The Welcome Return of Papercuts

papercutsJason Quever is one of those artists that I personally feel needs to write more; it’s not because I don’t appreciate what he’s done, but rather that I adore it so much that I swoon every time I hear of new music he’s putting out as Papercuts.  It’s been just over three years since we’ve heard from Jason, but we can forgive that as I know he’s had his hand in producing several great albums.  Be it the way he’s written his lyrics on albums like Fading Parade or Can’t Go Back (my favorite), or the construction of the songs themselves, there’s nothing to ignore. His new record is titled Life Among the Savages; it will have a release date of May 6th via Easy Sound.  I mean, just listen to this song.

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Yet More Tunes from New Electric Ride

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALondon’s New Electric Ride want to make sure that you don’t forget about them, which is a great way to throw things out leading up to the release of a new record. Their latest single shows the group’s paisley side shining through, using the internal melody as the backbone of the track, wrapping the rest of the instrumentation around it.  I particularly like the fuzzed out bass line that pops up for a few seconds just after the two-minute mark.  They’ll be releasing Balloon Age on February 25th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond–so soon!

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Odonis Odonis

OO_HBSB_PROMO_3_blood_HI_REZA lot of bands have a lot of time under their belts, but some bands are just starting to really make a big name for themselves. Odonis Odonis is one such band who’ve been picking up steam over the last couple of years; they are making their way down to Austin to rock you like you’ve not been rocked before.  It’s all going to continue to build up the eager anticipation to their forthcoming record Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, which comes out on April 15th.  Here’s what Dean Tzenos  had to say as the band heads our way.

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Courtney Barnett to Get Re-Release Via Mom+Pop

courtneyThose of you that missed out on the great release from Courtney Barnett, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, will be happy to know that said album will be getting a re-released version on both CD and LP formats. It actually only came out via digital formats, so the collector nerd in me is really excited I’ll be able to get a hold of this in a physical form. This sprawling song of relaxed folk beauty is precisely the reason she’s come in to the limelight; it’s almost 6 minutes, but you can’t pull yourself away from the song.  The male counterpart vocal adds a nice touch too, creating a subtle break to ward off monotony. Mom + Pop are the label behind the re-release; it hits stores on April 15th.


Download: Courtney Barnett – Anonymous Club [MP3]

Free Press Summer Fest Lineup

FPSF 2014 LineupHouston’s Free Press Summer Fest is gaining momentum. It is becoming very popular for its well curated and diverse lineups and park setting, despite being scheduled in the upswing of a Houston summer.

This year sees the trend of artist diversity continuing with headliners like Jack White and Vampy Weeks to Wu-Tang and Dwight Yoakum (who I would totally be stoked to see in a festival setting). ATH faves making the list include Die Antwoord, CHVRCHES, The Kills, Lord Huron, Feathers, King Kahn & The Shrines, Poolside and The Orwells.

Which of my Houston people lives closest to Memorial’s Eleanor Tinsley Park?

Click through for the full list. Not bad at all…

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Cape Lion Hits The Sweet Spot

Cape LionCape Lion proves to me that I should move the Sweden and start Stockholm Town Hall.

Nathan was a little worried this was too poppy. Bah, no such thing as too poppy, but it can’t suck. I like this track from a pending EP quite a bit. It has the big wave synth with soaring riffs and an M83-at-their-best feeling while having a pleasant pop sensibility. I see this as the soundtrack to a drive home. Get the timing right, pull into the driveway just as the last notes fade out…

I have the embed to stream right here, but head past the break for a surprisingly awesome live video they shot in an attic above their recording space.

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Ex-Cult Returns with New Rocker

excultThis new album by Ex-Cult is one of those albums that I wasn’t even aware was coming down the pipeline, but now that I’ve heard this new single, I’m actually getting pretty excited.  The recording is definitely a bit stronger than their first effort, with Chris Shaw’s vocals sounding stronger.  There’s also a propulsive mood to the tune, with the heavy pounding of the drum kit leading you down a path meant for destruction.  It’s a pretty confident track, illustrating the growth of a band that’s ready to unleash their fury on American audiences. Goner Records will be releasing Midnight Passenger on April 29th.

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Slow Beauty from Small Wonder

smallwonder As Austin is surrounded by some awfully dreary weather today, it’s perfect that this Small Wonder tune came into our inbox.  It’s a soft ballad draped around the backbone of a piano. The song broods for over six minutes, offering a sincere bit of beauty that’s enforced by the trading of vocals between songwriter Henry Crawford and Susannah Cutler (no relation to Jay).  It’s a listen that reminds me of my first run through with Majical Cloudz; you find it hard to tear yourself away from your stereo.  You’ll find this song on Wendy, which just got a digital release via Father Daughter Records.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Clouder

photo by Bryan Bruchman

SXSW comes earlier and earlier every year doesn’t it?  Prepared or not, the festival is right around the corner and of course we’re going to get you ready as best we can.  Interviews are a great way to get a varying perspective from band and I’m going to kick mine off today with one featuring Brooklyn upstart Clouder.  I haven’t know about these guys too long, but what I’m hearing, I’m digging big time.  Based on these interview responses, I think I might just like the guys even more.  Check it out after the jump. Read more

FFF9 Early Bird Is Tomorrow

1509662_10202846117451242_1697379067_nWe are underway. The Fall festival buying season is upon us.

The pre-lineup announcements to get wristbands in your hands for cheap continue to flow outbound. Fun Fun Fun Fest 9 is the latest online ticketing opportunity that will make you swear at your computer and wonder if the number of people that got in early could be counted on one hand. Get in the queue. Might I recommend listening to our January Mix as your online on hold music?


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