New Country Jam from Tom Russell

It seems like Tom Russell has been around forever, usually rocking his country-folk approach, with hints of Americana fueled by Mexicana.  He’s got a new record coming out on Shout Factory in September titled Mesabi, and I’ve really been channeling the music of my father today, so this track definitely hits home.  But, for those of you unfamiliar with the veteran, you’ll find vocal reminiscent of Roky E, which is no surprise since both men have been rocking the Texas scene for some time.  But, the use of trumpets, gives this more of a straight-up country-rocker, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Oh, and if you need some indie cred to add to your listening pleasure (you know, to make it cool), then note that Van Dyke Parks and Calexico help all over the new work.


Download: Tom Russell – Mesabi [MP3]

New Track from Burning Hearts

Are you looking for that perfect pop track with a nice little hook and some female vocals? Well, you need look no more, as we’ve got this great track from Finnish group Burning Hearts, who just released their Into the Wilderness EP on Shelflife Records.  There’s something nostalgic in the craft of this song, yet it definitely still maintains every bit of modernity, coating the sound with bits of keyboards and a lightly strummed guitar in the background.  Be sure to give credit to Jessika, as it’s her vocals that make every bit of this track (and EP) worthwhile! Hope you enjoy a nice little dose of swooning pop today.


Download: Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness [MP3]

Awesome Pop Compilation from Indietracks Festival

In my opinion, there’s only one festival that would be seriously worth my time this summer, and that’s the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire this July.  Unfortunately, I can’t quite afford the trip, but I can enjoy this great compilation you can grab too put out by Make Do and Mend Records.  It’s like the best sampler ever, with 40 jams, some exclusive, from some of the best bands around, including those I’ve admired on there here pages, like Milky Wimpshake, Crystal Stilts, and Math & Physics Club.  If you can’t go, head over HERE, and check out the sampler.  Don’t forget to donate, as it goes to a good cause!  Seriously, it’s 40 incredible pop songs, including the one below!


Download: Math & Physics Club – Trying To Say I Love You [MP3]

New Song from Devon Williams

I’ve championed Devon Williams, mostly in private, since the release of his last full length, Carefree, so I’ve been waiting for some time to hear what his new tunes were going to sound like that.  News came across today that Williams will be releasing a new 7″ next week via Slumberland Records, who should also be releasing a full LP from the man later down the line.  This track definitely exhibits the songwriting I’ve come to love from Devon, craftily crooning over orchestrated sounds and harmonious guitar sounds.  There’s a lot of promise here, so hopefully, more music is soon to come our way.


Download: Devon Williams – Your Sympathy [MP3]

New Track from The Echo-Friendly

Late at night, you slowly let the slow jams take over; you’re ready to wrap up your evening.  Such was the case when I stumbled upon this little tune from The Echo-Friendly.  Sure, it’s not necessarily the most breathtaking thing (no offense), but I love the vocal interplay between the male and female counterparts, which really drew me into the track, letting them take over the rest of my evening.  Before completing their first EP, the band wants to spread the word about their project.  I think, if you’re looking for something slow and dramatic, then you’ll love the lead track from the new single, “Same Mistakes.”


Download: The Echo-Friendly – Same Mistakes [MP3]

Balmorhea on Daytrotter

Everyone needs to have Daytrotter on their favorites, as their attention to detail and their selection of some of the best bands around is always a constant on the site.  Today, the site offered up new tunes from local Austin favorites, Balmorhea.  The majority of the set comes from the latest Candor/Clamor single release by the band, but they also tossed up an unreleased song that I’ve been enjoying all morning long.  If you’re a fan of the band, and you should be, then you’ll love hearing new music from the group as we all await their next great release.


Download: Balmorhea – Untitled [MP3]

New Tunes from Idaho

Admittedly, a great deal of my musical “findings” stem from one Jack Rabid, the head honcho at The Big Takeover magazine (hands down the best music mag around).  Reading the recent issue, I stumbled across a review for a band I had all but forgotten about, Idaho.  They put out a slew of record from 92-05, but I hadn’t heard anything from them until recently, and that’s why I’m here today to share news that the band will be offering up You Were a Dick next week.  This is a pretty perfect track to kick off your Tuesday; it’s nice and quiet and emotional. Enjoy, and if you dig it, go back and check out the back catalog.


Download: Idaho – You Were a Dick [MP3]

More New Tunes from Pursesnatchers

I’m going to say right now, but one of my favorite records so far this summer has been the advance I got of Pursesnatchers, the group comprised of members of Dirty on Purpose and Au Revoir Simone. The combination of gentle melody and explosive indie rock moments.  The rising tides in the songs, much like those in the album, take you on a journey where you’re sure to get your money’s worth.  Their new record, A Pattern Language, will be coming out on July 19th via Uninhabitable Mansions, and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy every last instant of music living in the powerful songs the group have written. Here’s another great track.


Download: Pursesnatchers – Wet Cement [MP3]

More New Tunes from Richard Buckner

As we near the release of Richard Buckner‘s first album in five years, Our Blood, more new music is slowly starting to come to light.  Buckner did a great interview with IFC this week, and they offered up another great track before the album comes out on August 2nd from Merge Records.   I love how you can feel the emotion in his voice, and the music is so quietly unassuming that you really can’t help but let yourself be drawn into it.  At this point in time, I don’t really see a way that I can’t fall in love with this record. There’s just no way; how about you?


Download: Richard Buckner – Escape [MP3]

New Jam from Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Feeling as if the Pains of Being Pure at Heart left you behind by strengthening their sound with a little bit of the loud? Well, if you miss those whispering vocals amid melodious post-rock, then let me introduce you to Letting Up Despite Great Faults.  The LA band has been working really hard, and they’ve readied a brand new EP, titled Paper Crush.  It will be released by Old Flame on the 2nd of August, and I’ve just been blasting it around my house all afternoon.  Sure, there are similarities with POBPAH, but don’t just think this band is here to rip any one off.  The vocals are superb, pristine, yet quiet, and the album has a ferocity that you wouldn’t necessarily expect upon first listen.  Get ready folks, as this is something really special.


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide [MP3]

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