Say Hello To Smirk

Well we are sort of starting to wind down the season as we discuss year end lists to recap everything we’ve posted about and listened to in 2022. Though it tends to be a slower time for new music, this is when we often find some hidden gems we may have missed recently. This new track called “Souvenir” from Los Angeles based artist Smirk is a perfect example of something I slept on earlier but am loving now. Sometimes a song like this can be so simple in its construction yet still manage to leave a lasting impact with lyrical content, expertly arranged bass lines, and a slight bit of reverb from a guitar. Check check check it out below.

Smirk will be releasing a debut album entitled Material on November 18th. Pre-orders for physical copies are live now.

Solid Rocker From Interlay

As we are out here doing the festival thing, it only makes sense to also share some tunes that align with a lot of things we are seeing this weekend. This new tune, “Androgynous”, from Madison, WI based Interlay seems like it’s something we might hear from an opening band on Red River during Levitation. I love the loudness, frantic energy, and overall tightness of production from such a young band. Ya dig.

“Androgynous” is out via all platforms from new label N.I.T.A. Records.

Intimate Tune From Free Range

As I’m poking around the webs this morning looking for tunes and reading some news, I stumbled upon this lovely tune called “All My Thoughts” from Chicago based artist Sofia Jensen. Jensen goes by the moniker Free Range and writes these super intimate, emotion driven tunes which are at times light, but also incredibly impactful. Her debut single “All My Thoughts” is just a downright stunning song with a beautiful progression. Hopefully this is the start of a truly promising foray into the career of Free Range.

New Single & Video From Hoogenboom

Brandon Hoogenboom is a California based songwriter who writes songs under the simple last name moniker HOOGENBOOM. For those unacquainted with his work, latest single “Skipping Town” should be a perfect introduction to the songwriting style and musical stylings of HOOGENBOOM. The single has this super melodic, driving, folk inspired sound perfect for the scenery and sights that air paired in the video. Apparently more music is coming soon so stay tuned.

Levitation 2022 – A Preview

Maybe you’ve heard about this thing called Levitation Festival going down this weekend in Austin? You haven’t? Well your boys at ATH are here to help with a little Festival preview and guide as you head out to the shows starting on Thursday. The number one thing to remember is — pace yourself, drink tons of water, and wear comfortable shoes. Okay that was three things, but you get the idea. Hit the jump for some nightly recommendations and tuneage.

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Slaney Bay Drop New Single LS6

We’re gearing up for Levitation tomorrow of course, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped listening to new tunes to share with our many, many fans. If you’re looking for something bright, yet a little hazy, with tons of emotional force, look no further than this new single “LS6” from London based upstarts Slaney Bay. I really love the almost POBPAH influence here with distinct juxtapositions between the slower moments and the more energetic and bass driven crescendos. It’s certainly worth your time.

Slaney Bay will release this singe as part of their debut EP entitled A Life Worth Living on November 11th.


Levitation Interviews: Imarhan

Things are heating up in the Red River District and beyond this weekend here in Austin with Levitation Festival set to kick off on Thursday night. We’re all staring at the walls at work as we look towards the jam packed festival of musical delights. Of course when we do interviews, we never do just one or two, but like to hit as many bands as possible to give you a truly unique and varied perspective of bands coming into town. Our interview today features Tuareg quintet Imarhan. Hit the jump for interview, set times and music.

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Levitation Interviews: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Now that most of us have moved on from ACL and the madness of things at COTA, it’s time to turn our attention to a music Festival going down this weekend which is a ‘lil more aligned with the ATH team. As I’m sure most you music fans knew, Levitation kicks off on Thursday and we are here for it with some interviews, previews and general guides. Today I’m excited to share our second interview of the season with one from Perth based artist Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Hit the jump for their interview, set times, and tunes.

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Anthemic Rocker From Vistas

Edinburgh based band Vistas have long been well known on our site for making solid indie rock tunes with slight pop inspiration and hints of garage rock. Today I am pleased to drop the Scots latest single “Follow You Down” which features heavier, distorted guitars and a crazy catchy chorus to boot. Sort of reminds you of early Vaccines work or the more pop stylings of Kaiser Chiefs. It’s a jam.

Vistas will release a new EP entitled Beautiful Nothing in January 2023.

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