Dark New Song from Black Marble

I’m a label loyalist, so when our friends at Hardly Art send something our way, I’m pretty much guaranteed to like it.  Perhaps that leads me to make judgmental errors in regards to what’s good and what’s not, but in the case of Black Marble, I think I’m right on with this one.  The vinyl release of their Weight Against the Door EP will be out on Valentine’s Day, and I hope it features just as many darkened tracks as this number.  Musically, it’s just a steady, almost simple, electronic production, but the vocal vibe creates that sort of haunting feeling you had as a kid when you first listened  to Joy Division…or more recently Blank Dogs. Taste it.


Download:Black Marble – Pretender [MP3]

New (ish) Music from Howler

Every once in awhile the Brits steal our homegrown bands beneath our noses, promoting some of the best in America without us even knowing.  It happened with the Strokes, and now it’s happening with Howler, a Minneapolis group.  They’re record America Give Up comes out next week via Rough Trade, and it’s a pretty solid collection of pop tracks.  NPR even praised it as an album full of stand alone singles, so I had to give it the good old college try. The number below is definitely one of those tracks with hooks galore, giving listeners a bottle full of fun. Surely this tune will make your day just a little brighter.


Download: Howler – Back of Your Neck [MP3]

New Folk Pop from Adam & the Amethysts

When bands come at you with a press release with loads of references and name-dropping, sometimes you get a bit skeptical.  Can they really fit that all into one album?  Regardless of allusions to modern acts, what I do know is that I fucking love this track from Adam & the Amethysts.  It features non-traditional percussive stylings, rising harmonies and a pleasant overall vocal.  Such things generally make me happy on most days.  You can find this little number on the band’s new record, Flickering Flashlight, on March 27th here in the US via Kelp Records.  Enjoy this splendid sample.


Download: Adam & the Amethysts – Prophecy

Funky New Jam from Field Music

One of my favorite acts over the last few years has been Field Music, as well as the various bands that have been spawned from the group like The Week That Was.  They always have a way of manipulating their musical work, and often play with the vocal registry in order to create intense rhythmic emotions.   As me near closer to the release of their latest album, Plumb, more songs are coming out our way, and this one just hit today (via RS).  It’s been a slow day so I thought I’d toss it up to you folks, see how you like it.  The new album hits stores on February 21 via Memphis Industries.


Download: Field Music – A New Town [MP3]

Even More Great Pop from Tiger Waves

I know, I know, I’ve been harping on Tiger Waves quite a bit, but it’s deserved love I’m throwing at these up-and-comers.  The more tracks they let me have, the more I can’t wait to sink in my chair and absorb the whole album.  As we get closer to the release of Don’t Be Yourself, more tracks are coming your way, and they’re nothing short of incredible.  Just listen to the rising pop beauty in this new song, accompanied by sunny coastline vocals.  The track below will be featured on the band’s single as the A Side, and soon enough we’ll have the whole record! Oh, and if you want to catch the band live, they’ll be playing next Thursday at Frank, but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to remind you about that one!


Download: Tiger Waves – A Smirk And A Smile [MP3]

Great New Reissue from the Tronics

Just in time for Valentines Day, you can pick up this incredible reissue of the Tronics classic Love Backed by Force. Sure, it came out decades ago, but you can definitely throw it right into the current mix, and it would fit right along side bands like Beat Happening or Television Personalities–both solid bands in my book.  The good people over at Whats Your Rupture will be releasing the album February 14th for all you fans of art-pop, and if you’re in love like I am, they’ve also got a sweet shirt from the band’s heyday that you can pick up as well.  Start your day off right with this track.


Download: Tronics – They’re Talking About Us [MP3]

Noisy New Punk Jam from Mind Spiders

Last year I raved about the self-titled debut from Mind Spiders, so I was really excited when I found out the band would already be releasing their new album Meltdown almost less than a year later.  Said record is set to come out on February 21st via Dirtnap Records, and you’ll definitely find some differences this go around, at least if this first preview is any indicator.  Their last effort was pretty straight forward rock n’ roll, but here you’ll hear a little bit of a scuzzier performance from the band, reminiscent of Blank Dogs.  It’s coated in some sort of dingy wash, yet that’s not going to take away from the fact that the band still know how to kick out the jams.  For me, it’s Jay Reatard meets Mike Sniper, which equals awesomeness to the max!


Download: Mind Spiders – Wait For Us [MP3]

Bouncy Pop Ditty from Standard Fare

Ready for your new favorite band? It’ll only take you a few seconds to listen to the jangly line from this track from Standard Fare before you fall in love.  The Sheffield trio is set to release their Out of Sight, Out of Town for Melodic on January 24th, and the minute I played this song, I got hooked.  Emma Cooper takes the lead role on this number, and it’s her performance that lends a steadying hand to the catchy tune.  If you’re in the market for bright, infectious indie pop today, then you came to precisely the right spot; you’re not going to hear anything better today.


Download: Standard Fare – Suitcase [MP3]

Popular New Song from White Rabbits

When It’s Frightening came out in 2009 we were all over it, especially with the magic that was “Percussion Gun,” one of our favorite tracks from that year.  Today, news hits the street that White Rabbits are going to release their new album Milk Famous on March 6th via TBD Records, the label that brought you Other Lives.  This opening single definitely sees the band experimenting with negative space, offering up a more subdued bit of groove as opposed to the more boot stomping moves from their last record.  Still, that trickling piano and shattering guitar kicking it in the background of the track show the band’s got something new up their sleeve, so we should definitely be on the lookout for this record.


Download: White Rabbits – Heavy Metal [MP3]

Happening Little Number from the Denzels

I read about the Denzels awhile back via OTRM, and when I checked back in again with them, I was happy to see that the group has just released a nice little two song EP titled Easy Tiger for our enjoyment.  As the song slowly walks you in, you’ll find the pure joy of the swagger that kicks in around the twenty second mark.  From here on out, it’s sort of a poppier-tinged twist on the Cali psych rock we all adore. The second track on the EP definitely is just as promising, so be sure to check in on the band if you dig the track below.


Download: The Denzels – Black Girls [MP3]

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