Austin Psych Fest Lineup + Tickets

Austin’s favorite left of center festival Psych Fest is making a come back this year and will return to its original, single location style event at The Far Out Lounge April 28th-30th. After the excitement of the initial festival announcement, we are happy to share the full lineup drop with you all today. The days are packed with heavy hitters and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reason to spend your days and nights at The Far Out in April. Tickets for the weekend and individual days are also on sale now!

Full lineup:








THE BLACK ANGELS: playing Directions to See a Ghost








Show Highlight: Why Bonnie @ Antones (1.15)

Why Bonnie is one of those local(ish) bands we feel like we grew up with as we were there from the beginning several years ago, the move away from town, and their rise in fandom over the past year. Of course much of this new found buzz has come after the release of the absolutely stunning, and ATH year end list hogging album, 90 in November. Since the band took their talents to the East Coast, we don’t get to see them live as much as we’d like, but they are back in town on Sunday with a headlining show at Antone’s downtown. Prior to the Sunday show, leading lady Blair was kind enough to answer a few burning questions about her band, their last album, and what the future holds. Hit the jump for Q&A along with ticket link and music.

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ATH DJ Set & Holiday Movie Night @ Oddwood Brewing (12.14)

Hola friends and family of ATH fandom. We are closing down our events for 2022 with a DJ set at Oddwood Brewing on Wednesday evening and we’d love to see you there for one last jam session before we close out the year. We’ll be spinning our usual brand of randomness on the tables from 5 till around 8, or maybe 8:30ish, followed by a Holiday film screening of the classic flick Black Christmas at 9:30. I’ll also have a few boxes of records for sale and Nate will have some choice ATH Records LPs, 45s and tapes available at markdown Holiday prices. See ya there!

Here’s my most recent vinyl mix up over on Mixcloud if you need more motivation. Preview?

Show Review: Golden Dawn Arkestra @ The Paramount Theatre (12.10.22)


Saturday night in Austin welcomed the arrival of Saturnus the Great in collaboration with the reemergence on Earth of the interstellar musical collective, the Golden Dawn Arkestra, into the City of the Violet Crown. Hailing from the planet Cygnus, many light years from our home galaxy, the band fronted by leader Zapot Mgwai (Topaz McGarrigle) and backed by a 14-piece band and dance troupe, delivered a glorious performance that inspired the audience to love and dance freely. Anytime we humans are lucky enough to witness the glory and abundance of the Arkestra in motion it is certain to be a celebration of the human spirit and transportation and transformation through music. Last nights show was truly no exception. Read more

Show Preview / Interview: Golden Dawn Arkestra @ Paramount Theater (12.10)


Saturnalia is upon us! Join Golden Dawn Arkestra this Saturday at the Paramount Theater for a celebration of exuberance! All narrative elements of the comic below were derived from a recent interview of bandleader, Zapot Mgawi while on the Planet Cygnus. All sketches by jon.wagner, @jwagnerviz

Date Saturday, December10th
Location The Paramount Theater
Doors 7:00 PM, Show 8:00 PM
Tickets From $20 at the Paramount Theater


About Last Night – Levitation Day 2

Austin Psych Fest was always one of our favorite festivals, for many reasons. But, now rebranded and relocated, Levitation has quickly risen to the top of our list of Austin musical events. Friday night brought tons of great shows, with the highlight on most people’s list being Night One of the King Gizzard Stubbs Extravaganza. J and I hit up some different sets, trying to cover as much as we could.

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Levitation Interviews: Babe Rainbow

“There’s no formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work”, sings Angus Dowling on the opening line from “Open Up Your Heart,” the latest release from Babe Rainbow. “It all depends on how you treat your friends, and how much you’ve been hurt. But its a start, you open up your heart, and try not to hide what you feel inside.” Throughout the new album, The Organic Band sets a strong tone of acceptance, respect, and speaking truth to love. Gone are the blase, stoner surf-pop days which so often tends to lead to apathy and negative connotations from a judgmental listening community. Babe Rainbow is taking up the reigns to make a statement and cultivate positive energy in all forms. Read more

Levitation Interviews: Imarhan

Things are heating up in the Red River District and beyond this weekend here in Austin with Levitation Festival set to kick off on Thursday night. We’re all staring at the walls at work as we look towards the jam packed festival of musical delights. Of course when we do interviews, we never do just one or two, but like to hit as many bands as possible to give you a truly unique and varied perspective of bands coming into town. Our interview today features Tuareg quintet Imarhan. Hit the jump for interview, set times and music.

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