New Music from Haunted Houses

hauntedAs the year winds down, new music to whet your appetite is becoming harder and harder to find, except for some gems that came out at the end of last week.  One of the tunes that caught my attention was this newest jam from Haunted House.  The song is one of the tracks set to fit onto their self-titled EP, which will be released in early 2014; it holds onto a bedroom quality, while still having enough musicianship to make the song sound huge.  I love the foggy quality of the vocals; they still have some clarity despite being spun through a little wash.  Should be an interesting listen when we get to hear the rest of the tracks.


Download: Haunted House – Guts [MP3]

Another Gem from Mathew Cothran

mathewIf you haven’t listened to Mathew Cothran in any of his various projects then I’m going to force you to admit you’ve made some mistakes! Well, okay, I won’t be that forceful, but I’ll continue to promote his work on these here pages.  Recently, the man behind Coma Cinema unleashed a few short songs for our enjoyment on his Failure EP.  I don’t know what it is about his songwriting, but I get completely wrapped up in everything he has to say.  There’s something I can’t put my finger on, but I love every minute I spend listening to a song he’s penned. Join me, won’t you?


Download: Mathew Cothran – It Had to Happen(It Had to Be) [MP3]

New Music from Death Vessel

deathYou know those artists that lurk in the shadows, only rearing their head whenever they feel the need?  They’re the artists you yearn for, the ones you hope release new music as often as possible.  Well, Death Vessel is one of those musicians for me.  We haven’t heard from him since 2008, and we raved and lauded his last effort, so my expectations for Island Intervals are quite high at the moment, especially after hearing this first single.  You can hear Jonsi of Sigur Ros singing accompaniment, adding a remarkable touch to the song. You can pick up the record on February 25th from Sub Pop.

Bounce House Release Party @ Beerland (11.26)

bounceWe’ve got a nice little community starting to reemerge in Austin, and one of our city’s photographers has a a rad little band that’s popping up on our radar.  The band is called Bounce House, and they’ll be releasing their first EP titled Hottest Day of the Year.  It’s filled with five rad tunes of punk rock that give you that fine blend between of bounce (as in the title) and grit; I’m really happy for these dudes.  You’ll also have other Austin heavy-hitters like Bobby Jealousy and Basketball Shorts filling out the evening at Beerland, so expect to get your money’s worth…and pick up the EP while you’re at it!

Art Is Hard Announce Gorgeous Bully EP

artworks-000062786249-84xil3-t500x500I always keep an eye on what’s going on with Art Is Hard Records; they’re a small time label doing some interesting releases on a small, but exceptional scale.  They just recently announced that they’ll be putting out the new Nobody Hates You as Much as You Hate Yourself  EP by Gorgeous Bully, and the lead track is absolutely something you need to hear.  It’s infectious as any piece of garage-pop I’ve heard this year, but it still has enough of a ramshackle punch to make it more than just a mediocre piece of pop music.  It’s going to come out on a limited cassette, and if I’m guessing right, they’ll go pretty quick, so get at it!


Download: Gorgeous Bully – Sinking Feeling [MP3]

Dreamy Pop from Dutch Barn

DutchBarn_EstelleMorris_1425I had grown worried that the ecclectic catalog of artists on Eardrums Pop might not ever get another chance at things, until I checked in the other day.  They’ve posted their first new three song release since May, and it’s definitely worthy of some ear time.  The band is Dutch Barn, and they combine elements of indiepop and shoegaze to craft these great tunes that sink into your soul.  Remember, EP does this all out of love for music, and love for the bands, so if you can afford to donate a penny or two, do so; it will make our music community continue to grow.


Download: Dutch Barn – Steal Your Jokes [MP3]

New Music from Desert Noises

desertnoisesAs we gear up towards the 2014 releases, here comes news of a band that’s slowly making waves here in the States, Desert Noises. The music on their first single from the upcoming album has the band playing a grassroots Americana stomp, similar to what we’ve come to expect from bands like Cave Singers.  Of course, there’s lots more slide guitar work and less gruff qualities, but perhaps that is the cup of tea you’ve been waiting to drink.  Their upcoming album is titled 27 Ways, and it’ll see a March release courtesy of SQE Music.

Built to Spill @ Stubbs (11/23)


Date 11/23/13
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets $20 @ Frontgate

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend about how Built to Spill are one of the few bands that has managed to survive the crowded 90s indie scene and continually churn out solid releases.  Sure maybe the newer releases have never quite grabbed the moments from the earlier days, but the band has a multitude of solid tunes and can always bring it in the live setting.  With that said, why not head on out to Stubbs on Saturday night for a show by the veteran indie rockers.  Of course let’s not forget the opening support provided by both Slam Dunk and Genders.


Download: Built to Spill – Hindsight [MP3]

Sometimes You Just Have To Give In…

640px-Sky_Ferreira_the_pageant_2013_1This is an admission. I like a Sky Ferreira song. “You’re Not The One” from Night Time, My Time is a perfectly balanced pop song that deserves a listen. I may get blasted by my ATH teammates, but damn this is catchy and I have to admit to everyone that it is among the top jams in my head right now. A great guitar hook rings over floating fluty-synth substance in standard pop song structure, it is a hit.

I resisted the hype machine, the tour O_o announcements, the drug arrests, the album cover controversy, the buzz, but I hide no more. I feel better and can go into my weekend with an eased mind.

Slow Jam from Secret Boyfriend

secretboyfriendredoI’m not sure what all the monikers in the musical world really mean, aside from things like psych rock, but if I were to label something as “dark wave,” I’d hope that it sounds exactly like this new single from Secret Boyfriend.  It’s the one-man project of Ryan Martin, and while the music definitely has this dark electronic touch to it, there’s this really gentle undertone that’s delivered by way of the vocals.  It’s not a full on juxtaposed composition, but it illustrates the varied sound you can come to expect when This Is Always Where You’ve Lived comes out on December 9th via Blackest Ever Black.

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