Contest: Four Tet @ Mohawk (3/1)

FourTetThis is a pretty solid weekend for shows in Austin with everything from big acts like The Pixies, all the way down to some of our local favorites like The Sour Notes.  One show to keep on your radar has got to be electro mastermind Four Tet playing at Mohawk on Saturday.  We’re running a giveaway for the show with deets below:

Up for grabs: Your name with +1 on the press list

How to enter: Leave a comment below about anything you want!

We will pick a winner at random sometime in the afternoon on Friday so get your entries in!  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with the winner.


Download: Four Tet – Angel Echoes [MP3]

New Music from Dylan Shearer

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}I thought Dylan Shearer was a great secret, and after spending a lot of time with his last effort, Porchpuddles, I was happy to keep it that way.  But, like all great things, you can’t keep them to yourself for long, which is great for Dylan.  He’s signed on with Empty Cellar and Castleface to do a joint release for his new album, Garagearray (what’s with the lack of spaces?). Dylan’s one of those artists that I think doesn’t need a lot of discussion about the tracks details and what not.  Once you listen for a few times, you’re hooked. It’ll see a release on April 15th; be prepared to have yourself a new favorite artist.

Another Jam from SoftSpot

softspotJust a few weeks ago we brought you “You/Yours” from SoftSpot, and I was really impressed with that song; here you’re getting another impressive performance from Sarah Kinlaw.  Her softness definitely allows this emotional space from which her bandmates can carefully weave their own magic, entrancing listeners. I still hear this ornate guitar styling that reminds of a Kinsella brother, and that’s definitely a good thing in my book. Their record MASS will be released on April 8th, so your enjoyment only need wait a little longer.

SXSW 2014 Interviews: Big Bill


As we prepare for SXSW, let us not forgot all of the great local bands that will be performing all over town that week.  I know some of us Austinites tend to stay away from our local friends since we see them so much during the year, but let’s at least promote their greatness to the world.  Today I’ll be doing so by sharing some interview responses from recent discovery and ATH favorite Big Bill.  Follow the jump to see what they have to say. Read more

David Novick Brings Things Inside on New Single

davidnovickWhile those who listened to David Novick’s last release were probably enamored with his outdoor folk stylings, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s also capable of winning you over from the confines of a bedroom. Listening to the tune, I already thought it was a stellar track, resembling the best part of Papercuts, but I was completely sold when the female voice enters just before the 2.5 minute mark.  For my two cents, I’ll never grow tired of music like this; it offers a purity in pop songwriting, with minor touches of otherworldly creativity.  Your Sister’s Hand will be released by God? on March 18th.


Download: David Novick – Beneath The Line [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Boy Toy

boytoyWe’re trying to get you ready for BurgerMania at SXSW, which will kick off on March 15.  It’s one of my favorite days during SXSW…they fit in as many great bands as they can, including rad Austin acts.  Here’s another rad band that will be part of the various events sponsored by the label, Boy Toy, hailing from Brooklyn.  Take some time to read what they had to say before they make their way South.   Read more

Show Pics: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr @ Emos’ (2/22)

Dale Earnhardt Jr JrI have a confession to make. I asked to go to this show to shoot Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I was really more excited to see Chad Valley. That said, I ended up being quite impressed with the Dale Jr. Jr. on the eve of their big Daytona 500 win. How did they get there in time? Jr.

There was a rabid crowd that showed up early to reserve a spot to dance in the more personal small venue version of Emo’s, thankfully now divided by a proper curtain bisecting the room at the soundboard to tighten up the sound a bit versus the camouflage net previously used.

Read on for a few more notes and plenty of pics.

Read more

Cloud Nothings Continue to Thrill

Cloud-Nothings-850x566While I thought the first single from the upcoming Cloud Nothings illustrated some vocal restraint, it’s clear that I was far off, as Dylan Baldi’s not afraid to unleash on this new tune. Sure, the song begins with a slow build-up, but even then you can hear that familiar rasp in Baldi’s voice.  At the 44 second mark, the song takes off, leading up to Dylan’s forceful howl coming through. My favorite part comes near the end of the track where the band lets go furiously, as they’ve been known to do in their live shows.  And, as always, Jason’s drumming is just RIDICULOUS.  Here and Nowhere Else, the new record, will be out on April 1st via Carpark Records.

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