Music for Listeners Announce 25th Anniversary Shows

If you ever make it to Austin during the SXSW season, you’ve likely been to a set or played a set at the wonderful Music for Listeners day parties. Michael and Orlando have exceptional taste, quite closely aligned to our own, and they work really hard throughout the year to promote their favorite new and old music on their radio show based out of San Antonio; you can stream a lot of their sets HERE. First, congrats to the two of them for 25 years of rocking their radio show; that’s just a magnificent feat in any arena. Second, they’ve announced two really great 25th anniversary shows, one which will feature Voxtrot playing a set of their original 3 EPS, with Blushing and Buttercup opening. The second set will have a more country leaning attitude with Cactus Lee, Native Harrow and Sentimental Family Band taking over. First show is September 14th at Laurie Auditorium and second is on October 5th at Lonesome Rose. And why not celebrate by sharing a new video from Voxtrot! Congrats Michael and Orlando!

Levitation Lineup & Tickets 2024

We have long been singing the praises of Levitation Festival as the absolute best music festival in town. The lineup always trends towards things we dig, the venues are mostly killer, and the ease of hopping from venue to venue can’t be beat. Things are going down again in late October/Early November and we are super pumped to share out the stellar lineup with breakdown by day. Once again, the lineup stands out as tops with a little something for everyone – indie stalwarts like The Drums and Death Valley Girls, electronic beats from Tycho and Washed Out, and of course local legends like Black Angels, The Sword and even The Jesus Lizard! Full lineup is over on that fancy poster or via the Levitation 2024 website. It’s sure to be another great time. Tickets are on sale now.

Show Preview: Vicente Solarzano Benefit @ Coral Snake (6.15)

Summertime in Austin sees a ramp up with shows, especially indoor ones, going on all over town. One we think you should check out is a benefit for local musician Vicente Solarzano happening at Coral Snake on Saturday. Things kick off at 7pm and go till late with a slew of local talent gracing the stage for only $10 at the door. The lineup if loaded, but this seems like a solid time to highlight local up and comers Mikky & The Doom who just released their debut EP Garbage, USA. You can stream that 3 songer on Bandcamp and/or check out the title track below. Definitely a band to watch and put on your local radar.

For more information on how you can help out Vicente, check out the Gofund Me set up for his cause. Hope to see you at the show!

Show Review: Adrianne Lenker @ Paramount Theatre (6.9)

This past Sunday at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Adrianne Lenker showcased not only the immense depth in her discography by bringing out a multitude of songs from over ten years ago, but she also showcased her ability to seamlessly span across her musical universes and their differing fanbases. The evening opened with Texas folk legend Steve Fisher, rumored to be a huge influence on Lenker.

A mere one-third of the songs Adrianne played were from her most recent album Bright Future, allowing the vastness of her thoughts and creative picking patterns to materialize. From the song “Steamboat,” the beloved solo from Adrianne’s first album Hours Were The Birds, produced at the ripe age of twenty one, to “Vampire Empire,” one of Adrianne’s more recent hits that was first released as a Big Thief solo. With just a guitar, microphone, and the unwavering attention of the crowd, Adrianne created an intimate atmosphere within the Paramount that was unmatched in its authenticity, ultimately displaying how art and writing has been used to heal Adrianne throughout the years, and inversely, how Adrianne’s art has been used to heal her devoted fans. There were grown men clapping during the most niche of songs, fans crying, and an obvious sense that each attendee had their own individual and meaningful experience accompanied by Adrianne’s voice and the downtown Austin Paramount interiors.

Show Preview: Adrianne Lenker @ Paramount Theatre (6.9/6.10)

Adrianne Lenker, lead vocalist, guitarist, and predominant songwriter for the indie folk band Big Thief, diverges her own mysterious, eccentric path once again for her fifth solo studio album Bright Future. Lenker builds seemingly esoteric messages and vocals and their consequent heart-wrenching melodies into an eminently listenable story that seems applicable to all who have experienced love and loss. Lenkers intimate narratives, namely conveyed through lyrics such as You show me/Understanding, patience and pleasure/Time and attention, love without measureThe eleventh dimension, free treasure create a vulnerable environment not dissimilar to the more tangible one you can experience live at the Paramount Theatre on June 9th and 10th, 2024. The opening event will be one of Lenkers inspirations, Steve Fisher.

You can purchase tickets to both nights HERE.

Slowdive Play the Hits @ ACL Live (5.12)

Photos and words by Michael Maly.

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Cardinals Share New Single Nineteen

So Young Records started off as an offshoot of the magazine of same name and the label has grown and added an impressive roster of up and coming artists. With such buzzing bands like Humour, Been Stellar, and Slow Fiction to name a few, the label is building into something great. A recent addition to the roster, Ireland based Cardinals, just dropped this short and powerful new single “Nineteen” today. Though the song comes in at under 2 minutes, I’m sure you’ll find yourself hitting repeat at least more than once as soon as it’s over.

Cardinals will release this track as part of a new self-titled EP which is due out on June 7th via So Young Records. Pre-orders are live now.

SXSW Thursday In Photos

Despite some of the self-inflicted guilt of being part of the machine, we’re still out there trying to cover as much music and see as many bands as we could on Thursday. We were able to really bounce here and there, with the Valhalla and 13th Floor giving a prime location for the bloggers crossing the road. I think we all squeezed in some bands that we had wanted to see this year, so that’s an added bonus getting to cross a rad act off your list!

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SXSW Wednesday In Photos

We had another full day of music in and around downtown Austin early on Wednesday and into the evening. While the more chill and calm crowds could be due to numerous factors, we welcomed the ease of hopping from venue to venue like festival days of old. We tried to grab some photos while out and about and take some notes on a few bands you should maybe be paying more attention to. You can catch all of that after the jump.

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SXSW Tuesday In Photos

While Nathan was jet setting around on Monday, Tuesday was my first full day into the SXSW madness. Both of us started early with a focus solely on unofficial and sort of off the beaten path shows for the day. I stuck around the campus area at Tweedy’s and Hole in the Wall while Nathan headed over to the east side. We’ll be giving you a full recap of band highlights and photos later this week and on into next, but I thought ya’ll might want to see what it’s like out there, especially as weather and other factors may come into play as the week carries on. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on Tuesday with photos.

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