SxSW Film: What I Saw That You Should Too

Upload SxSW 2014 Film 20140308200729SxSW Film Festival is over. Unlike the Music portion, you can go see exactly what I saw.

Going in with the intention to see as many docs as possible, I was lured by several features. Now, those features all have music, so I guess I am OK. But I did still see a lot of docs and few that were very music related. For instance, I was kicking it at The Paramount with my bros in Spandau Ballet.

Here come some brief reviews of things you need to see and some related photos from the film side of the conference.

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New Synth Pop Up from Lust for Youth

22The last few releases from Lust for Youth have been really dark, and almost sterile, in their construction.  But, this new single, from the band’s forthcoming LP, International, seems to have more pop sensibility, both in the electronic instrumentation and the tonal quality of the vocals.  Still, there’s something dark and sinister that always seems to accompany the group’s work, so if they’re able to combine that with a few pop elements, this could be a hands-down favorite at the ATH offices.  The new album will be out on June 10th via Sacred Bones, who will include a cassette of remixes if you pick it up from them.

Show Preview: Bad Sports @ Beerland (3.26)


Date Wednesday, March 26th
Location Beerland
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets Tickets at the door

For those of you looking to get out of the house on Wednesday night, this is hands down the best line-up you’ll find, possibly all week long.  You’ll get to open your evening with our favorites, Eets Feats, who always put on a solid live set, then they’ll be followed by Zoltars.  If you haven’t listened to the latter band’s Walking Through the Dark then you’re missing something that belongs in your record collection.  The night will close out with Fleshlights and Bad Sports.  These are two acts that I never grow tired of seeing live; they’re full of energy and a rawness that you don’t always get when going out about town.  I’d say your plans for Wednesday night have already been made.


Download: Bad Sports – Let Me In [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Tele Novella Release New 7″

teleIf you’ve been watching these pages you’ve surely noticed our coverage for Tele Novella before, and we’re right back at it to celebrate their newest 7″.  The band offers up a more sultry vocal here, with a bit of a gentle vocal caress backing the main part.  It’s like a polished cut off your favorite B-movie, once again illustrating the group’s ability to wrap their own personal tastes within a pop-centric gem.  The band returns to Austin on April 5th to Cheer Up Charlies in order to celebrate the release of Trouble in Paradise.  We’ll see you there.

Great New Pop Track From Goodman

avatars-000070052343-jpxiqx-t500x500A few years ago I happened upon a new artist by the name of Goodman, and immediately got on board with the sounds being created.  Today I’m happy to share with you a new tune called “Longing” that has been hard for me to not hit repeat on all day.  It’s a fairly simple pop number that gets down to catchiness at it’s core.  I really can’t resist sounds this fun.

Check out new album Isn’t it Sad over on Bandcamp (and buy it for a mere $7!).

New Indiepop Delights from Heathers

a0468958385_10I first heard about Heathers through our friends in the excellent band Literature, so with their recommendation I gladly hopped on board with the LA band.  They just released a rad new single for their song “Fear,” which is definitely one of those jams I’d like you to spend some of your time with.  The guitars have more of a driving rhythm to them, as opposed to the common indiepop jangle, which allows for an interesting juxtaposition with the warm tones of the vocals.  I particularly like the way the vocals come across during the chorus.  Head over to their site and pick up your own copy of this limited 7″.

Oops, I Missed This: Solander

solanderMan, we got so caught up in all the great US releases the last few months that I totally forgot about the excellent new album that came out from Solander.  We were huge fans of the group a few years back when they came to SXSW, and I’m still holding a soft spot for the group.  This track illustrates the bands ability to craft solemn tunes that eventually burst forth with lofty harmonies and fade into the realm of enchanting craftsmanship.  Their latest record is titled Monochromatic Memories, and it’s available now from Tendervision.


Download: Solander – All Opportunities [MP3]

Yonatan Gat of Monotonix Readies EP

yonatanIt’s fair to say that the world had grown accustomed to the work of Monotonix, so Yonatan Gat decided to take a step out for a moment.  In doing so, the guitarist for the band has created his own work that channels the expansive sound of Brazilian acts like Os Mutantes, yet still maintains that hard hitting energy we are used to from Gat.  The two tracks we’ve heard have little to no lyrics, so perhaps it sounds like a bit of a jam, but at least it’s a jam we can fully support.  His Iberian Passage EP will be out on May 27 via Joyful Noise.

Muuy Biien es Muy Bueno

muybienFeel like we should start off our week with you on a bit of a rocking note, which brings us to this excellent track from Muuy Biien, an Atlanta outfit who’ve started to see their name pop up all over the place.  For me, the bubbling bass work caught my ear first, but let’s not dismiss the power behind the shouted lyrics that burst through your speakers. HHBTM is going to be releasing the band’s new album, Do Yourself In, on APril 29th,and I’m getting the feeling that it’s going to kick us all in the teeth; I’m anxiously waiting that moment.  Take a listen to the tune below to check out what the hype is really all about.

New Music from Only Real

onlySeems to me that the Brits are on to something with their vocal affectation cooly creeping over excellent guitar work.  First we had King Krule, and now we’ve got another ginger, Niall Gavin, who works under the name Only Real.  He’s celebrating his recent signing to Harvest Records by releasing this new single, featuring some atmospherics touches washing over his wobbly pop guitar lines.  At times his delivery approaches a bit of a spoke-word rap, but it fits well into the confines of this track.  Give it a whirl and see what all the folks overseas are raving about.

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