Sunnsetter Drops New Single

Ontario based outfit Sunnsetter released a stunner of an LP last year called The best that i can be. which was one of my favorite spins in 2023. After such a unique and emotional release, one might think you’d see some sort of break or drop off in the new year, but no, new music is again forthcoming! This new single “I Actually Don’t Wanna Die” released yesterday and features an emotive sonic experience full of both down trodden moments paired with bits of joy and hope. I love it. This single comes by way of the legends Paper Bag Records.

Dirty Nice Drop Two New Singles

Lisbon based musicians Dirty Nice have been making a name for themselves over the last few years with some catchy tunes paired with wacky animations and merchandising. What sometimes can get lost behind all of the promotions and cartoons is that the band can truly right one hell of a fun song. Take this new one “Like Best Friends” as an example of their expert craft. Production is high, energy is even higher, and the tune unlocks joy in a simple, yet still exciting way.

After you check out the new video below, have a listen to the second new single dropped today, “Fine For Now”, over on Spotify.

Breezy New Tune From David Robert Pollock

It’s been a bit of a slow week for me on the new music end as I still try to shake off the Spring festival lull. Los Angeles based artist David Robert Pollock is helping ease me into a chill Thursday with his lovely and enchanting new tune “I Want the World.” I am totally mesmerized by the delicate, intimate, and brutally honest nature of his approach to songwriting. What a lovely way to start your day.

This track appears on a new EP of the same name which is due out on April 30th via Snack Shack Tracks/Anxiety Blanket Records.

New Tune From Jaguar Sun

Ontario based musician Chris Minielly has been making music under the moniker Jaguar Sun for 6+ years now and has a slew of great releases to stream over on his bandcamp page. Today the focus is on this new track called “Don’t Stress” which was featured on the For You EP that came out last week. The song is seemingly perfect for a Monday morning likely filled with start of the week dread and will surely ease your mind with it’s calming, easy sound. Let the bass and soothing vocals bring you some calm this morning.

You can stream and/or purchase the new For You EP from Jaguar Sun over on bandcamp.

Lip Filler Return With followup

London based group Lip Filler came onto my radar last year with the release of their self-titled EP which featured top song of 2023 “Monster Truck.” This year the band will power in to 2024 with more new music along with some planned summer dates in London, Manchester, and Bristol. Their latest effort, “followup”, is a pure stunner of a single with an electronic, dance theme paired with a killer guitar riff and energetic vocals. I am here for all of this.

Lip Filler will release this song as part of a new EP entitled witchescrew. That’s due out on May 26th via Chess Club Records.

BODEGA Shares Consume Culture III

Though that little festival thing we just had in Austin is now over, some of the bands who stopped into town are using their performance momentum to get some new songs out and into the world. New York based BODEGA are one such group as they just tore through Austin and released this new track “Cultural Consumer III” shortly after departing. Simply put, I love the energy behind this track and am using it as a wake up call both to myself and as a reminder that this band is a force to be reckoned with. Check it out below.

This track is part of a new album from BODEGA entitled Our Brand Could be YR Life which is due out April 12th via Chrysalis Records. Pre-orders are live now.

SXSW Wednesday In Photos

We had another full day of music in and around downtown Austin early on Wednesday and into the evening. While the more chill and calm crowds could be due to numerous factors, we welcomed the ease of hopping from venue to venue like festival days of old. We tried to grab some photos while out and about and take some notes on a few bands you should maybe be paying more attention to. You can catch all of that after the jump.

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SXSW Tuesday In Photos

While Nathan was jet setting around on Monday, Tuesday was my first full day into the SXSW madness. Both of us started early with a focus solely on unofficial and sort of off the beaten path shows for the day. I stuck around the campus area at Tweedy’s and Hole in the Wall while Nathan headed over to the east side. We’ll be giving you a full recap of band highlights and photos later this week and on into next, but I thought ya’ll might want to see what it’s like out there, especially as weather and other factors may come into play as the week carries on. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on Tuesday with photos.

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SXSW Meet the Band: HMS Morris

People, it’s the last business day before SXSW kicks off this weekend and into next week. We will be shutting this ‘ol site down while we are out finding the next big thing so this will be some of our last coverage. Hopefully this has been fun for everyone to catch some differing perspectives of bands coming into town. Our Friday interview set comes by way of another Welsh band, HMS Morris. Hit the jump for all them usual deets.

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SXSW Meet the Band: Minas

We are nearly there people. SXSW starts next week and I think we MIGHT be ready for things to get wild. Hopefully our short interviews have made you feel somewhat more prepared as you enter into spring festival season. Our latest, and possibly most thoughtful interview to date, comes by way of Welsh based artist Minas. You can check out all the responses, music, and festival dates after the jump.

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