New Jam from Useless Eaters (Split w/ Nu Sensae)

Both Nu Sensae and Useless Eaters have had a good year, especially in my musical ears, so I’m pleased to present you with one of the tunes from their split 7″, which comes to you via Volcom Entertainment’s Vinyl Club.  It’s a limited pressing, and I suggest you get your hands on this rarity.  The tune I wanted to highlight is the Useless Eaters side of the release, which shows a more sprawling version of the band, rather than their precision punk rock. It’s coated in reverb, giving the listener a bit of distance between the heavy jam and the vocals.  Give it a good listen.

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Wistful Pop from Cape Canaveral

I hope you’re ready for some pop that makes you long for the days of yesteryear, with warm recordings and simplicity at the helm.  Copenhagen’s Cape Canaveral are one such band that caught my attention, encouraged by their adoration of Galaxie 500.  This new gem comes from their wonderful new single on EarDrumsPop, a non-profit label trying to make the world fall in love all over again.  I really appreciate the way this song was recorded, providing listeners with a really intimate tune that begs to be on every new playlist you make your friends.  Please check out the label and the band, and donate to the cause of both!


Download:Cape Canaveral – Moles [MP3]

ATH Presents: Those Darlins @ The Mohawk + Giveaway

Man have we got a deal for you!  Again we’re working with the excellent folks over at Transmission to present this killer show at the Mohawk featuring Those Darlins.  Their last album, Screws Get Loose, was a winning effort, so you can expect the trio to bring their girl-pop rock n’ roll to the Mohawk on October 7th.  They’ll be playing with local boys/girls, Bobby Jealousy, but what’s more important is the information that follow:

We’re giving away a pair of tickets and a 7″ to two lucky winners.  The contest will close next Thursday, and it’s easy to win.  Just drop  a line with your favorite album of the year, and we’ll pick two folks (one gets tickets, the other gets the 7″) who most closely align to us! Good luck!  Here’s one of the tracks from the featured 7″; it’s a Rockpile cover!

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

New Psych Tune from Wooden Indian Burial Ground

One of the my favorite things about listening to psych rock, at least as it stands today, is the way the lyrics are sometimes delivered–sort of brought to you by angst ridden Halloween heroes.  That’s the feeling I get when I listen to this new tune from Wooden Indian Burial Ground, who I’ve recently taken a liking to.  Musically, they sound similar to the jams that Thee Oh Sees might toss out in a live setting, using cutting guitar solos and screaming walls of feedback.  This is definitely more forceful than a lot of the psych fare out there, which might be just the reason I’m digging it so much. They’re debut self-titled album is out October 30th via Mon Amie.


Download:Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Sparklerella [MP3]

I Love This Song By Blackbird Blackbird

This is a gem. If M83’s tour bus hit “a” Caribou. If Chill Wave weren’t so Chill.

Blackbird Blackbird has upped this track to the internet, a track called “All”, and I love it. It gets the played-twice-in-a-row award. It gets the instant add to the evening playlist. Drawn vocal, drifting backgrounds of plinks and drops, a guitarish hook running, instrumental finish – can’t wait for the EP. Lavish Habits will release the Boracay Planet EP 10/16.

Check out the video here, it was a kickstarter project.

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More New Music from Peace

This new single from Peace is really something special to listen to in its entirety.  For the first two minutes (plus) the song builds with intricate guitar play before Dan’s hauntingly deep vocals cooly join in on the fun.  While the guitars seem to move in and out, the vocals keep steady hold of the pacing for the track…and then it all breaks down into a raucous stomp in the end, with faintly shouted vocals, then rinsed and repeated.  This is just another jam off their upcoming album, The World Is Too Much With Us, which is being put out by Suicide Squeeze on October 8th.


Download:Peace – Tattoo [MP3]

New Gem from Isle

I was doing some Internet browsing last night, as it has been rather a slow week for new music creeping up, and I came upon this gem run the other day on IGIF.  This tune comes from Flordians, Isle, who’ve crafted this spectacular dream pop gem that’s really won me over.  The only thing sad about this tune is that its the only one the group have available at the moment, but if they’re taking their time to craft majestic slow pop tunes like the one featured below, then I’ll wait patiently for more special goodness.


Download:Isle – Bayview [MP3]

Show Preview: Cate Le Bon @ Red 7 (9.29)

Date Saturday, September 29th
Location Red 7
Doors 900 PM
Tickets $10 from Transmission

For those of you fortunate enough to have caught St. Vincent last year at ACL Live, I hope you caught the beautiful songstress that is Cate Le Bon.  Personally, the Welsh musician enthralled me more than the headliner, but that’s just personal taste.  I’ve since been able to enjoy her CYRK album, and the CYRK II piece that accompanied it.  Although she I last caught her standing solo on stage, her presence was much larger, encouraging me to write the praise that I leave you with now.  Get there early to catch Troller, the opening act, who will help set the tone for the evening.


Download:Cate Le Bon – What Is Worse [MP3]

Track From Crystal Castles

The new album comes out in November. They will play ACL on Sunday at 7:30pm.

Crystal Castles has released this diddy to the internets. It is one of those sweeping gothic things they do with a nice backdrop of danceable electro. Download link in the embed, dig it.

Expect the Honda stage to be packed with your friends as I think they are up against Randy Rogers and Childish Gambino.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Stuff From Teen Daze

One album I have been really enjoying on calm mornings or post show is Teen Daze‘s All of Us Together. It blends a lot of what I loved from my electronic roots with a simplicity that is hard to do, atmospheric backgrounds with rising and falling activity keeping your mind engaged. Reminding a bit of Cosmic Baby redone by Tycho. It will likely end up on the my best of the year list strictly based on the number of plays.

Teen Daze will release another LP this year, November 6th, called The Inner Mansions. You can preorder it here on Lefse Records. To get you clicking, here is the track “Spirit” just made available on Soundcloud. Also check out “Garden 2″ if you want the mellow side.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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