New Track from Dizzy Eyes

We’ve been super busy with SXSW, so a few things have slipped under the radar, and such is the case with Dizzy Eyes, one of the band’s just signed by our friends over at Hardly Art.  The band just released their new Let’s Break Up the Band 7″ last week, and I’ve been loving the lead title track.  Vocals remind me of Stellastarr, yet there’s a cutting melody that works beneath the entirety of the song, giving just enough bounce to the song to make it more than your average tune.  We’re still happy the guitar is full on this year. Oh, and we included this track on our SXSW Sampler, which you can grab here: SXSW SAMPLER.


Download: Dizzy Eyes – Lets Break Up The Band [MP3]

Killer SXSW Comp from Dirtnap

The great thing about SXSW is getting to see a lot of great bands you haven’t spent a lot of time with, but for me, that’s not the case with all the acts on Dirtnap Records.  They’ve been putting a lot of great tunes together, several include local Austin/Texas acts like High Tension Wires or the Mind Spiders.  They just put up a little comp HERE, where you can sample their great bands.  Be sure to head out to their showcase on Saturday @ the Easy Tiger if you like what you hear.


Download: The Mind Spiders – Dont Let Her Go [MP3]

New Song from The Wrens

Long have I loved The Wrens, who released one amazingly flawless LP, Meadowlands.  They’ve hinted time and time again at new music, but we’ve only gotten glimpses over the past decade.  Today, Stereogum released a track via Epitonic, and I got that warm feeling all over again.  Listening, it has that same brooding/builiding element, forcing you to anticpate the eventual eruption of joy.  Spolier alert: that eruption doesn’t come, as one might expect, but there’s still an element that harkens back to the days of the band’s first album, which immediately makes me smile.  A gentle haze, steady drumming, and that guitar sound. I love it, and I hope you do too.


Download: The Wrens – As I’ve Known [MP3]

Introducing They Stay Dead

Nowadays it seems like every body has their hands in some aspect of punk rock, which is definitely okay by me.  You’ll get garage, power-pop, post-punk, etc., but what really grabs me are those bands that remind me of those innocent pop-punk days when it was all about just having a blast with your friends, playing tunes in your garage or over at your friends backyard party.  Here we have a new upcoming band from Oklahoma, They Stay Dead, who just put up their first EP.  It’s everything you want good old school punk to be, full of delicious solos, catchy as all get out, and perfect for just cruising in your car with the windows down and the stereo up high.  I’ve been enjoying this EP all week, and if you’re like me, you just might enjoy it too!


Download: They Stay Dead – Paper [MP3]

New Tunes (and album) from the Meat Puppets

We don’t need to inundate you with the history or the iconic status of a band like the Meat Puppets; that stuff is a given. What we do want you to know is that they’ve got a new record, Lollipop, heading your way April 12 on Megaforce Records. Admittedly, this new single is great, but it’s not one of those songs that is really going to blow your hair back; it’s just a steady song that eases its way into your life by way of simple melodies and warm vocals.  It sort of reminds of all those punk bands that went country, and you know I love those guys.  Also, SXSW fans, you can catch the band at several places, such as La Zona Rosa and Austin Music Hall, so be on the lookout.


Download: The Meat Puppets – Damn Thing [MP3]

New Music from Those Darlins

Later in March we’ll all get to hear the much-anticipated sophomore record from Tennessee’s Those Darlins titled Screws Get Loose, which they’ll be releasing on their very own Oh Wow Dang label.  If you take a listen to this album’s title track, you can definitely hear a bit of the brattiness exhibited by early punk rock females.  Then you combine that with a bit of swirling melody, and wouldn’t you know it, you’ve got yourself an infectious song for everyone to fall in love with today.  Let’s hope the rest of the album lives up to the phenomenal promise I find in this little ditty. What say you?


Download: Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose [MP3]

New Tunes from Oupa (Daniel of Yuck)

If you’re looking for more Mascis-infused fury from one of the members of Yuck, then you can probably skip this, as it’s nothing like that.  Instead, think more along the lines of an Atlas Sound bedroom session.  Oupa is the project of Yuck‘s Daniel, and he’s going to have release his debut Forget LP some time in June of this year.  You can tell by this single that there’s definitely something to draw you in, whether you like the rising vocal in the chorus, or the darkened tones of the piano as it plays out through the song.  And, if you’re in Austin for SXSW, you’ll be able to catch Daniel doing his thing at the Gorilla vs Bear Party on March 17.


Download: Oupa (Daniel of Yuck) – Forget [MP3]

New Track from Parenthetical Girls

You have to give it to the Parenthetical Girls for offering up something incredibly personal to their fans, giving them several 12″ EPs instead of just releasing their newest LP, Privilege.  The most recent part of the series is Privilege Pt. III, which should be out on the band’s own label, Slender Means Society, on March 22nd. The latest MP3 is really creeping up my playlist as of now.  It’s got this really dramatic feel to it, particularly the vocals, yet in the back you can hear all this squalling noise and haunting percussion.  This definitely makes for a great listen, and you’ll be coming back to listen again and again, just as I have.


Download: Parenthetical Girls – The Pornographer [MP3]

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