More New Music from Handsome Furs

Today we were greeted with yet another new track from Handsome Furs off their upcoming record, Sound Kapital, which will be released by Sub Pop on June 28th.  Again, this is a really electronic driven track from the duo, with Dan B. taking the majority of the vocals, giving his throaty vocals to the rhythmic track.  It’s a reminder of just what Dan’s voice can really do when he’s given the chance to take control, as he occasionally does for Wolf Parade.  It’s a wonder with songs like these, and the many project of Spencer Krug that WP haven’t been able to blow us away like they once did on Apologies. Oh well, at least we have this killer track to enjoy all weekend.


Downlaod: Handsome Furs – Repatriated [MP3]

New Song from The Happy Thoughts

Need a little pep in your step?  Well, then you’ve got to get into The Happy Thoughts, the newest power-pop band to burn a hole through my stereo.  The band is releasing their self-titled record on May 31st with Hozac, and it’s going to be one hell of a record, as I’ve already spun it halfa-dozen times since I got it late last night.  There’s good speed to this single, with a steady vocal delivery, and a little bit of grit in between.  You’ll find yourself yearning to blast these tunes as your speeding down the highway on that road trip by yourself.  Seriously, it’s going to be a helluva ride with The Happy Thoughts. [audio:]

Download: The Happy Thoughts – Sweet Dirty Love [MP3]

Show Preview: A Giant Dog @ Beerland

Date Friday, May 20th
Location Beerland
Doors 900p
Tickets Cheap

Want to enjoy some of the best bands Austin has on hand right  now?  Then you’ll need to make your way over to Beerland this evening, and be sure to get there early, as you’ll want to catch our favorite, John Wesley Coleman, the “trashcan troubadour.”  But, more importantly, you’ll get to fill the evening with Simple Circuit and A Giant Dog, two of the harder working bands in town, delving out their own blend of rock n’ roll.  I have nothing to say other than these are some of the bands that I could easily watch every weekend, and you should come join me in the fun.


Download: John Wesley Coleman – Bad Lady Goes to Jail [MP3]

Free 3 Song EP from The Wooden Birds

As we here in Austin begin to grow more and more excited about the upcoming album from The Wooden Birds, it seems the rest of the world is also taking note.  The band’s new record, Two Matchsticks, will be coming to fans on June 7th via Barsuk, and today, the band released a free 3-song EP (for the price of an email), which you can find HERE.  And, once you do grab it, you’ll love the spin that Andrew Kenny and his band have done on the classic Hall and Oates tune, “Maneater.” The stripped down approach is precisely what one would expect from the group, as they love to give us quiet, harmonic offerings. So, while you’re anticipating Two Matchsticks, get yourself an early taste now, and a nice cover to boot.


Download: The Wooden Birds – Maneater (H&O Cover) [MP3]

New Slow Jam from Ty Segall

I’ve raved about Ty Segall for quite some time, and many assumed he would take the place of dearly departed Jay Reatard.  All signs pointed to this, that is until recently when he began to mention a slower approach to his songwriting on the his new record.  Goodbye Bread will be out June 21st, and it will be his first for Drag City.  This first single from the album shows exactly what Ty promised, using a more drawn out garage sound, similar to the slew of T. Rex covers he tossed out not to long ago.  This track’s all well and good, but we’ll have to wait for the jury to return when the whole collection of songs hits the streets this summer. Give a listen to a less rambunctious Ty below.


Download: Ty Segall – You Make the Sun Fry [MP3]

More New Music from Radical Dads

Sorry guys, but I just can’t get enough of Radical Dads. I recently got a hold of their upcoming album Mega Rama, which comes out on June 14th via Uninhabitable Mansions, and I can’t quit playing it.  Their first single “New Age Dinosaur” had a different feel, and on the latest number, you’re going to get a whole arena rock feeling, especially in the vocal department.  Don’t be afraid, as the band manage to blend some indie elements into their anthemic pop rock, so it’s going to be okay for all of us to listen to it.  Be sure to keep an eye on these guys, as this record is full of twists and turns that will keep you both interested and excited after every play.  Love it.


Download: Radical Dads – Walking Wires [MP3]

Snowmine – Laminate Pet Animal

Rating: ★★★½ ·

If you haven’t heard of Snowmine, and odds are that you haven’t, sadly, then let’s just say that you’ll probably fall in love with listening to Laminate Pet Animal.  It’s got references to all sorts of sub-genres beneath the indie umbrella, with each demonstrating the unique craftsmanship of this Brooklyn group. This record has the band poised to start their introduction to the masses.

“Beast in Air, Beast in Water” has a really ornate approach, using a dark percussive skeleton to kick off the entire affair, met with ghostly group vocals.  As the vocals quicken, your anxiety is met with a sweeping harmony of a chorus, including a nice little symphonic arrangement to provide extra depth.  Seriously, just let this chorus warmly wash over you.  And if you thought the band would only stick to one direction, their intentions to mix things up are made with “Penny,” the second track on Laminate Pet Animal. There’s a bit more of a driving momentum to this number, though it has a similar, though more melodic, vocal approach.  Again, you’re greeted with a gorgeous rising pitch vocal in the chorus.  Songs like these are easily appreciated by all.

Perhaps one of the more gratifying things about Snowmine is their willingness to explore the outer spectrums of indie rock.  “Danger in the Snow” has sort of a tribal beat that runs through it, and the rest of the song feels as if you’re meeting the more spastic younger brother of Grizzly Bear.  Once again, arrangements of horns and what not strengthen the sound, providing a more distinct sound for the group, rather than allowing them to live as pure mimics. But all this barely holds up to what the rest of the collection has in store for you…just wait for more direct pop joy.

Perhaps too much of the first half of Laminate Pet Animal is dictated by experimentation and lush arrangements, for once “Let Me In” breaks in, there’s no turning back.  This is perhaps the best song on the record, and perhaps one of the best tracks of the year to date.  It’s such an unassuming track, mingling along with trickling guitar lines, rim shots on the drum, and a wondrous melody that captivates you time and time again. Similarly, “Hologram,” closes out this effort from Snowmine with a slow-paced, piano-backed ballad.  Emphasis here is definitely placed on the craft of each harmony, making sure it coincides with multiple vocals tracks and various entrances and exits of instruments.  More than “Let Me In,” it delves a bit further into the creative side, but near the four minute mark, the speed picks up, carrying the song to a triumphant close.

Listening to this record is something everyone should participate in this week.  The songwriting is magnificent, as well as the emphatic touches of careful accompaniment.  Putting it all together perfectly is the key that makes Laminate Pet Animal such a success, and you’ll walk away from the effort wishing you had more from Snowmine to take with you.


Download: Snowmine – Let Me In [MP3]

Show Preview: Freshmillions + More @ The Parish (5/20)

Date Friday, May 20th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $8 from The Parish

Need your fix of local Austin heroes? Well, wait no more folks, as the best and the brightest of our local scene are going to pack the Parish on Friday night. You’ll have our favorites like Freshmillions, Zlam Dunk and some newer acts on our radar like The Shears (celebrating their CD release) and Sphynx.  I mean, if you want to call yourself an Austin music fan, you have no reason not to be there, of course, you’re like us and you’ll be out of town.  Also, if you have plans to go to ACL, this is your chance to preview/congratulate Freshmillions on making the line-up, just before Stevie Wonder. See you Friday kids.


Download: Freshmillions – Hot New Jam from ’73 [MP3]

New Track from Crinkles

Luckily I came across the info on Crinkles in my inbox today, promising warm guitars and mention of nu-Americana. Not sure that I know much about nu-Americana, but I definitely love warm guitar sounds, especially as I’ve been feeling kind of worn out lately, so it allows me to unwind in my own mind for a spell.  Crinkles are on their way to releasing their Know Nothing EP, which will hopefully get the band a bit more recognition, as this track deserves your attention, especially if you wait until the end for singer Dan’s voice to drift off harmoniously.  The band have a few EPs to their name already, so take some time out today to visit their various pages, and take it all in; you’ll be glad you did.


Download: Crinkles – I’m A Dog [MP3]

New Song from Black Lips

I feel like its really been awhile since I’ve really jammed out to Black Lips, but as the day draws closer to the release of their new record, I find myself revisiting their solid catalog.  The band’s new album, Arabia Mountain, comes out on Vice on June 7th, and so far it sounds pretty promising.  Today they released a new track, aptly titled “New Direction,” and the song is definitely a step towards something different.  For me, the first thing I notice is that the production is much cleaner, and the band seem less like a bunch of punk rabble-rousers. A little bit of focus and things guys could be killer. Personally, I’m finally seeing that Georgia punk sound in their music, and I dig it.


Download: Black Lips – New Direction [MP3]

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