Quiet Beauty from Faint Wild Light

coverFor me, Tuesdays are great for reflection, and what better way to reflect on the world than to listen to a piece of carefully crafted music.  This new single from Faint Wild Light popped up recently, and sadly, I haven’t seen too many people give it the deserved attention I want to toss its way.  The self-titled album from the songwriter is this slow-moving sound that encapsulates what one would expect on a quiet jaunt through some wilderness.  It’s moving thematically, not just sonically, which is always important when taking the slower turn down the musical lane.  The album is out now via Digitalis Recordings.


Download: Faint Wild Light – Debris [MP3]

Indie Pop Fix with The Moments

themomentsYou all know my appreciation for great indiepop, so what better way to get this week going than to offer up a catch tune from the genre.  I’m sure I missed this track when it originally came back this summer, but why not share the wonder of The Moments with you.  They put out their Short Trip EP, and this lead single is too good to miss; it’s got an inherent hook that stems from the way the guitars bounce the groove off listeners.  Topping it all off with a soft vocal only adds to the indiepop appeal.  Hope you’ll enjoy.


Download: The Moments – Short Trip [MP3]

Stream Debut Album from Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs

CS485033-01A-BIGSo America it seems is getting behind the times, at least so far as breaking waves for new UK acts.  One of the hottest bands to come out in a while is Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs, paying homage to the streets of 70s New York on their debut album Clarietta.  It combines the best of influences from Bolan to Reed (and produced by Edwyn Collins!), spun through a modern kaleidoscope of hooks; it’s time we rejoice in the classic sound of rock n’ roll.   The 70s were fueled by artistic endeavors, musically speaking.  But, we often neglect the simplicity of the era, using power chords and anthemic choruses to grab listeners and fans; it’s what you’ll get when you get behind Charlie Boyer. Their album will makes its American premiere on Tuesday, September 24th, and we’re pleased to give you the opportunity to stream the album in its entirety.  Sit back, and have a happy day!

Rock N’ Roller from The Gooch Palms

goochI first caught wind of The Gooch Palms last year when they released a nice little EP, but this new single is just so damn good you wouldn’t want to miss rocking this out really loud.  It’s a simple formula, seemingly, with just guitar and drums and male/female vocal interplay.  But, very few bands really pull this off to a degree where you’re coming back begging for more, unless it’s incredible; this song is one such incredible track.  This track comes off the group’s NOVOS LP, which will be released by Anti-Fade on October 4th.  I don’t even have to listen to the rest of the record because this song alone makes it worthy of one of my album’s of the year.

New Album from Twin Library

twinlibraryI like to spend my weekend searching the old Interwebs for great music that a lot of people have ignored, and I didn’t have to go too far to find Twin Library, who I’ve talked about before.  The group quietly released They Were Marked as Targets this weekend, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spinning the record over the last few hours.  It’s really subtle indie rock with quiet melodies and memorable lyrics, making the perfect soundtrack for the gently sweeping change in Fall weather.  The band has been kind enough to offer up the album for the PWYW price, and as always, we suggest you donate something to keep great music coming our way.


Download: Twin Library – Range [MP3]

New Music from Zula

ZulaPress2013a_121054It’s pouring rain down here in Austin, so I feel like we need something to brighten up our days a bit, or at least give us some spirit.  This tune from Zula is really working for me, as it really shows a more ecclectic version of your modern indie pop.  I sort of hear bits of all the bands everyone loves, but none stands out, allowing the group to stake claim to their own sound. They’ll be releasing This Is Hopeful, their debut, on October 29th via Inflated Records.

Dreamy Tune from Big Deal

bigdealIt’s often hard for bands to grab a foothold in the United States, but after spending some time with the most recent Big Deal record, I think it’s only fair that I offer up their new single to you guys.  June Gloom was released earlier this summer on Mute; it offers this clever blend of traditional male/female indie rock with a coat of that new shoegaze tradition.  It’s both loud and restrained at once, providing listeners a chance to smile while they’re battered with walls of noise.  Take a chance on these guys; you won’t be let down.


Download: Big Deal – Swapping Spit [MP3]

Soliti Music Sign Gim Kordon

V__3F9BI’m always down to support our friends over at Soliti Music, especially because it helps us work on our global view of music.  The Finnish label has just signed their very first act to speak in their native tongue, Gim Kordon.  They’ve got a track floating around today to celebrate the signing, indicating where the band might be going with their debut in 2014.  They’ve dropped names like Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth,  and while I can see those, something here definitely smells of Superchunk too.  Sure, I don’t understand a single word, but sometimes it’s just the music that moves you!


Download: Gim Kordon – Ei Ole Helppoo [MP3]

New Single from The Ancients

LLB_8171MID.2If you want to vote for International Label of the Year, on the small scale, then you’ll probably be looking right at Chapter Music; the Australian folks have pumped out great band after great band in 2013, and they don’t aim to stop with the release of the next LP from The Ancients.  Their third album, Night Bus, will be released by the label on October 18th. If you need something that holds the warmth of creativity, yet still appeals to your search for catchy hooks, then you needn’t go any further than this single. Personally, I’m feeling drawn to the fuzzy sound of the guitars throughout, though the vocals are quite pleasant too.  Give it a whirl.

Striking Tune from Lonesome Leash

lonseomMy first spin through with the newest single from Lonesome Leash took me up and down, which is perhaps as Walt would want it to go.  His project has just released the One Foot in Front of the Other EP, and this song has to be one of the standouts.  It begins with a circus-like bit of accordion, moving into a troubadour stomp; it reminds me of a more sonically expansive Will Johnson effort, using a throaty vocal to pull in the listener.  Lucky for those of us in Austin, he’ll be popping up on Sunday, September 29th at the Owl.  If you’re not here, that’s okay, he’s still an artist that should be on your radar.


Download: Lonesome Leash – Dead [MP3]

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