Screaming Females Rock Again!

screamingfemalesI know this tune’s been all over the place, but it’s really hard for me to support one of my favorite artists, Screaming Females.  Rock n’ roll’s tiniest bad ass just belts note after note throughout the track, while her band set the landscape for a metal stomper that prepares to rupture your ears.  Personally, I love the way Marissa Paternoster plays with her lyrical delivery, often drawing out notes and syllables.  You can find this metal burner on a new split 7″ the band recently put out with Tenement.  So glad Marissa is feeling better and the band is back at rocking.

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Austin Spotlight: Tele Novella

teleThose of you who’ve been following the local Austin scene surely are aware of the blossoming act, Tele Novella, but if not, now’s the time for you take notice.  The group is pretty sensational, creating some of the best pop music to come out of city, and dare I say, the world as a whole.  There’s a soft spin on the vocals for this track, and the construction of the track allows for inspired listeners to take the most out of every spin.  You’ll find the group  releasing their debut 7″, Don’t Be a Stranger, on November 5th, with some great Texas gigs lined up.  Going to be a nice year (and beyond) for this four-piece.

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ACL Weekend 2 Highlights: Friday (10.11)

Walking into the park this past Friday, I should have seen the warning signs; there was a light drizzling rain as I made my way over to the Samsung Stage to catch Wild Nothing.  It would rain off and on throughout the day, though the weather remained clear until the evening sets. We saw some jams, we did things to our livers.

Read on for my highlights of the day and some snap shots of our man, B.Gray.

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Fresh Jam from Jeffrey Novak

jeffI’ve been a fan of Cheap Time for some time, and I’ve really enjoyed the way the hardworking Jeff Novak has stepped out on his own.  There’s some obvious lineage between his main act and his solo act, but I think this new tune really demonstrates his ability to stand out on his own.  The delivery of the vocals on this song are really catchy, offering up a jangling swing.  Plus, there’s a bit of noisier elements that oddly remind me of the layering Neutral Milk Hotel used to employ.  He’s got a new album titled Lemon Kid coming your way on November 19th via Trouble in Mind Records.

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New Music from Night Terrors of 1927

1370I always wondered what happened to Blake Sennett after Rilo Kiley disbanded and his group, the Elected, had gone quiet.  It appears he’s been working with a friend under the moniker of Night Terrors of 1927.  Yes, it’s a bit much to say, but I’m digging the music that they’re creating. It features this folk-influenced grand ballad approach, though they are trying to diversify by offering some electronic beats in the background during the chorus.  I think the song would survive without that touch, but the soft spot in my heart for Joey the Rat allows me to look the other way.  See what you think as the band ready the release of the Guilty Pleas EP on November 5th.


Download: Night Terrors of 1927 – Young and Vicious [MP3]

ACL Cancelled – Stay Home

Official Statement released…

AUSTIN – October 13, 2013 – Due to current weather conditions with flash flood warnings, the Austin City Limits Music Festival organizers have canceled the festival today.

“Our first priority is always the safety of our fans, staff and artists,” said Shelby Meade, communications director for C3 Presents, the promoter behind Austin City Limits Music Festival. “We regret having to cancel the show today, but safety always comes first.”

Refunds will be issued automatically by check from Front Gate Tickets within three weeks. One-third of ticket price will be refunded to all ticket buyers based on original ticket price paid, and will be mailed to the billing address on the original order. For questions, please visit

Wow, right? We needed the rain, but we want the party.

Pics of the grounds from last night making their way around the intarwebs.

Show Review: Local Natives ACL Taping (10/10)


Riding high on the waves of their stunning sophomore release, Hummingbird, Local Natives, from Los Angeles, took the familiar stage of the Moody Theater to a fairly enthusiastic crowd. Sandwiched between the two ACL festival weekends there was chitchat amongst those who had seen the group on the big stage last Friday, who would be seeing them the second weekend, or those who were just lucky enough to catch them at such an intimate venue. Having taken advantage of this bands’ delight in playing in Austin, I knew we were in for a real treat, as these gentlemen pack a great deal of passion and energy into their live shows, and Thursday night was no disappointment.

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R&B Influenced Jam from Pattern Is Movement

PatternIsMovement-PeterEnglish-72I’m still amazed at what two dudes can accomplish with today’s modern recordings processes, which is why I think I’m really drawn to the latest track from Pattern Is Movement.  The vocal definitely harkens to the alluded R&B touch, especially when you combine that with the modern auto-tune usage, but I just dig the construction of the song itself.  It’s got this smooth vibe to it, and as it unfolds, it offers more little musical bits than one would expect from two people.  You’ll find this tune on the duo’s upcoming 12″ for Hometapes; this is a stop-gap before the band release their new LP in early 2014.

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Noisy Pop from The Fireworks

artworks-000059746286-njx1ht-t500x500What a great week for Shelflife Records.  First they sign our friends She Sir, and now they’re off and running with a new 7″ from The Fireworks.  This new single is pretty marvelous, with a buzzsaw guitar working on one part of your eardrums, while the sweet harmony of the vocals warms the other.  I love the slightly poppier attitude that comes with the outro near the end.  This is the second release for the label, and they’re pressing it in a very limited number, so it’s best that you get your hands on things before you miss out.

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Soft Number from Gem Club

gem_club_tonjeWeird. We’re already starting to look forward to great releases in 2014, and this new release from Gem Club is going to be on my list from the get-go. Their first single from the record is a pretty incredible piece of song construction, moving slowly along the skeletal piano that serves as the foundation for the track.  There’s a lofty vocal that soars beautifully atop the production, aided by some light string accompaniment to add extra depth to the song. You’ll be able to grab your own copy of the LP, titled In Roses, on January 28th, courtesy of the folks over at Hardly Art.  Be prepared for something moving.

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