Lighthearted Tune from Spirit Kid

emeenWhile I often proclaim to have some undying desire to be super left of the dial, I can’t deny the power of a really great pop song.  Today I’m bringing you this hit from Spirit Kid, which will be featured on the band’s record, Is Happening. I like this tune as it displays a different side of the project fronted by Emeen Zarookian.  It sort of has light twee influences with horns kicking it int he background, but there’s also just a really simple formula that any listener of good pop music will appreciate. You can grab their album on March 18th, and if you’re here in Austin in a month, they’ve got a few SXSW shows lined up.

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Austin Spotlight: Ghetto Ghouls Get Noisy

ghettoghoulsWhile there’s a certain amount of classic indie pop coursing through our veins in Austin, our city is also known for it’s grittier side; you don’t have to look far to find a band slanging straight up rock n’ roll with no pretense.  One of those acts who’ve been on the rise is Ghetto Ghouls; they’ve been around for awhile impressing the locals with their aggressive sets.  They’ve just signed on with Monofonuss Press to release their self-titled album in April, with a another 7″ coming out via 12XU at some point during the Spring.  Seems like these guys are only going to continue making waves in Austin, and hopefully beyond our city walls. Turn it up and take a listen.

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Flagland Keep Pumping Out the Hits

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re just a short few weeks away from the highly anticipated new album from Flagland.  Today they return with yet another hit from Love Hard, which is one of my favorite tracks from the record.  It’s one of the record’s longer songs, but it’s one of those that reminds me of the youthful excitement we all enjoyed, when riffs were sharp and lyrics were shouted. The entire record holds onto that sentiment, screaming for you to partake in its carefree exuberance.  You can pick it up from Father Daughter Records on February 25th.


Download: Flgland – Sugarcube [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Heavenly Beat

heavenly-beatIt’s like a never-ending stream of interviews rolling into the ATH offices, and we’re really excited to help you all get to know a little bit more about some of the acts heading into town.  This one here is from Heavenly Beat, who will undoubtedly be playing some of the hits from last year’s Prominence, which came out on Captured Tracks. Here’s some quick answers from John Pena, a former Texan. Read more

Another Jam from The Coathangers

coathangersThe Coathangers are really going all out with their latest record, pulling out all the stops to really blow away their audience.  Their latest track is a bit different from its predecessor, sounding more like what we’ve come to know from the ladies, though with an improved recording.  Guitars are ringing quickly and the hook created by the lyrical delivery is going to leave you anxiously awaiting more from the band.  Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long, as the group’s Suck My Shirt comes out in a little over a month courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.

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Pop Number from Andy Sadoway

andyYou’d probably know Andy Sadoway better for his role in Bent Shapes, but don’t let that influence whether or not you listen to this track; you’d have a hard time seeing the similarities between the two.  This first single from his forthcoming Str8 Shooter EP has a summery strumming approach, rather than the angular ferocity associated with his Boston act. It’s a short taste of what you can expect from his new release, which will be getting a digital and cassette release courtesy of friends Father Daughter Records on March 25th.  You might even find yourself yearning for a bit of tropicalia after a good thorough listen.

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The Weekend Update: ATX Show Previews

austiniloveyouWell, we’re rolling into the dreaded holiday weekend that haunts a lot of people, but what better way to spend your Valentines Day by watching a great show, either with your loved one, or finding one.  There’s tons going on this weekend, so I wanted to spotlight a few shows you should look into.  Dinner and flowers are dumb; rock n’ roll is the way to go. Read more to find out where you should be.

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The Welcome Return of Papercuts

papercutsJason Quever is one of those artists that I personally feel needs to write more; it’s not because I don’t appreciate what he’s done, but rather that I adore it so much that I swoon every time I hear of new music he’s putting out as Papercuts.  It’s been just over three years since we’ve heard from Jason, but we can forgive that as I know he’s had his hand in producing several great albums.  Be it the way he’s written his lyrics on albums like Fading Parade or Can’t Go Back (my favorite), or the construction of the songs themselves, there’s nothing to ignore. His new record is titled Life Among the Savages; it will have a release date of May 6th via Easy Sound.  I mean, just listen to this song.

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Yet More Tunes from New Electric Ride

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALondon’s New Electric Ride want to make sure that you don’t forget about them, which is a great way to throw things out leading up to the release of a new record. Their latest single shows the group’s paisley side shining through, using the internal melody as the backbone of the track, wrapping the rest of the instrumentation around it.  I particularly like the fuzzed out bass line that pops up for a few seconds just after the two-minute mark.  They’ll be releasing Balloon Age on February 25th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond–so soon!

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Odonis Odonis

OO_HBSB_PROMO_3_blood_HI_REZA lot of bands have a lot of time under their belts, but some bands are just starting to really make a big name for themselves. Odonis Odonis is one such band who’ve been picking up steam over the last couple of years; they are making their way down to Austin to rock you like you’ve not been rocked before.  It’s all going to continue to build up the eager anticipation to their forthcoming record Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, which comes out on April 15th.  Here’s what Dean Tzenos  had to say as the band heads our way.

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