New Music from Tropic of Pisces

tropicofpiscesIt’s odd how music can affect the temperature, at least mentally.  That’s what’s sure to happen when you throw on this new tune from Tropic of Pisces, which is slated to fit into their Symmetry EP, which is scheduled for a February 25th release date.  The song opens with this great little tropicalia influenced tune, but then it folds into itself with more of a funky groove that holds the song together for the rest of the track.  It’s a refreshing tune, and it’s quite uplifting, even when it pushes into slight realms of ready-made dance floor stylings. You’re not going to find a track more varied and more worthy of your time today, so get on it.

ATH Records Holiday Sale!

athrecordsIn case you didn’t know, we have a small little label here at the site.  We’ve put out two great releases, and we have another in the works (featuring our first non-Austin band). Since it’s the holiday season, I figured I’d offer up a sweet deal to you folks. I’m calling this the ATH Records Holiday Pack, meaning you get the Grape St. A Date with You LP and the Literature Arab Spring LP together for $15.  Basically that’s like buying one record, and getting another for 75% (plus S&H), or think of it as two great LPs for the price of one!  You want your friends to have better tastes? Maybe your parents? Get them the Holiday Pack. I’ll take it down on the December 20th, but for now you can order HERE.  You can have the songs below for free; it’s not about the money, it’s about the good music getting into your ears.


Download: Grape Street – A Date With You [MP3]


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Catchy New Music from Tacocat

tacosI first heard of Tacocat via Finest Kiss, which helps us keep an eye on the good things in Seattle (and beyond), so I was excited when the group signed with Hardly Art.  The foursome offer upbeat pop that’s easy to absorb, using infectious melodies and steady drum work to make the masses take notice. Clearly though, they’re not settled in Seattle, at least not in the Winter, which seems to be the focus of this tune, though it’s relatable to anyone that abhors the cold weather.  You can grab the band’s new LP, NVM on February 25th. FYI…Tacocat is a palindrome, so that’s cool too.


Download: Tacocat – Bridge to Hawaii

Aisha Burns Video Premiere!

It’s interesting when you stumble across an artist who you think you know, such as Aisha Burns of Balmorhea.  As the multi-instrumentalist for the band, I fully expected the music on her album, Life in the Midwater, to be incredible, but it was her voice on the album that won us over, earning her one of the coveted spots on our Top 15 of Austin list.  Today we bring you the premiere of her new video for the single, courtesy of her label, Western Vinyl.

If you like what you hear, and we know you will, you need to hurry out to Holy Mountain this evening to catch Aisha playing a set that will surely remind you of why she’s got one of the great voices in Austin at the moment.  The doors are at 9 PM, and you’ll be able to catch other acts like Easy Tiger and Hikes, so be sure to get there early and support all the great music.


Download: Aisha Burns – Sold [MP3]

Matinee Puts Together Northern Portrait Rarities

nothernReading over these pages I’ve written about Northern Portrait too many times to count, and as long as music keeps coming my way, I’ll keep that up.  I was really excited over the weekend when Matinee Recordings announced they’d be putting together a compilation album of the band’s sold out Eps, singles, and rarities; it’s titled Ta!.  A lot of these I wasn’t able to get my hands on, so I’m happy that I’ll have some way to hold onto such great tunes.  Fortunately for you, this might be your introduction to the band, which will make you revisit everything the band has accomplished to date.

Psych Fest Releases Prelim Lineup

Psych Fest 2014Austin Psych Fest is entering year seven and will return to Carson Creek Ranch this year. We finally have an idea what will be goign on out at the Ranch with this preview poster image that hit the intarwebs a little bit ago. Primal Scream, Loop, The Zombies and The Horrors are the “headliners” on the poster with the obigatory set from The Black Angels. There is plenty to be excited about beyond that and the Fest is allegedly holding back some big names.

Check out some pics from last year here. I think the new location will give them room to grow and should get better and better…

Color War Offer Up New Single

colorwarI owe a lot of my musical listening habits to my old lady, who spends her time rocking more of an electronically influenced world.  While I’m not sold on the genre as a whole, I’ve come to appreciate some of these tunes, like the latest from Color War.  It’s a duo, with the work of music producer Billy J working some tracks for Lindsay Mound to sing atop.  On this new single, I really dig the vocal, but I do wish that the beats got turned up just a bit.  There are some interesting bits in there that I’d like to be more forceful, but that being said, I’m nitpicking. Just wait for the closing beat that comes at the 3.40 minute mark and you’ll be hooked too.  You can grab the bands debut, It Could Only Be This Way, on March 4 from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Download: Color Wars – SOS [MP3]

New Music from War on Drugs

WaronDrugsWe’ve long appreciated the work of Adam Granduciel and his project War on Drugs.  His last effort, Slave Ambient, came out in 2011, and he’s definitely grown from album to album, so his upcoming release will surely show the next step.  When listening to this first single, I can sort of hear bits of Arcade Fire in the way the vocals are recorded, but I definitely appreciate his guitar playing here.  Secretly Canadian will be releasing his new effort, Lost in the Dream, on March18th, so be prepared for another solid release from Adam and his band.

Show Preview: The Octopus Project @ Mohawk (12.6)


Date Friday, December 6th
Location Mohawk
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $12 from Mohawk

Those of you in need of a great show to take a friend to have got to hit up the Friday night extravaganza at Mohawk.  You’ll be treated to one of Austin’s most consistent groups, The Octopus Project, who continue to exhilarate audiences in the live setting.  Plus, you’ll get a chance to see one of the bands that I’m expecting huge things from in 2014, Tele Novella. They’ve got the songs to back up that hype, at least if you’ve heard the band’s recent work over on their bandcamp page. Then, you’ll also get treated to Borrisokane, which guarantees you a night filled with blissful pop and smiles to go around. If this incredible weather holds up, you better find yourself here…or else!

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