Catchy Pop Jam from Your Youth

We here at ATH had a late night last evening, bouncing between one of the busiest nights I’ve seen, so I’m in need of energetic tunes today.  Jumped on the punk rock wagon this morning, and now Your Youth is just giving me a good old alternative kick in the ass.  At first, you’re really sort of expecting some sort of radio pop tune to come out, especially with the casual intro, but trust me, the song blasts off loudly, bringing the jams straight to your head.  Such energy is fitting considering this tune is on the group’s five song Battery EP, which is being put on by Old Flame Records on October 23rd.


Download: Your Youth – Thick Gold (Bodied)

New Jam from Legendary Wings

In what has already been a great year for Dirtnap Records, they continue with the latest release from Legendary Wings.  The group has a little bit less power-pop then recent releases from the likes of White Wires or Mean Jeans, but what it lacks in the pop vein is made up with a sincere rock n’ roll enthusiasm that’s bound to be the soundtrack to my Friday.  There’s an obvious spirit to the band, and it shines through in the tune we’ve got below.  If you dig it as much as I do, pick up their album, Making Paper Roses, which comes out on October 9th. Nooge.


Download:Legendary Wings -Paper Roses [MP3]

Show Preview: Mark Kozelek @ Scottish Rite (9/21)

Date 9/21/12
Location Scottish Rite Theater
Doors 8pm
Tickets Sold Out?

My apologies to the Mark Kozelek fans out there for the super late show post, but I’m sure you keep up with the guy and knew about this already.  For those of you who were clueless like me, Kozelek has a planned solo show going down at the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin Friday night.  If you’re going to keep being like me, I’ve been a huge fan of Kozelek for a long time so I expect to see you at the show.  The guy crafts some of the best singer/songwriter, albiet depressing, music in the game.

Oh and it appears that tickets are sold out so showing up to the venue and scalping is recommended.


Download: Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio [MP3]

New Pop Tune from Patrick Wolf

I’m not quite sure why the states haven’t completely warmed to Patrick Wolf, the 28 year old songwriter with exceptional gifts.  Perhaps it has been the fact that he’s changed his persona from time to time, such as in the picture featured here, then moving forward to his more clean cut look of present.  Regardless, I’ve been obsessed with his music for so long, and that only continues to grow as news comes of an upcoming October release for a new record, Sundark and Sunlight.  According to Patrick, he really wanted to go back to his roots, influenced by what an artist can do acoustically, then adding lush arrangements.  It’s very much what expect, which is glorious. Love this dude.  


Download:Patrick Wolf – Overture [MP3]

Show Preview: Mac Demarco @ Mohawk (9/21)

Date 9/21/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

A couple bits of news for new favorite artist Mac Demarco.  First up, he’s stopping into town on Friday night for a show on the inside stage at Mohawk in Austin.  He’ll be supported on that show by Gabe Hascall.  Second, a new single entitled “” was just made available as a free download and is floating around the web.  Don’t forget that new album 2 will be available on October 16th via Captured Tracks.


Download: Mac Demarco – Freaking Out The Neighborhood [MP3]

New Tunes from The Cairo Gang

When I first played this track, I thought the brief opening guitar line sounded in the vein of the majority of folk-influenced tunes that come my way, but then the vocals came in to play.  It’s clear after one listen that main man, Emmett Kelly, has an otherworldly voice.  At times, it’s quite gentle, yet it has an operatic pitch that differentiates it from other similar acts.  And this is what you can expect when you listen to the Cairo Gang, who will be releasing their new record The Corner Man on Empty Cellar Records on October 23rd.  I can rest easy knowing you’ll all be as obsessed as I am with this track by end of day tomorrow.


Download: The Cairo Gang – Now You Are One Of Us [MP3]

New Catchy Surf Pop from Stella Ella Ola

I figured it was hump day, so we all needed a nice peppy pick me up right?  I’ve got just the tune, and it’s a surf rock gem that definitely has the ability to get you tapping the toes and humming at your desk.  Stella Ella Ola is a four piece from Toronto who have just released their Stella Ella Ola 2 EP, and it’s a quick three-song affair just to get you acquainted with the band–currently it’s free right HERE.  Those of you that find this sort of thing right up your alley better hop on this train now; you can thank me later.


Download:Stella Ella Ola – Pressure Points [MP3]

Introducing Triple Hex

Those of you looking for a dark ballroom crooner are really going to have your fancies met when you listen to this track by Triple Hex.  The Brooklyn trio are garnering lots of praise for their brooding post-rock, which sort of sounds like Danzig singing with his favorite bunch of lo-fi friends in the back of some dive bar.  As of now, there’s not a whole lot else to really go on, though the word is that the band is working on an EP to come out in the very near future.  They’ll be playing some CMJ shows, and I have a feeling that they’re going to come out with a whole new set of fans.  See if you’re hip enough to dig.


Download:Triple Hex – Winter [MP3]

Show Preview: Walkmen/Beach House @ Stubbs (9/20)

Date 9/20/12
Location Stubbs
Doors 6pm
Tickets SOLD OUT!!

Do I really need to say anything about this show?  I don’t think so.  If you don’t have tickets, try to find some on craigslist kids.  This show is sure to be one of the most anticipated in town of the year.  Both of these bands are some of the few that can actually deliver what they record into the live setting.  Opening support is provided by Dustin Wong.  Oh and make sure you note the early door times so you don’t miss anything.


Download: Beach House – Myth [MP3]


Download: The Walkmen – Stranded [MP3]

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