Fresh Single from Twin Peaks

twinpeaksEven the press release from Twin Peaks acknowledges that the band bares no resemblance to the music of their television name sake, so don’t even expect something dark and gloomy.  What you will get from the minute you press play is a rambunctious sound, operating with a whole lot of swagger; this reminds me of the early stuff that Natural Child was pulling off. So, if you find yourself in the need of some bluesy guitar rock, then you’ll do well to jam to this new track from the band.  They’ll be releasing a new record, Wild Onion, on August 5th, preceded by a nice long tour, which includes a date in Austin on May 24th.

Pleased to Meet You: Ginnels

ginnelsI owe a huge debt of gratitude to Finest Kiss for turning me onto this great tune/band.  Ginnels are an Irish band, who up unit know seem to have made albums of compilations, but their newest, A Country Life, is said to be the group’s first focused LP; you’re not going to find a greater piece of pop than this today.  There are obvious touches of pop all over the record, from indiepop to Elephant 6, showing a band who know their way around the great tradition of pop songwriting.  This is the first song on the record that I couldn’t stop playing, though others followed pretty soon after.  You can pick it up from Tenorio Cotobade.

Cocktails Rock Another Hit

cocksThere’s got to be something going on out on the West Coast, especially in the Bay area.  They’ve got the garage rock and power-pop scenes locked down, and Cocktails is another one of those acts that’s doing things right.  The riffs within this track are perfect for turning up your stereo really loud, but the song still holds onto it’s pop attitude with the way in which the vocals are delivered.  You’ll be able to grab their newest release, Adult Life,  on June 17th from Father Daughter Records.


Download: Cocktails – Bob Pollard’s Mind [MP3]

New Music from Matt Kivel

mattI’m in love with the feeling of this song.  At first, I got overwhelmed by the tone of the guitar; it’s got this deep tone that feels like it’s slowly strutting along the streets with a carefree attitude.  But, I also am really impressed with Matt Kivel‘s voice.  There’s a gentle quality to it, and it’s carefully placed just atop the guitar chords.  The rest of the track has pretty minimal instrumentation, even down to the guitar noodling in the background, but it’s this understated beauty that might just make Days of Being Wild a great listen; you can pick up the record on July 8th on Woodsist Records.

Le Rug to Release Compilation with Fleeting Youth Records

lerugWe’re really excited to see what our hometown friends over at Fleeting Youth Records are doing, consistently releasing interesting music across the board.  Their latest announcement is that they’ll be releasing a 32 track compilation with Le Rug, the Brooklyn project of Ray Weiss.  You’ll get a collection of old songs, as well as some of the newer songs, and I think you’ll enjoy jamming to this one today.  It’s a little bit brash, with various yelping moments to bring home the point of the angular post-punk project.  The release will be available on June 17th on both digital and cassette formats.


Download: Le Rug – Harold Camping [MP3]


New Album from Gleemer

gleemerI caught wind of this new Gleemer release when it was announced that they were the new Pizza Club single on Art is Hard Records this week, but since then, I’ve pretty much been consumed with their album, Holyland USA.  It’s got little pieces of dreamy pop, recorded quietly so that the sound’s not overwhelming your ears.  There are some tunes on the album that are emotionally more uplifting, like “Weekend Sisters,” for example, but the below single has definitely been getting the most spins on my little stereo today.  Be sure to grab it at the NYP option, HERE.


Download: Gleemer – Honeybear Pt II [MP3]

Another Great Track from Alex G

dsuYou don’t know who Alex G is!? That’s okay, because I didn’t either until a few days ago.  I was actually recommended to listening to his tunes via following his new label, Orchid Tapes…home of many great acts.  When I check in on what he had to offer, I was shocked that his new album, DSU, had already sold out of its limited run (don’t worry, a repress is coming shortly).  That’s pretty remarkable for anyone, but it’s not surprising when you listen to this song.  It holds on to great pop structures, offering soft vocals in contrast with vocals that push forward in the mix.  Just add this song to the long list of great music coming from the label.

Quirky Pop from Bastards of Fate

Bastards_of_FateSomewhere in the last decade we’ve all started taking our artistic statements way too seriously, especially as commenters on the world of music.  Personally, I accept that fault, but I still hold a really special place in my heart for oddball pop songs that might not get the appreciation they deserve.  Such a tune came in my inbox this week via Bastards of Fate, who are set to release their new album, Vampires are Real and Palpable.  There’s moments when you can see the lineage to acts like Of Montreal or Elf Power, but they also take things into their own hands, blending in a demonic voice near the end of the track, then off-setting it with a high-pitched bit.  It’s a good song that embraces the idea of frivolity in songwriting; you should definitely take a listen.



Show Preview: The Migrant Kids @ Mohawk (5.12)


Date Monday, May 12th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $6 at the Door

We’ve written about Austin’s Migrant Kids many a post, so we don’t really need to harp on the act much more, other than you’ll miss out on their set if you don’t stay through the night.  But, what caught my eye on the line-up was BE Godfrey‘s EP release.  I posted about one of his new tracks last week, and it’s definitely something that warrants your listening, both at the Mohawk, and at home.  Where else could you pick it up but from the artist himself? They’ll also be joined by Austin’s Silver Ships opening the night up, so you’ve got a great set of mellow jams to enjoy all night long..perfect way to slide into the work week.

New Single from Chris Catalena

chrisAustin Psych Fest was a glorious weekend, filled with dust and great tunes.  One of the many acts that caught our ears was Chris Catalena, who just recently released this new single.  I love the musical style, as it walks that fine line between psych touches and classic American songwriter; it sounds a lot like the work of fellow performer, Greg Ashley, who I also adore.  It could be a very simple stripped down number, but it’s also incredible with all the additional touches he’s put into the track.  His new album, Here Comes the Time, should be released rather soon, so keep your ears open for more great music from Chris.

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