Has anyone actually looked at the personals section on Craigslist before? There are some creepy people on there. In fact, there were recently allegations that people were running prostitution rings by advertising on Craigslist…

Get A Job

Sure, there are legal ways to make a living, if you don’t mind working for the man. I’d rather find another way, however, and keep my dignity. You know, the dignity that comes from dealing drugs and gambling.


In these tough economic times, I think we’ve all given some consideration to starting our own meth labs. Oh, you haven’t you say? Well pardon me your Majesty, I didn’t mean to disturb you from your high horse of judgement!

LAF: What’s Really Important

There is nothing funnier than tarnishing the reputation of a perfectly legitimate organization. Now if that organization is also charitable, well my friend, then you have pure comedy gold on your hands. Yea, I know I’m going to hell for this comic, but so are you for laughing at it.


So MTV recently announced that it is canceling Total Request Live. I think that means they officially play zero music now. Not that the 15 second sound bytes of Miley Cyrus they played on TRL really counted as playing music. Looks like it was a bit of a guilty pleasure for poor Steve, however…

No One Cares What You Think, Slipknot

Corey Taylor of Slipknot recently stated that the record labels are to blame for music piracy. Corey says the problem is that the bands that are being promoted aren’t “up to standard”. You can read what he has to say here. Hmmm, I could probably take that argument a bit more seriously if it were coming from, say, anyone other than a member of Slipknot…

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