Sorry Share Let The Lights On

Right around two years ago, London based risers Sorry released what was, in my humble opinion, one of the best debut albums to come out in quite some time. After the debut 925, we’ve been treated to another EP and a few singles, but not a full length, proper follow up album. Today I am pleased to share this new single/video “Let the Lights On” with the accompanying news that the band will officially be releasing their sophomore LP entitled Anywhere But Here on October 7th via Domino. The track still has that slight hint of darkness and gothwave, but with these lovely new hints of a poppy vibe to create one of Sorry’s most memorably and catchy songs to date. This new collection of tunes will likely be in contention for all my year end lists come December.

Another Hit From The Berries

Matt Berry is a Seattle based musician who the ATH team has been down with for quite some time now. His musical project known as The Berries has seen a ton of posts on this here site over the last 3-4 years. His approach to songwriting with funny nuance on top of Americana inspired tunes for a very “Matt Berry” style of indie pop has always hit a chord with us. Naturally this means I am again excited to share the 2nd single entitled “Down That Road Again” from Berry’s upcoming new album. This guy has really honed his craft and is ever evolving into one of the best songwriters in the indie game right now.

The Berries new album, High Flying Man, will release on August 19th via Run For Cover Records.

Vinyl Market @ Central Machine Works (7.10)

Date Sunday, July 10th
Location Central Machine Works
Doors 11:00 AM
Tickets Free!

Before you head out for the weekend, I’m hoping you will save the date for an absolutely insane vinyl market going down at Central Machine Works on Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Why so insane you ask? This event will feature ALL the heavy hitters slinging vinyl in this town, plus music from DJ Dead Flowers and cheap beer/food prices all day. Shop from our local homies Waterloo Records, Breakaway Records, BLK Vinyl, Love Wheel Records, Whetstone Audio, Spaceflight Records, Keeled Scales, The Next Waltz, and 9Mile Records. Yeah, it’s going to be a thing. Oh yeah and I’ll be there as well selling ATH Records releases along with a ton of used LPs, 45s, hats, shirts, memorabilia and posters.

Stop by the booth, say hey, and we’ll make you a deal on something so you go home happy with new music, new digs, and new art for the wall. We promise to be way more chill with a hell of a lot more pricing flexibility than anything featured at Palmer. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

The Vinyl Market takes place inside!

Stream New Flowertown LP

San Francisco based Flowertown has received just about as many posts as a band can on this here website over the last year or so. Simply put, the ATH team are all huge fans of the band and the music they create. Last year around this time, the band released their stunning album Time Trials, and somehow they have yet another album, Half Yesterday, out today. We would be remiss to not post the entire album stream below and shoot you a recommendation to stream it this weekend. You will not be disappointed. It looks like the cassette release is sold out from Paisley Records, but vinyl versions are still up for sale.

Social Union Make Electro Wave Jams

Social Union is an up and coming duo out of New Zealand who may not yet be well known in the music world, but will likely generate a ton of buzz as more people hear their new EP Fall Into Me. I am not one to post in the electronic or goth wave genre much, so when I do, you’ve got to know I am feeling these sounds. The title track stands out as tops from the 4 song EP and could easily be a song of summer for those who prefer cold, dark bars in place of lakes and general heat related things. This EP is an electronic banger that totally caught me be surprise today. You can stream the whole thing below and purchase a tape or CD from German based label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

Rat Tally Drop Another Hit

Chicago based songwriter Addy Harris may be young, but she is quickly becoming one of the brightest and most promising songwriters out there. Via her project Rat Tally, Harris creates this style of indie rock deeply rooted in late 90s themes worthy of comparison to era bands like say Nada Surf or even The Rentals. Her latest track, “Longshot”, will cause some to hastily compare her to fellow female artists like Soccer Mommy or Snail Mail, but I think Harris stands out as an artist who can offer a bit more edge and grunge between the softer, brighter moments. It’s a lovely new tune.

Rat Tally will release new album In My Car on August 12th via 6131 Records.

Lovely New Tune From The Soft Hills

Though I often tout my current affliction for all things loud and/or in the soul genre, it is always nice to be brought back down a bit for something slightly more intimate and focused. Garrett Hobba, who records under the moniker The Soft Hills, has offered a new track called “Maple Smile” which proves to do exactly that. This will be for fans of say airy, Americana inspired music with just the slightest hint of twang driving things forward. It’s definitely helped center me today.

The Soft Hills will release this track as part of a new album entitled Viva Chi Vede due out on July 22nd via Black Spring Records.

Stream New EP From Astrologer

Andrew Cameron Cline is an LA based musician who created his recording moniker Astrologer roughly a year ago to seek out new pop music adventures. After working on some material off and on over the last year, Cline has a new, 6 song EP entitled Ledgermain (L) coming out tomorrow via Lolipop Records. Just ahead of the release, we’re pleased to offer a little sneak peak of the EP with this exclusive stream of all 6 songs below. The EP has an overall fuzzy pop focus with inspirations from eras like 60s garage pop mixed with more modern psych influences like Fuzz or Ty Segall. It’s fun as hell.

Ciel Deliver Another Ripper

Brighton based outfit CIEL picked up some steam in the Spring of this year with a new single and vague details of a new EP on the horizon. Today we have more concrete details of the new EP, Not in the Sun, Nor in the Dark, with an accompanying new single to boot. I think you’ll find “Baby Don’t You Know” features this hazy, dream pop, almost shoegaze inspiration but with a downright sick grit and edge that you simply don’t find often in the genre. You will love it.

New EP Not in the Sun, Nor in the Dark will drop on October 7th via Jazz Life.


Premiere: Near Beer Drop Dead Drummers

Before you head out on your Thursday night adventures, I’d suggest taking a listen to this new tune “Dead Drummers” by Joey Siara’s new project Near Beer. For me, it’s always refreshing to hear a band who can ruthlessly slam through a true rock n roll song with fast timings, raucous energy, and timely guitar licks. It’s sort of like if Japandroids melded with the more Americana vibe of say The Hold Steady. Have a listen, and if we don’t see you tomorrow, stay strong out there over the long weekend.

Near Beer’s self-titled debut album will drop on July 15th via Double Helix Records.

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