The Week in Music

Nathan and I are constantly coming up with new ideas for the website to better offer you all unique coverage and even easier access to new musical endeavors. Today we thought we’d toss around the idea of offering up a weekly playlist to serve as a recap from the past week. Now these tunes are mostly taken straight from the pages of Austin Town Hall, but others might be things we missed out on or initially passed up for whatever reason. So my peeps, I give you the best of, from last week. Hope it makes your Monday a bit better. Kick out the jams.

The Berries Drop Yet Another Gem

As is usual with me, I am a bit late in sharing this new tune from Matt Berry and his Seattle based project The Berries, but hey it’s just too damn good not to post. The track in question, “Priceless”, shows Berry slowing things down just a bit for a more driving and mellow approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled by the initial restraint of the tune as it slowly builds over it’s 4.5 minutes and progresses into a truly epic, and beautiful sound.

This song appears on a new single and B-sides compilation entitled Throne of Ivory due out April 23rd on Run For Cover Records.

Beautiful New Single From Jesse Marchant

Jesse Marchant, sometimes known as JBM, is a Canadian songwriter who has managed to warm many of the cold hearts here around the ATH offices over the years. His music tends to pair folk inspired songwriting with heavy on reverb vocals and fleshed out instrumentation to truly hit us in all the feels. Well Mr. Marchant is returning this year with a new album of material, featuring this new tune “Go Lightly” which is sure to make your weekend playlist. As I hit play for the third time this morning, I am continually amazed by the man’s ability to create such gut wrenching, yet lovely and beautiful music.

A new album from Jesse Marchant entitled Antelope Running is due out later this summer on AntiFragile Music.


Acid Dad Drop New Single

It’s been a hot second since we last posted about the Brooklyn based outfit known as Acid Dad, so it feels like a great day to get back in touch and share their new music. Today the band dropped this brand new rockin and rollin track called “BBQ” and it’s a slick one you need to check out immediately. The song is a sort of psych inspired tune with some 90s era grunge rock vibes added in to give it a more guitar heavy rock feel.

If you are into this sort of thing, the band is releasing this track as part of a new album entitled Take it From the Dead due out June 11th on Greenway Records.

Get Swept Away By Unwed Sailor

If you’re looking for something a little more mellow to kick off your week this morning, might I suggest this sweeping new number from our Seattle based pals in Unwed Sailor. Typically a more dreamy and atmospheric instrumental band, this one called “Ajo”, brings more of a slick, almost funk like beat paired with shiny guitars. This should be perfect for your mid morning work day.

“Ajo” appears on the new Unwed Sailor album Truth or Consequences due out on May 14th via Spartan Records.

Talk Boy Share Wrapped In Blue

It’s always a lovely day in Austin, TX when we are finally seeing the end of our four year reign of idiocracy in America. Though they may be from across the pond, Leeds based outfit Talkboy has shared the perfect tune for the day. Yes, “Wrapped in Blue”, seems like the perfect, upbeat, and fun tune to commemorate this joyous day. It’s sort of like an early Killers sound if they decided to throw in more elements of super bright indie pop. Enjoy and celebrate!

Talk Boy will release an EP entitled Wrapped in Blue, featuring this title track, on February 11th via Come Play With Me/LAB Records.


Breezy Track From Cool Ghouls

If you have some time on your hands and wanted to do a quick search for Cool Ghouls on our site, you’d immediately see we’ve had a serious fanfare for the San Francisco group over the years. Recently the band has been a bit quiet, but we were pumped to find out about an upcoming record entitled At George’s Zoo, due out March 12th on Empty Cellar/Melodic Records (UK). Prior to the album drop, Cool Ghouls were kind enough to share with us the lead single from the album “Helpless Circumstance” for your ever awaiting ears. I’m simply overjoyed to hear that old familiar psych/Americana rock sound from the band, but this time with a touch of a folk inspiration akin to CSNY or Fruit Bats. Welcome back friends!

Top Songs Of 2020

The weeks after the holidays are always a bit slow so maybe you are in need of some background music/playlists as we all return to work? If so, might I suggest you check out our massive Best of 2020 Spotify playlist which you can find below or embedded in our sidebar. We post a lot of tunes throughout the year so we didn’t see a need to edit this down to some sort of randomly numbered Top List. Enjoy!

Bumping New Track From The Ninth Wave

Glasgow based outfit The Ninth Wave truly came onto my musical radar during SXSW in 2019 when I interviewed them as part of our festival guide. Since that time, the band dropped their critically acclaimed debut album Infancy and released an EP entitled Happy Days! earlier this year. Staying ever busy, the band just released this banging new single today called “Everything Will be Fine”. If you were looking for a little Friday morning motivation, look no further, as this tune is full of fun energy, hope, and an overall danceable vibe. Hit play on this one and get your dance party started early.

Have Another Jam From Yung

The entire ATH staff has truly embraced the young Danish band Yung over the last several years, having consumed everything they send our way. A testament to this fandom, Nathan shared a new album announcement from the band earlier this month, and also let go on a new single called “Above Water”. Well today I am climbing aboard the hype train of the new Yung album by releasing to the masses this slick new song, “Such a Man”. I’m continually stunned by this band’s ability to offer dashes of indie rock, but with this dark, post-punk, somewhat aggressive, and majorly in your face vibe. Dig on that.

Yung will release new album Ongoing Dispute on January 22nd via PNKSLM.

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