More New Music from Case Studies

There’s been a lot of people getting really excited about Case Studies, the new project from former Dutchess and the Duke member Jesse Lortz. His first record under the moniker, The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night, will be out August 16th via Sacred Bones.  This track below is just another in the slew of tracks floating around the Internet promoting Jesse’s new band. I like the playfulness in Jesse’s songwriting, or at least its straight-ahead approach to writing lyrics.  Good to see the guy still knows how to write a great track!


Download: Case Studies – You Folded Up My Blanket Like We Were Already Lovers [MP3]

New Song from Sad Accordions

One of our favorite local acts Sad Accordions have just released a split EP with Monahans, each offering up two songs for the endeavor.  It’s a limited release being put out by new label Mt. Inadale Records, so we’re definitely happy to see a new label spring up with Austin bands in mind.  The Accordions track definitely continues to show how the band has improved upon their sound, growing into one of the most complete groups in town.  We hope you dig this track, and if you do, scramble to get yourself one of the 500 copies of the limited pressing floating around!


Download: Sad Accordions – Denial Takes the Train [MP3]

Folk Jam from Book Club

In case you hadn’t completely take notice, it seems that Atlanta is the new Brooklyn, or since it’s smaller, it’s probably the new Austin, sadly.  But, good for the ATL, especially considering they have this great little group, Book Club.  The song below comes from the group’s record, Ghost, which will be released next week, August 2nd.  For me, it sounded like a sad-bastard version of a serious Moldy Peaches tune.  But, hold on for lush arrangements, folk texturizing, and you’ll be pleased with what you hear.  This is definitely a good way to begin a Thursday in my opinion.


Download: Book Club – Meal of Dreams [MP3]

New Instrumental Jam from Equals

Texas, especially in the summer time, seems to breed bands that just want to get down and play together, fully unleashing whatever sounds come to their fingers.  Such is the case with up-and-comers, Equals, one of the newest in the Texas field of post-rock.  While the beginning and end definitely rely upon the quieter side of the musical stream, you’ll find that there’s some chaos swirling in the middle for you, giving you precisely that level of noise many need in their instrumental rock.  The group is releasing their debut self-titled EP on August 30th, and from there, they can only get bigger. Let’s do this.


Download: Equals – False Light [MP3]

New Power Pop from Thunderbolt Patterson

Man, sometimes the world just collides in odd ways. Just this morning I started a book on Marquee Moon, and later, I get an email about former Dictator Thunderbolt Patterson! Next I expect a text from Debbie Harry.  There’s never anything wrong with classic punk rock, and while this isn’t precisely classic, the new song from Thunderbolt definitely has its roots in the glory days.  There’s a bit more polish to this track, but imagine what all the old stuff would have sounded like if only we had ProTools in 1976.  This is just good honest rock n’ roll; the kind that makes you proud to be a music fan.


Download: Thunderbolt Patterson – Life’s Rich Pageant [MP3]

New Pop Construction Gem from Chrome Sparks

Admittedly, we don’t post a whole lot outside of your typical indie rock spectrum, but occasionally something just resonates with us that we have to post.  Such is the case when the latest EP from Chrome Sparks hit our inbox.  The Michigan native just dropped My <3 on his SITE, and you can grab it for the convenient “name your price” tag. Listening to this all afternoon, I’m reminded of Black Moth Super Rainbow, if they were good, and more accessible to your moderate constructionist listener.  If, like me, you’re not typically into this sort of thing, just give it a bit of time.  There’s a track titled “Miss You,” that will win over everyone’s heart easily. Okay, so all these songs have won me over today, so get on it.


Download: Chrome Spakrs – All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo) [MP3]

New Music from Ume

Ume opened for Mission of Burma a few days ago, and no doubt, the crowd would have gotten a taste of their latest sounds. With the new track “Captive”, they show a bit of a more polished sound. Not a shock, this band is getting better at being a band. It is a cohesive, pretty and strong track, with addictive guitar hooks to keep you glued. With similar acts like Metric and Joy Formidable gaining momentum, let’s hope Ume can capitalize.

The new album Phantoms will land August 30 on Modern Outsider, a new Austin label started by husband and wife team Chip and Erin Adams (nice people). You can preorder it now.


Download: Ume – Captive [MP3]

More New Music from Gold Leaves

Awhile back we brought you an early listen to “The Ornament,” the first single from the upcoming album, The  Ornament, by Gold Leaves.  It’s really easy to see comparisons to other folk acts such as Fleet Foxes, but one thing I enjoy that is a bit different is the lush arrangements behind the sound on each track.  We’ve got another one today, and you’ll hear hints of the kind of orchestration you usually find on the quiet tracks of Papercuts records. Yeah, those are great qualities to have, so you won’t hear any complaints coming from my end right now.  Be sure to pick up the record on August 16th via Hardly Art.


Download: Gold Leaves – Cruel/Kind [MP3]

New Music from Light for Fire

You would think that a band made up of former members of The Village Green would have some sort of Davies-esque influence of their songwriting, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for Portland’s Light for Fire.  They’ve just released their self-titled debut, and you’ll be disappointed if you don’t give this a good solid listen.  Personally, I hear an edgier Dr. Dog, but that’s probably based on the piano line.  Still, that guitar chord that knifes its way through the song just cleanses your palate before the band brings it all home again, making for one heck of a single.  Be sure to check out the band’s SITE to preview their entire album.


Download: Light for Fire – NY (By the Hand) [MP3]

New Music from Mikal Cronin

It’s easy to know you’ll love something when the press release tosses the names of Ty Segall, The Ramones, and Trouble in Mind Records all into one email.  Mikal Cronin will be releasing his self-titled debut on TiM on September 20th, and based on this track alone, I know I’m going to be playing it on repeat over and over.  If you toss in a little more melody on Segall’s formula for psych-rock, perhaps remove a bit of hazy tones, and this is pretty much what you’re going to get.  I know, right! Sounds pretty awesome, so jump on the wagon now, and prepare for Cronin to come to Austin in September (17th) with Ty.


Download: Mikal Cronin -Apathy [MP3]

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