Show Preview: Swearin @ Mohawk (12.10)


Date Tuesday, December 10th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $8 from Mohawk

One of the hottest bands over the last few months, including our site and beyond, has been Swearin. They’ve got this classic alternative sound with distorted guitars and lackadaisical vocal delivery, which often uses male/female interplay.  They’re just just as likely to blast your ears as they are to offer you soft little melodies.  Their album Surfing Strange is something that’s definitely worth your time, much as the openers are.  You’ll get two great local acts in the Midgetmen and Super Thief to open up your evening. It’s going to be a busy week for rock n’ roll in Austin, so if you haven’t started catching live shows, this is as good a place as any.


Download: Swearin – Watered Down [MP3]

The Districts Get Remastered + Sign to Fat Possum

districtsIf you’ve had a chance to browse through the extensive list of incredible acts coming to Austin for SXSW, then perhaps you noticed, or even looked into, the Districts.  If not, that’s okay, but you’ll get a chance below to see if they even catch your eye.  The group has remastered a few old tracks, plus added a few new ones for their upcoming self-titled EP, which is going to be released on the band’s new label, Fat Possum.  It starts off as a bit of wandering Americana, but there’s a rough finish, which has me excited for both the EP, and their live show. You can grab the EP on January 28th, and catch the band touring with White Denim before they arrive at SXSW.

Synth-Laden Pop from Pillar Point

pillarpointI was a pretty big fan of Throw Me the Statue, so I’m really happy to hear that Scott Reitherman has a new project to work on: Pillar Point.  The act previewed a track the other day, and I figured I’d jump on the fanatic bandwagon.  The tune starts off with this stuttering synth beat, pushing your arms and feet in a swinging motion, but as you move forward, a softer side of the track begins to reveal itself; it kicks in at the 1.23 minute mark, and it’s my favorite moment of the song. If you dig it, you can grab the band’s eponymous LP from Polyvinyl Records on February 25th.

American Icon Christmas Bizarre @ Hotel Vegas (12.7)

americaniconsmall-640x800There’s a great local event going on this Saturday evening in Austin: American Icon Christmas Bizarre at Hotel Vegas.  What is it, and how does it fit into the ATH music coverage? Well, for starters it’s like a Farmer’s Market for what’s cool. There’s 13 vendors selling vintage clothes, jewelry, records and more; so you can get your Christmas shopping done before things turn crazy.  But, accompanying the weekend sale are killer bands that you know we love such as Pharaohs, Grape St., Loteria and more! You get to shop, you get to drink, you get to see great bands, which pretty much means that this is a dream come true.  Entrance is $7, and that money goes to help the bands live and breathe; it’s worth every penny.  See ya’ll there!


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Have Fun with Netherfriends

netherfriendsI love when you open an email to a track that you immediately find a place for in your daily rotation.  That’s just what happened to me when I tossed on this new track from Netherfriends.  There’s this upbeat quality to the song that’s pure fun, but the lyrics and the gruff quality of the vocals seem to indicate something entirely different from the music of Shawn Rosenblatt. It’s a track that begs you to play it again, whether you’re there for the emotional appeal or to dig deeper into the meaning.  More importantly, Shawn will be offering up his debut LP, P3ACE, for free on March 3rd.  If it’s got more tracks like this you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there to jam it out.

Austin Spotlight: The Roosevelts

1401137_608671852502320_1973374008_oSure, I like the heavier side of Austin’s musical world, but that doesn’t mean I’ll turn a cheek when faced with the poppier side of things, which is why I wanted to give a shout out to The Roosevelts.  They’ve released Cold Sheets, their new EP, which offers listeners a glimpse at the band’s blend of Americana and modern pop music; it’s the kind of music that’s capable of crossing musical borders and uniting listeners from all walks of life.  The band will be playing a release show at the Empire Control Room this Saturday, so if your ears are digging what you hear, then I think its best you make it out…assuming your not frozen!



New Music from Tropic of Pisces

tropicofpiscesIt’s odd how music can affect the temperature, at least mentally.  That’s what’s sure to happen when you throw on this new tune from Tropic of Pisces, which is slated to fit into their Symmetry EP, which is scheduled for a February 25th release date.  The song opens with this great little tropicalia influenced tune, but then it folds into itself with more of a funky groove that holds the song together for the rest of the track.  It’s a refreshing tune, and it’s quite uplifting, even when it pushes into slight realms of ready-made dance floor stylings. You’re not going to find a track more varied and more worthy of your time today, so get on it.

ATH Records Holiday Sale!

athrecordsIn case you didn’t know, we have a small little label here at the site.  We’ve put out two great releases, and we have another in the works (featuring our first non-Austin band). Since it’s the holiday season, I figured I’d offer up a sweet deal to you folks. I’m calling this the ATH Records Holiday Pack, meaning you get the Grape St. A Date with You LP and the Literature Arab Spring LP together for $15.  Basically that’s like buying one record, and getting another for 75% (plus S&H), or think of it as two great LPs for the price of one!  You want your friends to have better tastes? Maybe your parents? Get them the Holiday Pack. I’ll take it down on the December 20th, but for now you can order HERE.  You can have the songs below for free; it’s not about the money, it’s about the good music getting into your ears.


Download: Grape Street – A Date With You [MP3]


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Catchy New Music from Tacocat

tacosI first heard of Tacocat via Finest Kiss, which helps us keep an eye on the good things in Seattle (and beyond), so I was excited when the group signed with Hardly Art.  The foursome offer upbeat pop that’s easy to absorb, using infectious melodies and steady drum work to make the masses take notice. Clearly though, they’re not settled in Seattle, at least not in the Winter, which seems to be the focus of this tune, though it’s relatable to anyone that abhors the cold weather.  You can grab the band’s new LP, NVM on February 25th. FYI…Tacocat is a palindrome, so that’s cool too.


Download: Tacocat – Bridge to Hawaii

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