I’m In Love with Swearin’

swearinThis track from Swearin popped up on Friday, and I’ve been spending my weekend pressing repeat over and over again.  I could say that it’s the slight drawl accompanied by a female backing vocal.  But, it might also be that I sort of see this group as the next logical step in the history of band’s aping Pavement.  The guitar playing is simple but crunchy in all the right places.  The group will be releasing their newest effort, Surfing Strange on November 5th via Salinas Records in the US, so you’ll do well to get this band on your radar; it should be their year if the album plays out like this tune.

Light Pop from Los Angeles Police Department

LAPD_groupWhat better way to kick off Monday than with some charming pop music to casually let your brain drift into focus.  Los Angeles Police Department is an up-and-coming act that’s caught our attention, bringing beautiful pop music to us all.  What once was a one-man act has now grown into a full-band project who are near completing their debut full-length.  The soothing melodies presented on this single show us some promise that have our ears perked up for that debut, so we’ll keep you posted as more details float in.


Download: Los Angeles Police Department – The Only One [MP3]

Rolling Good Times from Promised Land Sound

plsI’ve quite enjoyed the tunes I’ve gotten recently from Promised Land Sound, the Nashville quartet who’ve quickly been making waves in their hometown as well as across the nation.  Their sound reminds me of the gritty country garage rock that comes from bands like Natural Child, though I think the production quality on these tunes is superior.  The guitars have a nice polish that cleans up the sound, yet it still maintains both the grit and the spirit of what I think the band is trying to accomplish. Their debut self-titled debut will be out on September 24th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Show Preview: Austra @ The Mohawk (9/13)

Date 9/13
Location The Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $14

We last saw Austra opening for The XX at ACL Live. Their set kind of took us by surprise. Gone were the headdress veils and theatrical makeup, replaced by genuine interaction ans a strong presence from front-woman Katie Stelmanis. That and her really locked down vocal; I am looking forward to hearing new tracks from the new album Olympia come to life.

I expect more of the same tonight, so join me before I head over the Red7 for Dent May. Double up. Diana opens.

You can hear the latest single “Home” that is very grounded and a little less digital, if you will, by clicking here, but I’m gonna give you my fave jam to get you in the mood…


Download:Austra – The Beat and the Pulse [MP3]

Dyaln of the Mallard Returns as FRONDS

frondsRemember the dark punk of The Mallard? Well, don’t think that FRONDS is going to sound anything like that just because former member, Dylan Tidyman-Jones, is behind the sounds.  Instead, he’s crafted this incredible dreamy pop album, featuring the song below; it’s a self-titled album that will be out on October 8th by new Castle Face imprint Do Not Disturb.  My ears hear bits of Papercuts, just in the way there’s a shimmering bit of pop lurking beneath the dream-like atmosphere of the tune.  It’s just a really majestic tune that seems perfect to take us all into the weekend.


Download: FRONDS – Crush [MP3]

Slow Rocker from Fuzz

fuzzThose of you who’ve been on the Ty Segall rock n’ roll bandwagon have to love what you’re hearing from his latest project, Fuzz.  He’s teamed up with a couple of friends (one who’s in his regular band) to bring a shredding, noise filled act to your ears.  On the latest single from Fuzz, the slow building tune gradually makes its way, erupting into a wall of noise at the chorus.  I actually really dig the mellower moments on this tune, offering us a look at the softer-side Segall’s been brandishing of late…but dammit if that’s not a chorus for the ages.  In the Red Records will be releasing this self-titled album on October 1st.  He’ll also be in Austin on the 4th.


Download: Fuzz – What’s In My Head [MP3]

Hey You Danceateria Types! Check Out World’s End Press

WorldsEndPress_PhotobyMaclean_Stephenson_2.132234I’ve got no qualms with my adoration of the Australian music scene, though I tend to have a certain arena from the country that I fawn over.  This new tune by World’s End Press doesn’t necessarily fall into that category, but it’s something worthy of including on your Friday night playlist.  It’s an electronic dance tune, playfully constructed to emit the maximum amount of frivolity. It’s got pulsing grooves, nicely spun harmonies and a general attraction that invades your spirit.  Yep, Friday’s are for dancing.  Stay tuned, as the world will get more from the band when their debut album is released on October 4th.

Old School Feeling from Bottomless Pit

bottlessI don’t really know too much about Bottomless Pit, other than that a few of the guys were part of Silkworm back in the day.  That probably doesn’t mean too much now, as the band have forged a new sound, though I can see where it takes roots in sprawling rock n’ roll from a land before time.  The guitars wear some distortion on their sleeves, yet they also cut pretty sharply through one another.  While I appreciate the vocals in the context, the musicianship is what I’ve really been enjoying as I’ve listened to this song.  The band’s 3rd LP, Shade Perennial will be released on October 29th via Comedy Minus One.

The Nites Are Free

As has become tradition, those of you that just don’t get enough jams during the day at Fun Fun Fun Fest are treated to a bevy of artists that will play sets at venues around Red River. The final schedule is TBD, but at least you can start planning your must-haves and can-skips knowing you have a second shot at chilling with the artists in the poster in the corner of this post.


FFF’s web minions notified us an interactive lineup by day and stage has been unleashed, so if you want pick a single day to party ultra hard instead of surviving three days of festing, you can purchase a single day ticket starting tomorrow for $79. There are also going to be some discounted student wristbands. I am signing up for a karate lesson to qualify.

Click past the break for the days and stages…

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Show Preview: Dent May @ Red 7 (9/13)

Dent May

Date 9/13/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Red 7

September is shaping up to be quiet a crazy month for live music here in Austin.  You have some tough choices to make clearly, but we think long time ATH favorite Dent May playing at Red 7 should definitely be on your agenda.  Joining the talented musician on stage will be Dead Gaze and Austin bands Growl and Hola Beach.


Download: Dent May – Best Friend [MP3]

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