Show Review: Yeasayer @ Stubbs (9/6)

When I first heard Fragrant World, the newest record from Yeasayer, I wondered if it would be as impressive as Odd Blood.  It took me a few spins, but eventually, I found it’s progression and warmth more than enjoyable, so I was really looking forward to their live presentation of the new material at Stubb’s on Thursday night.

Read on for my thoughts on the evening, and the great photo set of B. Gray.

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New Jam from Dot Dash

Over the summer I stumbled upon DC outfit Dot Dash, falling in love with their post-punk stylings.  They had everything I loved about the genre, but that all stemmed from their old record.  Luckily, the band is back with a new album, Winter Garden Light, which has the group forging into new territory.  While they still hold onto some semblance of post-punk, there seems to be a bit of Flying Nun nostalgia in the guitars, giving the group a sunnier sound fueled by sincere melodies and hooks.  I just got a hold of the record, and I’ll have a full review up next week; for now, you need to hear the opening track just to get a taste.


Download:Dot Dash – Faraway [MP3]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule And Single Day

Public service announcement…

The Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule is out. Previously, we just had the lineup. Now, we can start arguing about which stage at what time and know the general area your drunk friend will be lost in. PIL versus Starfucker seems to be my biggest dilemma. Also, the Yellow stage is now going to feature bands in the evenings including Twin Sister, the always fun Peelander Z and Atlas Sound, finishing up the fest with Black Moth Super Rainbow on Sunday night.

The other news is that the full-price 3-day passes, PIPs and single day tix are available. Go here to buy ’em up.

New Demo from Red Hunter and Gender Infiniti

Sometimes sticking to your guns as an artist makes popularity hard to come by, but when we come across such musicians it’s both admirable and endearing.  I’ve long enjoyed the work of Austin’s Red Hunter, whether it be as Peter and the Wolf or his various other projects.  Just yesterday he released a slew of demos that may or may not be made into an album with his new project Gender Infiniti. This song puts his beautiful vocals on display, with a simple strummed guitar serving as the backbone of the tune.  If you’re into what you hear, please go to his BANDCAMP page and donate a buck or five; he’s one of the most incredible artists in Austin’s community, not only for his gifts but for what he gives back too.


Download:Gender Infiniti – Mark and the Moon [MP3]

Friday Austin Show Spotlight! Must See Acts!

Man, it’s that crazy time again, and it’s only going to keep coming as we move into the fall concert season.  There’s tons of acts all over town that you’ll need to get out and see, so here’s my spotlight of all the best traveling AND local bands in town Friday night:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Moon Diagrams, Bodyguard @ Mohawk — 15 Dollars

Tycho, Album Leaf @ Red 7 – 14 Dollars

Pujol @ Stubbs – 8 Dollars

Tacks the Boy Disaster, Good Field, JC & Co, BelAire @ Beauty Bar 

Here’s some tracks by Ariel Pink and Pujol to get you in the mood! See you out on the town Friday night.

[audio:] [audio:]

New Art Pop from Vinyl Williams

When the word art pop gets thrown around, it can weird some people out.  We’re not all ready to invest in the inner workings of an artist, but I assure you, it will be worth your time if you give some of your day to Vinyl Williams.  Lionel Williams is the artist here, and he’s created this captivating number that has the ability to alter your mental state.  Guitars move in and out while the vocals hauntingly float atop the mix.  You’ll find more songs just like this on November 13th when he releases Lemniscate via No Pain In Pop.

Great New Lo-Fi from Fantasmes

I haven’t really been able to find some super punk rock lately, so I’ve been delving into some weird lo-fi tunes left and right.  My latest discovery, via some secret special friends, comes to us by way of Puerto Rico/NYC outfit Fantasmes.  Their latest effort Redness Moon just came out today, and this title track is something I’ve been obsessing over.  Whether it’s the brooding music or the way the lyrics casually glide over it all doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I’m just going to play this song on repeat.  I can see some psychedelic links too, so that should appease friends looking to drop out.  Regardless, it’s interesting, so give it a go.



New Pop Gem from The Belle Game

Those of you who are fans of well constructed pop songs that are full of extra instrumentation and catchy guitar lines are really going to love this new tune from Vancouver’s The Belle Game.  While the band prepare for the release of their latest effort, Ritual Tradition Habit, which comes out on October 9th via Boompa Records, they’re offering up a single to tease our ears.  While the soulful vocals soar, you can’t help but listen for bits of horns hiding behind the indie percussion section, with the band going in and out of focus on different instruments.  It’s a fairly exuberant track and I hope you enjoy it.


Download:The Belle Game – Wait Up For You [MP3]

Rad Track from The Paellas

Oh Internet, I thank you for bringing the musical world together.  If it weren’t for our trusty WorldWideWeb I mightn’t have stumbled across this track from the Paellas, a Japanese act who’ve been making my Labor Day weekend a solid listening experience.  The four-piece group is crafting music that definitely falls in the vein of bands like Ducktails or even Ariel Pink.  Vocals hide in the background, while the rest of the music holds onto a dark angular tone.  You can’t figure out if you’re supposed to chill or let dive into some active listening.  Either way, you’re going to have fun jamming to this tune. It’s part of their Following EP, which you can pick up free from the group.


Download:The Paellas – Following [MP3]

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