New Pop from Charlie Big Time

charlieIt says a lot when a band can claim the likes of Matinee and Cloudberry as their past homes, and with the move to Jigsaw, Charlie Big Time continue their foray into the annals of great indie pop labels. Next week you’ll be able to grab the Sale or Return EP from the band, and this first listen is really something special.  There’s a an airy quality to the song, which counteracts with the cascading distorted guitar.  The vocals are definitely focused on Matthew’s performance, but Beth also does a great job of adding just the right backing vocals, leaving listeners with a fine slice of pop to get you through your day.


Download: Charlie Big Time – A Sunday Afternoon Well Spent [MP3]

Playful Jam from Chromeo

sexyI know it’s only humpday, but I already feel bogged down this week, so I’m looking to the feel good tunes of Chromeo to get me through the rest of the day.  The duo has always had a soft spot in my heart, with “Mama’s Boy” being one of my favorite tracks.  The group’s always employed a fun spin on the world, and they don’t stop with this tune, commenting on a popular social butterfly…I’m thinking they’re nodding to Kim K. You can hear this tune, and what I assume will be more hits, when the band release White Women, their latest LP.

Another Rocker from Radioactivity

radioactivity3x372Just last week I was tossing one of the great new songs from Radioactivity your way, and less than a few days later, the band have unleashed another kicking tune for your ears. I love the gritty sound of this tune, even though it still has this underlying pop sensibility to it; you wouldn’t expect anything less from two ex-Marked Men memebers would you? Not only does this capture the sound that I’ve been enthralled with (again) over the last few years, but we can get a big Texas shout out going here.  Their self-titled LP comes out next week via Dirtnap Records…and rumor has it that another one is right around the corner.


Download: Radioactivity – Locked in My Head [MP3]


Recent Jam from Prince Rupert’s Drop

princerupertEveryone was out rocking away at CMJ in NYC last week, so the press world has been kind of slow, us included. One of the things I missed posting about last week was the brand new track from Prince Rupert’s Drop, which features on a digital single from Beyond is Beyond is Beyond.  This tune offers up a groovy stomp, with hints of noisier elements in there.  It sticks with the same groovy attitude that the group has offered us before, which is all the more reason for you and I to pay some attention to the act.  Enjoy a nice bit of jam today.

Show Review: Crystal Antlers @ the Mohawk (10.19)

Crystal_Antlers-4Sometimes Austin can disappoint you.  I don’t know if it’s the post-ACL hangover or the onset of cold weather, but I was expecting a sold out crowd for Crystal Antlers on Saturday night, especially after the release of their excellent Nothing is Real LP. Sadly, it was half-empty (shame on us), but that didn’t stop the bands on stage from killing it. Read on for some reflection. And thanks to our friend Bryan for the photo!  Read more

Brand New Music from Sea Pinks

seapinksHave I mentioned lately how much I love Sea Pinks?  The group first came to my attention a few years ago with their relationship to Girls Names, but since that discovery they’ve released two incredible LPs, Freak Waves and Dead Seas.  Today I bring you a brand new single that you’ll definitely have to sink your teeth into.  Much like Freak Waves, the vocals are up in the mix, which really does make the group all the more exciting; it allows for the natural vibe and bounce of the group to make way to your eardrums.  They’ll be releasing this track on a new 7″ via the band’s label, CF Records.  This totally made my week worth it.

Show Preview: Grooms @ Mohawk (10/23)


Date 10/23/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

It’s yet another great week /weekend of shows here in Austin and I see a great place to kick off your week right with a set by up and coming indie band Grooms at Mohawk.  Joining the band on stage will be local favorites The Sour Notes and Yum.  I see a great and cheap option to kick off your music week the right way.  Do it.


Download: Grooms – I Think We’re Alone Now [MP3]


PYAITK Jam From Holograms

It is almost the weekend.

ACL is done (though I have even more pics to share). FFF8 is next. We have some cool shows in between. The weather is cooler. There is we stuff in creeks and rivers that have been dry for months. Pretty exciting. …and OU still sucks.

I am in a pretty good mood. So I bring you a crinkly song that is a follow up to the “Flesh and Bone” that should have posted a while ago, but whatever. Holograms is Scandanavian punk. Dig it.

One More New One from Audacity

tumblr_inline_mj08bavIaS1qz4rgpWasn’t it just last week I posted one of the latest singles from Audacity?  Well, that was from a split release, but this new tune is from their brand new LP!  The album is titled Butter Knife, and it’ll see a release by Suicide Squeeze on October 29th.  These guys always seem to energetic in their songwriting, yet, like all good punk, it’s got a nice dosage of hooks to grab your ears.  If you listen to this track, you get the feeling that big things are in the making for the band, as you’ll find a hard time ignoring just how good the track is.  One of my favorite acts of the moment!


Download: Audacity – Couldn’t Hold A Candle [MP3]

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