Hooks Galore from Bravestation

It’s been pouring constantly for the better part of today, so I’ve been out and about doing some house work.  The soundtrack to my house painting and what not largely revolved around Toronto’s Bravestation.  Their sound is all over the place, but it’s like exploratory new wave, with tribal rhythms propelling the songs and bright swirling guitars present on every track.  The following track is featured on the group’s recent record, Giants & Dreamers, and the title really exemplifies the band’s sound throughout the effort.  I can see myself jamming for this for weeks to come, if only this rain would get out of my way!


Download:Bravestation – Western Thrills [MP3]

Stripped Down Jam from Helvetia

I’m really digging the sound of this new track from Helvetia, who’ve just signed on with Joyful Noise Recordings.  It’s got a classic 90s indie rock sound, but that doesn’t mean that it’s outdated by any means.  There’s something about the vocal delivery; it’s almost as if there’s a bit of twang or drawl hanging on every note.  As the song changes direction in towards the end, you can see that the group’s not content to settle on any one sound in particular, pushing themselves to include some sonic extensions. You can grab this tune and others on September 11th when the group releases their new record, Nothing In Rambling.


Download:Helvetia – RyBro [MP3]

Brand New Beauty from The Helio Sequence

There are some bands who you wonder how they’ve remained in obscurity for so long.  I know it’s been four years since The Helio Sequence last released Keep Your Eyes Ahead, but even still, that record is super solid. And now, with the band set to release Negotiations on September 11th via Sub Pop Records, you expect big things, even if no one else does.  Listening to this track, it has the marks of the current indie climate, capturing both beauty and melody simultaneously, while still maintaining the intimacy I’ve always appreciated about the group.  If there was one band more people need to love, it’s this one.  Listen in to see if you don’t agree.


Download:The Helio Sequence – October [MP3]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup Is Here!

Sorry for the major delay on getting this information out to you guys as I’m sure you’ve seen this information elsewhere by now.  For those of you that haven’t already heard, the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup was leaked last night via Bingo tournament.  As you can see via the poster to my left, the lineup once again blows most festivals completely out of the water.  Somehow the festival goers manage to get great reunion bands like Run DMC, The Promise Ring, Braid, Refused, etc. along with up and comers like Real Estate, Surfer Blood, Dum Dum Girls, etc.

Without a doubt, this will be an awesome festival just like it is every year.  You can scope the full lineup on the poster or check it out over on the official website.

Don’t forget that the special PIP passes are still on sale!

Anyone care to offer their sentiments on the lineup?


Download: Braid – Killing A Camera [MP3]

New Indie Pop from Making Marks

I used to love this band called My Little Pony, but now the band is down a member and going by a new name, Making Marks.  Luckily, the jangling guitars and the hooks I adored are still present in the reincarnation of the group, so indie pop fans can rest with a smile.  The new line-up will be releasing their Ticket Machine 7″ on Fika Recordings this coming October, with plans for a full length to follow in the Spring of 13′. If you like your pop with a bit of bounce and a little grin, then you’ll love this new jam.  Enjoy.


Download:Making Marks – Hard To Be Good [MP3]

New Jam from Cult of Youth

I get it, I get it, the day is almost over.  But, as I’m slowly making my way back to the rest of the world after hours away from the Net, I caught this wonderful Cult of Youth track.  I loved the group’s self-titled debut, especially considering the vocals of leader Sean Ragon have a definite punk leaning. Still, one of the things I appreciate the band, and it’s apparent on the following track is that the group’s not really a punk band.  In fact, they’re almost more of a folk band with dabblings in psych rock and punk.  At times you can find energetic tunes in their recording, but you also find solemn gems like this tune.  Look for more great songs on the bands up-coming record, Love Will Prevail, on September 4th via Sacred Bones.


Download:Cult of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin [MP3]

Stream Voyeur Album from Saint Motel Here!

Long have we praised the work of Saint Motel, so we’re pleased to offer the album stream for the band’s newest record, Voyeur (the album is out now!).  They’ve been generous enough to let us share it with you, but if you’re generous, you’ll pick up the physical copy, which features moving eyes in the sleeve! It’s pretty much a clever pop record that begs to be played again and again, and we’re also happy to announce we’ll be sponsoring the group’s show when they come to Austin on August 4th at Stubbs!  You can listen to the album stream HERE, and don’t forget to support the bands we love–and you love too! In case you forgot how much fun you could have jamming to this band, here’s a sample tune that’s also on the album stream.


Download:Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces [MP3]

New Soul Track from Cody Chesnutt

So we don’t always branch too far out with our musical tastes, but we probably listen to far more than we let on…RayRay is really into the Killers this week.  Personally, I’m just really excited by this new Cody Chesnutt track that popped up.  I’ve been a fan of Cody’s since he first released “Look Good in Leather,” which still makes its way onto my playlists; he’s got hooks and an old school feel I can’t get out of my head.  He’s working on a new album titled Landing on a Hundred, and you can help him put it out by donating HERE. It might not be for everybody, but it’s definitely for me; I already donated!


Download: Cody Chesnutt – Thats Still Mama [MP3]


Announcing Bloody Knives Beerland Residency

We’ve got to get out and support local Austin bands people.  I know, we all live here and love the music, and go to our fair amount of shows, but I feel like the attendees for great Austin acts have dwindled in recent years–unfortunately. Well, now’s your chance to rectify that, and get out to Beerland this Thursday to support the July residency of Bloody Knives.  They may not be the most well known band…yet, but their live shows are phenomenal, and the music just as good (if not better).  It’s time for us to back up our talk and get out to more local shows, so you know we’ll be here.  If you can’t make it this Thursday, it’s sort of okay, because you can plan ahead and make it to next weeks show, again, at Beerland.


Download:Bloody Knives – Bleed Out [MP3]

New Pop Number from Pale Sunday

It’s already been a great year for our friends over at Matinee Recordings, having released the new Cats on Fire and several great EPs.  And they’re at it again with a new EP from Brazil’s Pale Sunday.  The title for the release is The Fake Stories About You and Me, and you can grab it from the label right now.  Gentle pop music seems to be the group’s specialty, and you can see similarities to the great Teenage Fanclub, but personally I think that things on this listen are a lot softer–in an endearing way of course.  Find yourself falling in love with this new track…it’s easy to do.


Download:Pale Sunday – Happy (When You Lived Here)  [MP3]

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