Show Pics: Young Girls EP @ Lambert’s (2/20)

EPPretty straight forward night of jams to celebrate the launch of the Young Girls EP. We got a little silly, we listened to some music, we watched the Rockets lose. Nathan was happy about that, Pete was not.

As the big bonus, we got to hang out with ATH old friends like Shivery Shakes and more recent friends like Reservations. I’ll just let everyone know now that it was a dream local lineup for Team ATH and we were there to the bitter end shimmying despite duties as assigned in the morning.

Check out the pics for proof after the break.

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Another New Song from Aan (SXSW Act)

AAN_web_press_photo_lo-res_jpgWe’ve been covering Aan for some time, and it seems only fitting that we offer up this latest tune of theirs to close out our Friday offerings.  This tune comes from their Amor Ad Nauseum effort, which is available now.  It’s filled with lofty songwriting, soaring vocals, and an organic structure that reminds me an awful lot of Snowmine .  The Portland act has won over pretty much everyone in their homebase, and it looks like with a big tour lined up-including SXSW-they’ll be happily spreading their tunes to all of us outside the Beaver State.


Download: Aan – Daylight [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Natural Child

131202-natural-child-velvet-undergroundOne of my favorite bands of the last several years, Natural Child, is making their way to Austin, again.  Despite the fact that they always seem to be here, I’m always willing to go out of my way to catch their sets.  They’ve got a new album, Dancin With Wolves, which will be out by the time the band rolls into town for SXSW; it’s a little bit different than previous work, but equally as good. The Internet allowed us to catch up with them before they head our way. Read more

Be Different, Listen to Bo Ningen

boningenI didn’t want people thinking we were going to let you get stuck in some sort of musical box today, so I wanted to offer up something entirely different via Bo Ningen.  This new single from the group has them moving in multiple stages throughout the track.  There’s a stuttering art-rock opening, with bratty vocal delivery, but things change up a bit.  They cover the tune in a floating vocal that warms things up, creating a complete juxtaposition with everything else.; you’ll need to keep an open mind, but you’ll thank me when you’re through.  You can grab this single from their upcoming No Recordings 7″ as well as their full-length, which hits stores in May.

SXSW 2014 Interview: Each Other

eachotherRunning interviews thus far has been a success, and it’s great to see the dynamic personalities spread across the globe making music.  We turn our sites today towards Canada’s Each Other, who’ve got a brand new record coming out on Lefse Records; it’s titled Being Elastic.  I caught the band a few years back, and personally, it was one of my favorite sets; I also hear via various friends that they’re super nice, which makes appreciating them all the easier.  Check out what they had to say.

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Brand New Single from Ski Lodge (SXSW)

skilodgeOn Ski Lodge‘s Big Heart, things seemed really tight and focused, allowing the indiepop act to weave hooks into the record so well that its staying power was undeniable.  Today a brand new single entered the world, and it’s a pretty bold statement as to where the band is going, musicall.  You’ll hear a band who’ve evolved to leave you with this incredible expansive pop song, centered around a really powerful piano line.  This definitely isn’t your mom’s Ski Lodge!  You can go pick up the single from the band now, and catch them all over the States on tour, including several dates lined up for SXSW.

Bonnaroo Announces 2014 Lineup

1781988_10151890402805906_1934323202_nJust making sure you had the 411. Feel free to debate the merits of this year’s Bonnaroo lineup and the effect the Cold War has had on the proliferation of beet-related soups in western countries. There is a video for the announcement, everyone. Embed after the break.

Sir Elton John – Let’s all sing along, cause this means he’ll prolly be closing ACL on Sunday.

Subtract the ACL headliners and you have a nice estimate of artists that will grace either ACL or Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2014.

See you at Lambert’s.

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Show Review: Hospitality @ Red 7 (2.17)

MerchIt’s surprising that I hadn’t seen Hospitality before last night, as we first posted (and adored) about the band back in 2011.  But, that being said, I was rather stoked to see the band as they blew into Austin this past Monday night instead of Milking Neutral Hotels, whatever that means.  Little did I know that it would be one of the openers that stole the show. 

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Austin Show Spotlight: Young Tongue Single Release @ Red 7 (2/22)

IMG_6338Everyone in Austin should be really excited about the incredible release show lined up for Austin’s Young Tongue.  They were known previously as The Baker Family, but they opted for a name change as they felt the new name better suited the music they’ve been creating in the last few years.  They’re celebrating the release of their incredible new single “Cat Calls,” which comes with three other incredible new songs; pick it up HERE. But, in case you’re not familiar with the act, the show also features The Del-Vipers, Hikes and Residual Kid, so it’s a pretty solid line-up all around.  The show is only going to cost you $6, which is a steal for all the incredible talent that’ll be gracing the stage. Be sure to show up early and catch all the groups, and clap really loud when you hear this awesome new single.


Download: Young Tongue – Cat Calls [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Pizza Time


Pizza Time is the Denver-based product of one David Pizza.  Not only does he like to rock the pizza rep, but he also spends a great deal of his time offering punk rock in Spanish.   He’s done some releases with the most excellent cats over at Burger Records (though I wonder if they had issue with the band name, but I suppose Burger Time was already taken).  Anyways, David is on his way to Austin for a great SXSW, so read on for his thoughts about the festival.

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