Friday Top 5: Songs I Want Played At My Funeral

This is a subject that I have personally addressed on several occasions, yet when I brought up the concept to others, it seemed quite unpopular, and viewed as unacceptable and slightly morbid. One person went as far as to suggest that I think about songs that I would want played at my dog’s funeral. Let’s think about this. My dog dies, I’m around to feel the sorrow of the loss. I die, and I don’t feel shit. My friends and family, assuming that people would actually care to show up, will have to deal with my death, but it’s out of my hands and my emotions are done. I want my death to be a celebration of my life, not some archaic, depressing, black suit ritual that we have become familiar with for whatever reason. Am I the only one that thinks about this?

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Friday Top 5: SXSW Hangovers

You don’t really think I’m going to list my top 5 hangovers during SXSW, do you? That would be a task that would take years of scouring my brain and the memories of many who have been involved. I know I can be an idiot sometimes, but give me a little credit. I’m talking about what seems to be the lingering taste of that stale, warm, bitterness, that some people in this town, and many outside have lingering on their cranial palate after last week. The wise and beautiful Nathan Lankford already laid it out here on this site recently, and as this week has passed in the wake of SXSW, some of those points rang incredibly true, and others have reared their ugly heads to add to the growing Medusa.

Now, lets get one thing straight before we get too far into this. I love SXSW! I love the official SXSW and I can’t say that I completely hate the non-official part of SXSW. I’ve worn the badge, the wristband, and done the RSVP till my fingers hurt, but something needs to change.

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Friday Top 5: Reasons You Should Listen to Some Tunes from the Past

I could, honestly spend hours honoring this personal request, and at some point just might do that fucking thing. F*CK new music! Sure we get the occasional handjob every now and then, but really? Do we see a respectable Disciple on the horizon? Not really.

Anyone who thought that Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs really deserved an album of the year nomination for 2010, should check out now. Booooorrrrrring. We live in a time where music/art takes place in a nanosecond. Things move fast now, and as you move forward in life, only faster. Controlling the content is completely up to you.

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Friday Top 5: Reasons I’m Actually Looking Forward to ACL

I know, another festival related post from myself, but it’s that time of year in Austin if you haven’t noticed. Fall. Sure SXSW rules the Spring, but Fall in Austin, Tx can have your head spinning at all of the live music options. Not only do we have ACL and Fun Fun Fun Fest, but the schedule of touring acts this time of year can be ridiculous. The festival known worldwide and sometimes confused with the television show is our kick-off to the end of the year in music for Austin, Tx, and as much as we might shy away from the fact that The Eagles are a headlining act, deep down inside it’s our festival, and a pretty cool one at that.

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FT5: Why Fun x3 Fest Is One Of The Best Music Festivals Around

So, last week saw the unveiling of the 2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup by the Fun Fun Fun Fest corporation, and some of us were privilege to the official announcement via a press conference conducted at Austin’s Wyndham Garden Hotel. Complete with corporation adorned ties and suits, a PowerPoint presentation, donuts, fried chicken, and tap water, the leaders tickled and enticed with the revelation of it’s real goal for us and our future. “Prepare yourself for an exponential growth in awesome” was one of the leading lines into the disclosure of the lineup. Now, why is Fun Fun Fun Fest rapidly becoming one of the more popular music festivals amongst true music fans these days? 5 years in and this is what we have to look forward to during Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010.

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FTC: The The

From The Closet deserves a delve into a generation of music that may not be represented here on a regular basis, and that’s where I come into play. My closet might run a bit deeper than those who previously post here on this site. I’m an old fart for sure, but I might have something of worth to share with you.  Follow the jump for more.

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