XO Publicity Holiday Sampler

With the holiday season bearing down on us, we anticipate this holiday themed sampler to be just one of many coming out this month. This time around, the people at XO Publicity are bringing us a 13 song sampler full of Christmasy tunes from artists represented by the company. You can choose to download all tracks or stream them directly from the site. Here’s “Ragtime Manifesto” from The Winter Sounds which may be the only new wave Christmas song I’ve ever heard.


Download: The Winter Sounds – Ragtime Manifesto [MP3]

Apollo Sunshine On Daytrotter

Apollo Sunshine did a live set for the Daytrotter website right before we let out for the Thanksgiving break.  The 4 song set features a previously unreleased song from the band called “Better Change Your Mind” which you can hear below.  Listen to or download the whole thing now.


Download: Apollo Sunshine – Better Change Your Mind [MP3]

Free EP From Matt Pond PA

Going on 10 years in the business, Matt Pond PA continue to pump out quality new tunes year after year.  Last week the Pennsylvania based band offered a downloadable 9 song EP ironically titled The FreeepDownload the new songs for free or check out opening track “Hearts and Minds” right here.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Hearts and Minds [MP3]

Free Album From Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett, most well known for his work in Wilco during their rise to stardom, has a new solo album you can download for free from the Rock Proper website.  The new album entitled Whatever Happened I aplogize is the 5th solo release by Bennett after his 2001 departure from Wilco.  Some people in the music world say Bennett has never receieved enough credit for creating the unique sound heard on the stellar 2002 Wilco album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  Don’t get us started on the current state of Wilco…  Here’s a track from Bennett’s new album called “The Engines are Idle”.


Download: Jay Bennett – The Engines are Idle [MP3]

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