Cool Cover Jam from Girls Names

Girls NamesI’m not usually one to get all hot-and-bothered about cover songs, but I’ve spent enough time with Girls Names that I almost feel like what they’re doing is completely separate from just a typical cover.  For one, this cover of Brian Eno’s “Third Uncle” will appear on the band’s The Next Life EP, which will be a limited 12″ with some remixes from the group’s latest opus The New Life LP; it also is the first recorded piece featuring the band’s new drummer, Gib Cassidy.  Feel like it’s a good day for some sweet cover action, so why not go there with one of my favorite acts. If you dig, the EP will be out on October 29th on Slumberland.

Out This Week: The Proctors: Everlasting Light

proctorsSeeing as the fall is full of releases galore, perhaps it’s best if I opted to occasionally highlight a record that might not get tons of attention otherwise.  For me, a record I grabbed last week that you should spend all your time with comes from The Proctors.  It’s titled Everlasting Light, and it’s just this incredible piece of guitar pop that I can’t escape right now.  Every song takes a light-hearted tone, pulling at you emotionally throughout, embedding itself within your soul. I can’t say enough great things about this record, so scour your local record store to see if you can get your hands on it; Shelflife Records unfortunately sold out because it’s that good.


Download: The Proctors – Trouble With Forever [MP3]

Smooth Pop from Elephant

elephantThere was a time in my life when ethereal pop was my forte, and occasionally I’ll go back and dabble in it from time to time.  Listening to this new single from Elephant provides me with that perfect opportunity, using this floating bit of song construction to back the powerful vocals of Amelia Rivas.  Given that we’re all coming back to our appreciation of R&B influenced vocals, this UK group fits right into our cyclical musical world.  The single below is from their forthcoming debut, which will see a release in the near future by Memphis Industries.  We’ll keep you posted, but for now you can sit back and absorb this special number.

Poppy Jam from Cub Sport

paradiseJust because it’s Hump Day doesn’t need we all need a little something extra to get over that bit of a hump.  For me, I think this new track from Cub Sport will do just the trick.  It’s a track with the kitchen-sink approach, utilizing great percussion to create undeniable hooks.  Combine that withe group’s knack for providing listeners with great melodies and you’re standing down the barrel of a much needed pop shotgun.  The Aussie act just released their Paradise EP, which is filled with tunes very similar to what you’ll hear.  Hope you have a blast today folks!

More New Music from Wymond Miles

wymondmiles_studioshoot_jch_3I imagine it’s pretty hard to break away from the sound you’re known for curating, thus why I’ve been pretty impressed with the music Wymond Miles has been pushing outside of his other band, Fresh & Onlys.  On his latest single, I hear a synth-laden dream of a track, seemingly aligned with the likes of Jeremy Jay.  Even more impressive is the control he has over his vocals, reaching levels I hadn’t expected. His newest effort, Cut Yourself Free, will see a release date of October 15th via Sacred Bones.



Show Preview: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo @ Paramount (9.27)


Date Friday, Sseptember 27th
Location Paramount Theatre
Doors 7:00 PM
Tickets $40-$50 from Austin Theatre

When I first started talking about this show, RayRay was giving me a hard time because he thought Aimee Mann was just typical chick rock; homeboy is wrong.  For one, she’s worked with artists from Geddy Lee to Matthew Sweet, not to mention her role in the Independent Music Awards. And, accompanying her on the evening will be my man-crush, Ted Leo, who has a very valid history of his own.  I’m not sure how the night will work, as I know the two have been playing joint sets as The Both, but perhaps we’ll get a little bit of both on the evening.  Sure, prices are a tad steep, but have a feeling it will be a sepcial evening for all in attendance.


New Tune from Home School

homeschoolFeel like it has been awhile since I harped on the great work being done by the folks over at Art is Hard Records, continuing with their always interesting approach to releasing music.  As part of their Postcard Series, the label has just gotten out a new tune from Home School.  Here, you’ll hear music sitting in the background, with the vocals taking the main focus here.  I like the relaxed feel of the approach, not to mention I’m a huge sucker for twanging/jangling guitar parts these days….every day now that I think about it.  Think you’re going to dig this tune for real.

Primitive Calculators Announce First Ever Studio Album

artworks-000058441990-g0deq8-t500x500Some bands are destined to disappear into the annals of history, while others will find that their style has influenced many other, or at least left a long-lasting impact.  Such is the situation for Primitive Calculators, the Aussie act that disappeared in 1980 until Nick Cave asked them to play his own curated ATP.  Luckily for those in search of industrial synth, the band have opted to release their fist studio album with our friends Chapter Music.  If you’re looking for an album title that represent the sentiment behind the music, then look no further than The World is Fucked.  It will see a release on November 1st, offering up discordant synth noise for you to absorb.

Show Preview: Terry Malts @ Mohawk (9.26)

Terry Malts

Date Thursday, September 26th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PPM
Tickets $8 from Mohawk

I’m going to beg you to come to this show. I absolutely love the Terry Malts and their no bullshit live shows.  They’ve come through town before, but their return to Austin comes on the heels of their latest release, Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere (Slumberland Records). It’s just another excellent record that deserves a huge audience, so be part of that on Thursday night.  If you play your cards right, you’ll also be treated to excellent sets by locals New Arrows and Shivery Shakes (who just finished recording their own LP!)  Great bands deserve great audiences so they can put on great shows…come be part of it.


Download: Terry Malts – Disconnect [MP3]

The History of Apple Pie Return

historyWhen you’ve got it, you’ve got it, as evidenced by the recent works of The History of Apple Pie.  After releasing an album earlier this year, the group is already back with a brand new single that will be released via 7″.  I love the feel of the track itself, harkening back the sensual days of alternative girl groups in the 90s.  Sure, the music isn’t quite as forceful as some of those acts, but there’s this quality in the vocals that will surely make it appealing to all those that found their musical way in the post grunge era. The single will be available on October 14th.

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