocket Orchestra and Paddy Hanna. Basically, the dude is busy. Well now the magical music man is stepping out on his own with his first music as a completely solo musician. He’s offered this song “You Only Dance” as a preview for what he’s been working on and I’m immediately drawn into the catchy as hell beats and fun vibe. Though it clocks in at over 7 minutes, you will be finding yourself sucked in and engaged for the tracks entirety.

My Favorite x Holy Wire — Remix + Interview

Late last year, My Favorite released the Tender is the Nightshift EP, which featured the standout tune, “Blues for Planet X.” Little did we know that the artist behind the music had other ideas in plan, including a remix by Austin musician Holy Wire, as well as a getting to know you piece from both the artists. They reached out to ask us if we’d be inclined to share, and of course we jumped at the chance! So, if you’re looking for your everyday Bandcamp stream, you can jump right HERE. We’ve also got the great video for the tune streaming below too!

After the jump, you can check out the interview piece run by Michael Grace Jr and Alain Paradis! It’s filled with humor and insight into both artists and their work.

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