Poppy Tune from The So So Glos

383997_10150390708559738_62209039737_8404542_442126120_nWe’ve been fans for some time of The So So Glos, and that was cemented by my time spent listening to their phenomenal debut, Blowout.  It seems that some hard-working individuals have allowed them some free studio time to record a track of their liking, and the result seems like its a good fit.  Through their short time, they’ve grown increasingly softer on the ears…meaning that their brash style has sort of begun to fade.  That being said, it’s clear that some bands are meant to move on in that way, as this song offers a glimpse to just how great things sound when all the pieces come together. Give it a listen.


Download: The So So Glos – Emergency [MP3]


New Single from Veronica Falls

vfVeronica Falls is one of the great stable acts of Slumberland Records; they’ve only improved (immensely) as they’ve matured.  They’ve just recorded a brand new single for their upcoming tour, which unfortunately doesn’t include any dates Stateside…we can always hold out hope. Honestly, this new single is probably the best thing the group has written to date, and that says a lot considering how special I think Waiting for Something to Happen (Feb 2013) truly is. If you need a catchy tune with some bounce then you better spend some quality time with this tune.  Thanks to IPSML for the heads up.

ACL 2013: Weekend One In Pictures

I’ll take things seen at a festival for $1000, Alex.

Weekend One of ACL was nothing but fun. Hopefully, you followed along on the intarwebs with the Twitter and Bookface. Me and the people I like a lot spent time in the sun, luckily. It was like a fest of two halves split by a cold front. Oppressing heat and humidity dominated until about 3pm on Saturday and after that, Chamber of Commerce. I will be making a #dontmovehere flag for next year just in case the stars align to give us that glorious cold front of blue skies.

I loved Wild Cub, Electric Six, Lionel Richie, Depeche Mode and The Cure. The collection of photos includes plenty of random revelers that we know as festival people. Click through for a couple extra notes and plenty of pics. See if you can find yourself…

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SISU Covers Magnetic Fields

sisuOkay, so I don’t usually cover covers, or remixes for that matter.  But, I’ll change that up today since I’ve got this SISU tune that’s covering “If You Don’t Cry” by the Magnetic Fields, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite acts.  SISU is the project of Sandra Vu who’s spent time working with Dum Dum Girls and Boredoms, just to name a few. Her most recent LP, Blood Tears, is currently in stores now, and while it’s not filled with covers, there are several tracks that take the same approach as the tune we present to you today.

Another Tune from Traams

919107_582153298485281_1428211538_oOne of the things I definitely appreciate, yet often forget, is that I’m subscribed to so many different sites and what not, that I often get songs sent to me without asking.  Other than free tunes, why would I like this? It reminds me that I occasionally, only occasionally (!), forget about tunes I really dig. So, I bring you back to Traams. The group recently released Grin via FatCat Records, and I think you should get your rock on with these dudes today…then you can go pick up your copy.  It’s a pretty simple rock tune, and I mean that in a good way, as I like my jams straight forward.  If they’re not on your radar by now, they should be!


Download: Traams – Sleep [MP3]

New Music from TOY

toyIt’s time we give some love to our British compatriots, and in this case, we’ll go with tossing some love to Toy. The band is preparing to release Join the Dots on December 10th, and in preparation, they’re unleashing a limited single in the UK.  I think the group’s definitely going to turn some ears, as they’ve created some tunes that remind me of a more exploratory version of Fujiya and Miyagi.  This single has the same propulsive beat to it, though they’re less inclined to to just rely upon the rhythm, filling their negative space with nice walls of noise.  It’s just a short bit of vocals, so hold on while you can.

Brand New Punk Jam from Radioactivity (members of Marked Men)

radioactivity3x372Those of us in Texas have reason to be proud today.  Not only does this tune allow me to throw out a little bit of rock n’ roll your way, but it also marks the return of Jeff Burke from Japan. Jeff, who has renamed his work with The Novice, out of respect for his mates in Japan, has reunited with Mark Ryan, who you might know from The Marked Men (or Mind Spiders).  Together, they’ve formed Radioactivity, and this new tune’s a sweet introduction to the great things that are sure to come our way shortly. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut on Dirtnap Records at the end of  October.  Welcome home Jeff.


Download: Radioactivity – World of Pleasure [MP3]

Contest: Crystal Antlers @ Mohawk (10/19)

Crystal AntlersIt’s a great weekend for shows and we think you deserve a chance to see one of those great shows for free.  Everyone can use the extra cash for a tallboy right?  Read below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to check out Crystal Antlers on Saturday at Mohawk.

Up For Grabs: Your name +1 on the promoter’s list.

Contest Close Time: Friday at high noon.

How to Enter: Leave a comment with why you should win!

Don’t forget a valid email address so we can get in touch with the winner.


Download: Crystal Antlers – Licorice Pizza [MP3]

Dreamy Dance Pop from Ejecta

ejectaEveryone seems to be in New York this week for CMJ, but I’m glad some folks are still working, allowing this gem from Ejecta to make its way into my daily playlist.  It’s a synth-driven pop tune, which is pretty sparse for the most part.  That is until it erupts into this shimmering piece of electronic pop that backs the female vocal soaring calmly from start to finish.  The debut release from this act will be available on November 25th from Driftless Records; it’s titled Dominae, and should be good for late night relaxation sessions.

First Round of SxSW Artists Released

I can not believe it is time to start thinking about SxSW. It is like the Christmas decorations at Home Depot, earlier every year.

The initial list of artists invited is out and it is a local heavy list. Not too many big acts, but I think there is something for every music fan interested in day parties and collecting wristbands. Warm up your RSVP skills, March 11, 2014 will be here before you know it. I am on four VIP lists already.

Head past the break for the big list via the PR text…

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