Pop Tune from The Kickback (SXSW Act)

kickbackOne of the great things about the build-up to SXSW is trying to map out your schedule based on bands you’ve had on your radar or bands that have just popped up via one song you caught.  For me, the Kickback made that list with their latest single, “When I Die.”  There’s a catchiness centered around the swirling “whoas” in the chorus, but I appreciate the smoky softness of the soaring vocals as well.  Plus, their forthcoming record also has roots in Austin, with production duties being handled by our very own, Jim Eno.  Just wait for the explosive burst that raps up the song; get ready to catch them as they blow into town for SXSW.

Rad Re-Issue from Nar

narHonestly, I didn’t really know anything about Nar until the other day while I was kicking it with the Jigsaw Records catalog.  Scrolling through their recent releases the name of Scott Miller caught my eye.  He’s most recently been associated with the most excellent English Singles, but I’m absolutely in love with his early 90s work with this group.  There’s hints of punk rock, but there’s also a bunch of devil-may-care attitude thrown in, making it a heap of fun…not to mention some of the softer indiepop hits at the end.  I put up a few songs for you to sample from the band’s History compilation.  Check them out, and pick them up.


Download: Nar – Bad Thoughts [MP3]


Download: Nar – Boring Facts [MP3]

Young Girls EP Release Party @ Lamberts (2/20)

YGThis wasn’t how this show was originally planned, but sometimes your stars all line up in the right way, and we’re happy to announce that this Thursday we’ll be throwing down with Young Girls to release their much anticipated 7″, courtesy of Austintownhall Records.  I’ve got the EP down below for you to jam to your hearts conent, guaranteeing you’ll want to be there, or you can order it HERE.  Another reason to come…two of the best young bands in Austin, Shivery Shakes and Reservations.  I can’t go on too much about SS, as my lady friend is getting a little jealous of William, but I can say this: I’ve been watching them play for awhile, and while they were always good, they’ve never sounded as great and confident as they do now.  And Reservations? That’s a band that is expected to have a huge year; the songs are there, the drive is there, it’s just a matter of time before it blows up.  So come join us, and I’ll sell you a 7″.

Careful Craftsmanship from Web of Sunsets

webofsunsetsIt’s actually a rather slow week for releases here in February, but there’s definitely something that should be on your radar is the new album from Web of Sunsets.  Room of Monsters offers up a listen that seems to sit well with the climactic occurrences, sitting between the cold nostalgia of winter and the warmth of a Spring afternoon.  This particular song has this dreamy quality, while still holding onto a certain sense of traditional Americana…it’s perfect for those days laying in your hammock while your mind wanders.  You can pick up the album this week from End of Time Records.


Download: Web of Sunsets – Wildflowers [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: September Girls

septembergirlsThe great thing about SXSW is that you get a lot of bands coming in from abroad to test the waters of the American music scene, so we figured we ought to offer up one of those acts to you: September Girls.  The band is working with Fortuna Pop for their album, Cursing the Sea, which is a solid release.  We even changed up our set of questions a bit for the ladies to give you a different look at acts traveling to us from far away.  Read more for answers from the group’s Jessie Ward; help us welcome them when they make it our way. Read more

Pastel Colours Like Pizza

pizzaWhy do they like pizza you ask? Well, Pastel Colours have just released their second single via the Pizza Club, which is an artistic musical endeavor put on by the excellent Art Is Hard Records.  I like the pulsating rhythm that’s murkily moving beneath the vocals in the front while the guitar lines seems to cascade into some other region.  Those of you digging the dark underbelly of the psychedelic movement will surely find yourselves fans of what’s going on in this track; this is the way that sound was supposed to be created.


Download: Pastel Colours – She Can’t Decide [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: I Am the Albatross

albatrossGrowing up in Austin, there’s been two things that have been a constant in the music scene: punk rock and country.  Listening to this new single from I Am the Albatross combines both those elements, making them one of the more diverse Austin acts of the moment.  This track starts off with a steady atmospheric folk element, but soon jumps into a full-steam-ahead barroom rocker, before pausing for a bit of a breather near the end of the song.  It’s definitely a dynamic approach, and one that should make the group’s Austin shows worthy of your attendance.  You can grab the band’s self-titled EP now right HERE.


Download: I Am the Albatross – Strugglin’ [MP3]

Bart Davenport Unleashes New Tune

bart_davenport-800x400There’s only a couple of weeks before we all get to hear the the new record from Bart Davenport, Physical World.  There’s so many things to love about this new track; it’s got this dreamy pop styling in the music and the lyrical focuses on Bart’s indifference towards amassing popularity and fame.  It’s like a late 80s crooner just jumped out and started wining us over, which definitely works to the artist’s advantage, as there aren’t too many other acts swinging with this style at the moment.  Don’t forget that if you dig what you hear, you can grab the tune and others on March 4th from Burger Records.


Download: Bart Davenport – Fuck Fame [MP3]

Show Preview: Hospitality @ Red 7 (2.17)


Date Monday, Februrary 17th
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $14 at the Door

So you’re bummed that you didn’t get tickets to the Neutral Milk Hotel show? Well, you can do the next best thing by joining us to catch their label mates, Hospitality.  They’re new album, Trouble, got a lot of love from our girl Nicole, and while it takes on a darker tone, it still has the same infectious sensibility as their first effort.  My personal highlight though is catch Air Waves, open, who we haven’t heard from in some time, but I’m sure that their tour indicates things are about to change.  Austin’s own Modrag will begin the night, so raise your spirits by catching the “other” best show in town.


Download: Hospitality – Rockets and Jets [MP3]

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