New Jam from Stalking Horse

There wasn’t a lot of music out there this weekend, so I figured I would scour Bandcamp to see what gems I could find floating about.  Stalking Horse is an UK outfit, and I’ve really been digging listening to their album Specters on this sunny afternoon.  For some reason, I want to lump these guys in with the traditional Brit-pop moments, as they definitely have the feel of the brighter side of Supergrass.  It might not be for everyone, but I know that I’ve definitely got my eye on these guys. Try it out: it might just be up your alley.


Download:Stalking Horse – Heathen Head, Howling Heart [MP3]

Brilliant Pop Number from Aloha Tigers

Man, this song really blew me away today.  As we’ve all (hopefully) been taking in the sunshine, I’ve been jamming to this number from Aloha Tigers.  The band is a duo from Bloomington, Illinois, and I hope they get a chance to branch out.  Their self-titled debut is remarkable, offering touches of dream-pop, but crafted so well that you won’t even care what they sound like; they’re just flat out great.  Carefully sung vocals, emotionally appealing harmonies, and a quality of craftsmanship that allows you to float away in your own head.  This is probably the best way to start out your Monday!


Download:Aloha Tigers – Young Ghosts [MP3]

New Pop from Gold Fields

It’s Friday, so I wanted to start off the day with something springy that will give us all a bit of a pick-up.  So I’m here to offer you this kicking new track from Australia’s Gold Fields.  By their account, they’ve worked hard to make everything sound different on their self-titled EP, switching it up from track to track.  This song has a solid groove, accentuated by the extra percussive elements throughout.  Those of you clamoring for more will get to hear a whole album worth of material later in 2012, but also look out for the band at SXSW and a few other scattered shows throughout the states in the next month.


Download:Gold Fields – Treehouse [MP3]

ATH SXSW Show & Sampler (3/16/12)

It’s that time again folks, time for SXSW and another awesome show by yours truly here at ATH.  This year we’re teaming up with our amigos over at local label Sonora Records to bring what is arguably the best SXSW show around.  We’ve got a sweet lineup that’s been worked on behind the scenes for months now with some equally incredible local sponsors.  Here are the deets on the show after the jump.

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Falcon Lake is Electronic Music (+ Free EP)

Curses! I’ve found myself in a real dreamy mood today, so I was actually rather pleased to hear this instrumental track from Bristol’s Leon Piers, who records under the moniker of Falcon Lake.  He just released his new Drown EP on Bad Panda, and while there are some more subtle tracks on the effort, I’ve found myself really falling in love with this track.  It’s definitely let me find myself drifting all day long, using its pulsing melody to draw me in again and again.  If this is your thing, then you should go HERE and pick up the Drown EP for FREE. 


Download:Falcon Lake – Back To The Sea [MP3]

Fashion Freakout 5 @ The Mohawk w/ OBN IIIs…

I’m honestly not really sure what Fashion Freakout 5 really entails, other than the fact that some of Austin’s vintage stores will be setting up shop in some fashion or another over at the Mohawk.  What I do want to highlight are the excellent bands that will be holding it down for you all night, with some of the best in Austin’s punk/rock scene.  You’ll get our performance favorites in OBN IIIs, but you’ll also get bright newcomers in Fleshlights (they put out an excellent release in 2011), not to mention A Giant Dog.  The doors open at 7 PM, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on a ticket yet, you can pick one up at the door for $12.  It’s an excellent weekend for local Austin music, so please attend!


Download:OBN IIIs – New Innocence [MP3]

Brand New Music from Solander

I feel like I need to apologize, briefly. I’ve been jamming to a lot of rock n’ roll, as Spring is just around the corner.  But, I figured I’d throw out something a little more composed and craft today via Sweden’s Solander. This creative trio is going to be releasing their Passing Mt. Satu album on March 13th via A Tendervision Recording.  When you listen to this track, it might be the whispering quality of the vocals, or the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the details, but most definitely it’s the emotional hook that follows you throughout. Be on the lookout for this record, as its beauty might sneak up on you quickly.


Download:Solander – Book Of Advice [MP3]

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