Nice Bit of Americana from Charlie and the Foxtrots

charlieIt seems like Nashville is becoming the hot scene of the moment, especially for music that bares the soul of America’s musical history.  Charlie and the Foxtrots is another one of those bands building a name for themselves both within and outside of the city.  They blend elements of pop with that classic Americana sound, though I’ll admit that the vocals of Chas Wilson are definitely one of the shining highlights of this tune.  The band will be releasing their album on Golden this summer, July 8th.

Another New Track from Amen Dunes

amenFeels like Thursdays always end up dragging on, and I guess I’ll help contribute to that by adding another mellow track to our list.  This time it’s another new tune from Amen Dunes, who are preparing to release their album, Love.  This tune hear has a really soft bit of instrumentation, with a vocal that is drawn out in a semi-drawl.  Honestly, it’s a voice you might have to grow accustomed to, though I can similarities between it and the likes of Cave Singers and Devandra Banhart…both artists we adore.  The album will be released on May 13th via Sacred Bones Records, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the video that accompanies this song HERE.

New Music from Klaus Johann Grobe

LP.jkt.templateTrouble In Mind Records are really pumping out some interesting stuff these days.  They won me over already with the release of the Greg Ashley LP, and now they’ve got this new LP lined up from Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe.  Honestly, I don’t understand much of the lyrics, as they’re in another language, but the pulsating rhythm that’s being put forth is enticing for sure.  They even offer a nice bit of catchy hooks that come from those vocals, which also seem to be pushing the larger picture presented by the band.  You can grab their album Im Sinne der Zeit from the label on April 29th.



New Music from Proto Idiot

protoidiotThis tune has me so excited I can’t even tell you; I’m nerding out over here.  I first discovered Proto Idiot via his 7″ that he did with the hardworking folks over at Trouble In Mind Records; I even wrote about it on this here site. There’s now a new record out from the act, though no word yet on a physical release date. For those of you that like old school rock n’ roll, then you’re going to want to spend some of your time jamming out to this piece all afternoon…if not longer. It’s called & His Colony Boys, and it’s filled with hits.

Noisy Noise Rocker from Odonis Odonis

odonisThe last few months we’ve tried to illustrate the musical growth of Odonis Odonis, a band who’ve grown since their inception.  But, let’s not pretend like we didn’t love the noise that the band brought forth from the get-go.  The song is in your face from the moment you press play, filled with discordant sounds and screeching vocals that require adequate earplugs.  They’re only a few short weeks away from the release of their newest LP, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, which is out on April 15th via Buzz Records. You can check out a video of the track HERE.

Show Preview: RF Shannon @ Cheer Up Charlies (3.27) – FREE!!!


Date Thursday, March 27th
Location Cheer Up Charlies
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets FREE

Traveling acts are rather sparse this week, as the bands wait for us to clean the streets of SXSW, so you’re best bet is to catch one of the great local acts playing about town.  My suggestion is to catch RF Shannon this Thursday evening over at Cheer Up Charlies.  The show is FREE, for one, but the group is also one of the acts who everyone is expecting a big year from in Austin.  They’ve just released their Hunting Songs LP on Punctum Records, which is worth your listening pleasure.  They’ll be joined on the evening by King Mary and Real Live Tigers.  Join me, won’t you?

Another Single from Papercuts

papercutsI’m pretty excited about the Papercuts record coming out in a short bit.  I don’t know why necessarily, but Jason Quever has been one of my personal favorites for some time; I guess I always felt like it was my own secret favorite band. Anyways, his Life Among the Savages is quickly approaching, and with each new single, it’s hard not see the continued growth in his songwriting.  There’s the presence of a soft echo on his voice, which has always been there with his recordings, but what impacted me the most on this listen was the spirit and bounce apparent within the track.  If like me, you’re loving what you’re hearing from the band, then you can grab the release on May 6th from Easy Sound Recording.



Austin Spotlight: OBN IIIs


Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the Austin music scene, you are familiar with Orville Bateman’s musical project known as OBN III’s.  He is of course involved in tons of other bands in town, but this one is a personal favorite of mine.  Today we’ve gotten news that the group has recently finished a new album and is spreading the word with this great new track called “No Time For the Blues”.  It’s of course in the punk rock genre, and I’m down for that.  You can also hear some hints of another famous front man by the name of King Khan in there too, and I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be down for that as well.

Pick up new album, Third Time to Harm, on May 27th via Tic Tac Totally Records.

Introducing Luxembourg Signal

LuxBand2This isn’t actually an introduction, so much as a return visit to some of our old friends.  Luxembourg Signal are in fact various members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars (JJ,BA, and BE to be exact), indicating to some that you’re alredy in love with the band, and you haven’t even heard them yet.  They’ve just signed on with the respected folks over at Shelflife Records to release their debut 7″, and we’ve got the tune below for the A-Side.  The song is crafted where it provides warmth via the the vocals, yet still holds an expansive sound that seems to always have been present in the songwriting of the core writers.  Hopefully we get to hear more from the group, sooner rather than later.



New Pop from James and the Express

jateFor those of you in the need of something soft and catchy on this Tuesday afternoon, then I suggest you spend a little bit of time with James and the Express. They’ve just released a brand new album via Jigsaw Records titled Your Friend, JATE, and it’s the perfect way to delight in the waning hours of your day.  You’ll definitely find yourself in a drifting mood, but one that’s encouraged by supremely well-written pop tunes.  There’s twelve blissful songs on the record, and you can grab yourself a copy right HERE.

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