Got the SXSW munchies?

yelpsxswposterSo we’re getting our music and alcohol fix this week with the free shows, but at some point we all have to eat, right? Enter our good friends at Yelp, who are offering half price menu items at a handful of local restaurants including ATH favorites Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop and Uchi. The deals start today and run all week through next Sunday the 22nd. For a full list of participating restuaruants or for more info, check out the poster to the left or visit Yelp’s SXSW page on the web.

New Tunes from Art Brut

artArt Brut is one of those unassuming bands who you aren’t quite sure whether to trust, as they seem to be toying with you the entire time.  Just listening to the delivery of singer Eddie Argos makes you question his genuineness in the face of the music world. Regardless, the band has loads to offer, especially in the fierceness of the rest of the music.  RCRDLBL has the preview of a new track off their album Art Brut vs. Satan, so go there now.

New U2

u2So, U2 has a new song and video out in support of their upcoming album. Check out the video here and let me know what you think. A lifelong U2 fan, I’m not sure about this latest effort. We do not need another Zooropa.

By the way, I know I post rarely.  It isn’t because I don’t love you all.  It is because I am pretty much a square and prefer to leave the posting to the experts.  Anyways, I will now return to my state of absence.  Don’t expect to hear from me too often, unless Ryan continues to refuse to post on Bon Iver.

Joaquin Phoenix Works With Diddy

In a break from new music posts, here’s a bit of tasty news from one of our favorite actors making the all too baffling leap into music.  Some of you may have already seen the ridiculous video of Joaquin Phoenix rapping/falling on stage, but you may not have known that Phoenix plans to bring Sean “Diddy” Combs on board to produce his album.  You may also not know that Casey Affleck (Ben’s sort of talented younger brother) plans to make a documentary about the creation of this album.  We don’t even know what to say… just look at that picture.  Phoenix is either on heavy medication/drugs or just another actor who plans on embarassing themselves for our amusementSinging like Johnny Cash does not mean rapping is a good idea.  ATH fans, how about a Joaquin Phoenix album title or worst musical acts by famous actors?  Go!

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