SXSW Music Sampler From Amie Street

So SXSW music starts tomorrow and you still aren’t to sure about who to see?  Well, you can make the decision easier (or harder?) by downloading a free SXSW music sampler from music website Amie Street.  The sampler features 22 tracks from the likes of Fool’s Good, Flying Lotus, Born Ruffians, and tons of others.  Check check check it ouuut now.  Disclaimer: You will be required to sign up for an account on the site.

SXSW Liars Contest!

We’ve long been admirers of Liars; they seem untouched by their peers, always exploring their own sonic pallet.  Luckily, they have an incredible live show to back up their ridiculously respectable musical chops.  You’ll all get a chance to glimpse them in Austin this week (if you’re here, that is).  But, to top that off, we’ve got a killer contest brought to you by the friendly people at Mute Records that will allow you to win a package with all the band’s works, and a bonus disc of their latest, Sisterworld, with reinterpretations from the likes of Thom Yorke and Devandra Banhart.  Leave us a comment with your favorite SXSW moment, and we’ll select 3 winners!  Contest will end Tuesday, March 16th 12 PM CST. Good luck.

Make sure to make it out to these SXSW dates:

3/18 @ Insound Day Party – 4 PM  & 3/19 Billions Showcase – 1 AM

We bet that closing set at Antones will be one of the best moments of SXSW!

New ATH Sponsor: Real Ale

So maybe those free tacos, free coffee, free top of the line ear plugs, or some great free music isn’t doin’ it for ya?  Well how about some free beer provided graciously by local brewing company Real Ale?  That’s right, the local brewmeisters will be on hand at our ATH party on Thursday offering up free beverages while their supplies last.  This should come in mighty handy once your tacos have settled in…  Don’t forget, you’ve still got time to RSVP for the party, check out our March music sampler, or make some plans with our handy dandy condensed ATH SXSW guide.  That is all.

New Tunes from Dr. Dog

Personally, the new Dr. Dog really has me on edge.  Sure, they’re not necessarily indie darlings anymore, but I’m really looking forward to the release of Shame, Shame, which hits stores April 6th.  Here’s another new track off their latest effort.  You can welcome the boys to Austin in May @ Emos as they come our way to support their new album, that’s if you don’t catch them at SXSW.


Download: Dr. Dog – Stranger [MP3]

New Tunes from Tre Orsi

Tre Orsi recently popped up on the Matador Austin Compilation, though the band is a three piece from Denton.  This is probably due to the fact that we’d like to claim them as our own due to their rocking live shows, and their powerful sound.  The band will be releasing their album, Devices + Albums, on March 23rd through Works Progress Records.  Production credits go to Bubba Kadane of Bedhead (The New Year too) fame, so you know it will sound great–I can confirm it does, as I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I got my hands on it.  Give the band a try. Buy local.


Download: Tre Orsi – The Engineer [MP3]

Free SXSW Sampler From NPR

If you aren’t indulging yourself in our March music sampler (you better be), NPR music has another worthwhile SXSW music sampler available for download.  The 11 song sampler features top notch ATH favorites like Spoon, The Walkmen, Local Natives, and more.  You can read more about it on NPR or download the sampler straight from itunes.  Until then, check out the standout sampler track “Airplanes” from Local Natives.  For those of you who have yet to pick up their new album, we aren’t friends anymore.


Download: Local Natives – Airplanes [MP3]

New ATH Sponsor: Ear Peace

As we lead up to our showcase during SXSW week, we wanted to give a quick shoutout to Ear Peace who have graciously jumped on board to help sponsor the show.  Ear Peace is a new start up company that plans to re-define the way you protect your hearing during live shows.  These ear plugs are what we call “top of the line” and actually allow you to hear the music while still protecting your ears.  I think we all know that’s important during SXSW.  Ear Peace will be around the showcase handing out some free samples along with premium carrying cases to all attendees.  You can read more about this new company on their website or follow them on their twitter page.  Expect these guys to be a household name after SXSW.  Stay tuned, as more free stuff for the showcase is soon to be announced.

Your ATH SXSW Guide

Ladies and Gentlemenz, we are again pleased to announce to you the 2010 Austin Town Hall SXSW guide.  It’s super fancy and comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.  Just like last year, you’ll see a day by day breakdown with the best 3-4 parties going on that day.  You’ll also find an awesome SXSW food guide and a breakdown of the artists playing our showcase on Thursday.  Not enough for ya?  Try plugging that page ( into your fancy lil’ iphone.  Now I know you like that.  We’re hoping this site will help you weed through all those parties you’ve been RSVPing to and stick to the ones really worth a damn.  Check out the new page now!  Please keep in mind that we’re going off the information we have as of right now.  More parties are sure to be announced (looking at you Fader Fort) as the week draws closer.  Also, don’t forget to RSVP to our showcase and check out the sweet ATH March music sampler.

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