New Music from Eric D Johnson

edjWe loved the work of Fruit Bats, so it only makes sense that we’re following closely the path of the band’s Eric D. Johnson.  Press release says that he acknowledges that these are not the happy songs that most people might associate with his writing, but I still find that there’s a brightness to what he’s creating.  I love the way his voice rises up, meeting the notes he’s crafted at each turn; it’s one of the staples of his songs that we’ve adored for some time. He’ll release a new album under the EDJ moniker on Easy Sound on August 5th.

Ticket Giveaway: Protomartyr @ Holy Mountain (5.30)

chaosChaos in Tejas and Transmission are bringing some incredible bands into town this week, and we’ve got yet another chance for you to win a pair of tickets. Under Color of Official Right is one of the most rewarding listens this year, and the group dominated the SXSW post-hype machine with several great performances.  You’ll get a chance to see the band perform in a fairly intimate setting over at Holy Mountain, supported by two incredible local acts: Xetas and Simple Circuit.  Just because you love Protomartyr doesn’t mean you can’t get there early to catch these two remarkable bands too.

It’s the midway point in the year for all intents and purposes, so leave your Favorite Album of 2014 (so far) and I’ll pick a winner that most closely aligns with our tastes.  Contest ends Thursday at Noon.


Download: Protomartyr – Scum, Rise! [MP3]

Late to the Party: Carnival Youth

10379877_319202781561504_1879389632014875846_oWith endless emails coming in every day, and my own hunt for great songs outside the press, I’ll admit, I sometimes find that great music escapes me.  Luckily, I was able to revisit this sweet bit of swelling pop from Carnival Youth, and now I can’t get enough of the track below.  What amazes me as much as the track itself is that the band hails from Latvia, a country that rarely, if ever, gets musical coverage, so I’m glad to shine a little light that way; I’ve got old ties to the country.  Just listen to this track. Listen to the bounce and let yourself get swept up in the beauteous emotion of the song.  It’s off their Never Have Enough EP, which is as great as this tune below.

Dream Pop from Exiles

exThere’s a slew of great releases this week, but I thought I’d point you in the direction of one that might be flying under your radar.  The gem below comes from Exiles, a Brooklyn quartet blending the sound of the beach with atmospheric dream pop; it’s definitely a relaxing take that will endear listeners who beg for great pop, plain and simple.  The band are releasing their Only Summer EP this week via We Are the Future, just in time to find a good home on your summer listening mixtapes. You’ll be grateful if you do.


Download: Exiles – Circular Key [MP3]



Ticket Giveaway: Parquet Courts @ Red 7 (5.29)

chaosChaos In Tejas might have scaled things back a bit this year, but the folks that brought you that festival are bringing you some great shows next week.  One of the highlights is the show that features Parquet Courts, Radioactivity and Beth Israel over at Red 7Parquet Courts are known for killer live shows, and people are drooling in anticipation for their upcoming record, Sunbathing Animal…out on What’s Your Rupture in June.  But, just because these guys are great, doesn’t mean you should sleep on the opener Radioactivity.  The band made up of former Marked Men released an excellent self-titled LP last year, with another one rumored for this year.  It’s going to be an incredible show, and you can win a pair of tickets free!

Leave a comment about the band you’re most looking forward to at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014. I’ll pick my winner from there. Click HERE for the line-up.  Contest ends Monday at 12 Noon.


Download: Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time [MP3]

Introducing: Nudes

tumblr_inline_n5xvoywElU1qbkaszThere’s probably not a lot of information out there at the moment on Nudes, as the band’s a fairly new entitiy.  The group features members of Saturday’s Kids, Breathe Out and Playhouse; three rad UK groups already making a solid name for themselves.  This fresh trio have just recorded their first single, and it’s being given away as part of Art is Hard‘s Pizza Singles Series, which has been pretty spot on in 2014. On the single, it opens up with this light guitar and distant vocal, but hold on, as the group blasts off into this jangling guitar pop that’ll be sure to brigthen anyone’s Friday afternoon.  Hope you enjoy this little ditty.

Show Preview: Curtin @ Lamberts (5/23)

1618257_628191577260497_705601427_oThere’s tons of events going on in town this weekend, but we wanted to point you in the direction of this secret little gem that might not have gotten your attention otherwise. Curtin is a two-piece who craft this sparse folk-influenced rock; some of their songs lean more in the direction of experimenting within the genre, while other tracks offer up more traditional fare. The group is touring to promote their album, One for the Doghearted. But, just because you can’t have a show without great locals, be sure to get there early, as the line-up includes two of our favorite friends, The Midgetmen and Ram (formerly of Whitman).  Sample the tune below to get a feel of what to expect.

Solid Pop from Tomboy

tomboyThere’s some electronic music that really pushes the boundaries of the genre, then there’s others that should just be appreciated for great execution. This song’s got a little of both, though I’m just enjoying it for the fact that it really just hits the spot today.  The beats are fairly minimal, with the track’s focus on the vocal performance; it’s a good thing those vocals are smooth too, adding to the song’s attraction.  It’s the second single from Tomboy‘s debut EP, which will be released by Captured Tracks this summer.

Show Preview: True Sincerity Issue 1 Party – TONIGHT

truesincerityWe like to promote the greater Austin community, despite being told there isn’t one.  So today we’re encouraging you to hit up Cheer Up Charlies to party down for the release of True Sincerity #1, a quarterly journal by our friend Bryan over at Pop Press International.  Not only is he working on putting out a great little local zine, but he’s also organizing a great show to celebrate.  The line-up is full of bands we all love: it features: Borrisokane, Feverbones, Alex Napping, Tele Novella and Major x 3.   It’s a night to enjoy local revelry and celebrate the creativity of like-minded individuals in town.  Plus, it’s a chill spot to hang. Here’s a hit from Major Major Major to get you amped.  The show is free, with a suggested donation.


Download: Major Major Major – God Doesn’t Want Us [MP3]

New EP from King Tears Mortuary

kingtearsSeems like it has been a few weeks since I checked in on my favorite continent, Australia.  I was checking up on Vacant Valley Records, home to several great bands when I stumbled upon this new release from King Tears Mortuary.  The group’s got a a brand new EP that’s just been released titled Asleep at the Wheel of Fortune, and it’s filled with this furious bit of noisy pop numbers.  You’ll find that the tunes aren’t quite punk rock, yet they’re not quite noise pop either, laying somewhere in the middle of that.  Spend some time with your new favorite band.



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