New Music from Mi Mye

mimyeThere’s a certain type of rock n’ roll that’s really resurfaced in the last few years, and I think we can thank  the breakthrough of Titus Andronicus for that.  There’s another group that’s slinging the same sort of pub-influenced rock, though with less thematic flair: Mi Mye.  These lads hail from the other side of the pond, so you can hear about of that flair in the vocals, but for the most part, the band is spreading music that’s focused on crashing guitar parts that step back from time to time for the vocals to jump to the forefront.  The group just put out their Great Sucksess EP today via Philophobia, so you should grab it while you can.


Download: Mi Mye – Great Sucksess [MP3]

Dufflecoat Records Signs The Salient Braves

artworks-000058839981-8mgyb4-t500x500One of my favorite little UK labels, Dufflecoat Records, works really hard to give a voice to small acts all across the UK and beyond.  The label’s most recent signing is The Salient Braves, and I’m really digging what they’re working on. For one, the vocals have a small resemblance to David Gedge of the Wedding Present, so I’m always going to back that sort of thing. It’s a very British sound, with the vocals high in the mix, and the delivery seeming to work outside of the instrumentation.  Keep an eye out for the Somewhere Sordid EP in October!

Pop Rock Number from Broadcaster

broadcasterIf you send me an email with “J Robbins” attached in it somewhere, the odds are I’m going to bump that to the top of my list.  In the case of Broadcaster, that’s worked out for the both of us.  The Long Island three piece are releasing their album, A Million Hours, tomorrow, and the production credits go to Mr. Robbins.  But, don’t let the name fool you, as this record seems more intent on providing us with anthemic rockers we can blast loudly when we need a spiritual pick me up.  Sometimes rock n’ roll is best when its done with simple ventures in mind, just aiming to please.  Yeah, this’ll do.


Download: Broadcaster – Tomorrow [MP3]

More More More from Body Parts

bodypartsYou guys getting tired of us raving about Body Parts? Well, too bad!  I like the music this group’s pushing right now, blending little bits of dance-tastic beats along with great pop sensibility.  This song’s great, using these touches of jagged guitars and forceful percussion to push the pace of the track, all the while holding onto some high octave harmonies.  The band’s been building quite a name for themselves, which is fitting with their debut, Fire Dream, set for release on October 29th via Father/Daughter Records.  It’s been awhile since I’ve thought about taking things out to the dance floor in hopes of shaking it, but yes, this song is definitely dance-floor ready.


Download: Body Parts – Be A God [MP3]

Catching Up With RJD2

You know, we leave a lot to be desired when it comes to covering indie hip-hop. This post proves we acknowledge you might want to nod yo head.

RJD2 has put out some pretty sweet records to kill time to and the latest album will be out soon, October 8th if you must know. The album is called More Is Than Isn’t and you can stream all of it over at Potholes In My Blog. This track features a collaboration with Phonte Coleman. It is a slick jam.

RJD2 will be at FFF8.

Freakout With Beaty Heart

I am not a big Animal Collective fan, save for Merriweather Post Pavillion. It was a consensus no brainer best-of for us. The follow-up, not so much.

Thankfully, it seems that Beaty Heart has picked up with the various bears and creatures of the collective could not and put out this sweet little piece of psych-pop. It shares the lovingly effected vocal echo, the conflict of presence and distance, and building layers around a wonderful guitar hook. It is quite fun. LOOOOK OOUUUTTT!!

Debut record from the band, Mixed Blessings, lands 11/11 on Nusic.

Drifting Pop from Cross Record

crossrecordIt looks like Austin lost another great musician when Emily Cross, the young songstress behind Cross Record moved to Chicago.  It’s a shame, as her work, which is being re-released by Ba Da Bing Records is something truly special; I think it would have added an extra dynamic to our current music scene.  Be Good surfaced at the end of 2013, but with the backing of her new home, including this brilliant track, I figure her music is about to get a lot more coverage. The darkly emotional instrumentation fits her voice, making it hard to escape the incredible work that fills this album.

Austin, The Return of Art Disaster!

ARTDISASTERNo16_october3rd_red7+holymountain (5)Every year as the city, and our visitors, gear up for ACL Fest, there’s something special that always spotlights the city’s talents, reminding us that we’ve got quite a bit of talent here in town.  Art Disaster has been going on for a few years, and we’re happy to be one of the sponsors for this event.  You’ll have two venues , Red 7 and Holy Mountain, offering great bands like Driver Friendly, Good Field and The Black and White Years, not to mention drinks and the cool people of A-town milling all about, including us! If you RSVP, you can get in to see the all the acts for a measly $3.  Pretty much no excuse for you guys since it’s cheap, and you already took off Friday for the festival.


Download: Good Field – Tell Me Ida [MP3]

New Tune from The Stevens

stevensNot too long ago The Stevens released their debut EP via Chapter Music, and now that you’ve had time to absorb that gem, we’ve got a brand new song from the Aussies.  With fresh news that the label will be releasing their first full length, A History of Hygiene, it seems only fair that we accompany such great news with this scrappy pop number. I like the bouncing rhythm that is immediately established by the drumming, and the slight bit of echo on the vocals.  When gang vocals ring, the track really hits its stride, stepping in line with the ringing guitars.  The album will be available on November 1st, finishing off a great 2013 for the band…and you.

Show Review: Terry Malts @ Mohawk (9.26)

There are just some bands that you’re going to fawn over, so I’m always glad when I get a chance to see Terry Malts.  It didn’t hurt that they had some great local acts supporting them before their set, which made for an all-around enjoyable night for us.  Staying up late on a school night, well worth it.

You can read on for my thoughts and such things, not to mention B.Gray’s photos of the evening.

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