Wax By The Pound @ Brewtorium 9.23

Attention to all my record collecting friends, vinyl heads, and/or people who believe that physical media will never die! We are assisting with a grand vinyl market going down next weekend over at Brewotrium on Airport and we’d love to see you out. Not only do we have some great vendors participating (see poster for full list), but we will also have tunes bumping from Pressing Matterz and of course beer specials all dang day.

Things kick off at Noon next Saturday and we hope to see you all out. Follow @DjRayRay_ATH for updates and sale previews.

ATH DJ Night @ Oddwood (8.31)

Music and vinyl fans, your friendly ATH crew will be back over at Oddwood Brewing this evening for our monthly Vinyl Happy Hour and we’d love to see you there. We’ll be spinning all your favorites on the tables featuring a wide array of musical genres and styles. Everything comes straight from our personal collections and is an all analog and all vinyl set. Tonight will also feature a used record pop up from ya boy @djrayray_ath so come buy some tunes, drink a cold one, and stay for the jams in house.  Deals will be made.

We’ll be set up and going by 5pm. Party on.

Night Drive – Position II

We have shared Night Drive‘s singles from the Position II EP released to date, but today is the release date for the EP called Position II. I’ve often contended that many pretty good records should have been stunning EPs. This is a tight six song collection. Release party Saturday at the Parish has just a few tix left.

Opening track, unleash it…

Show Pics – Love and Rockets @ ACL Live (6/16)

There are plenty of nostalgia acts rolling through Austin this summer. Ive already seen The Cure and Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Peter Gabriel are still inbound. BUT, when announced, I knew I had to see Love and Rockets. It is a shorter reunion tour, the first in over twenty years. While they did have one set in 2008, things were fairly bleak that I would get to ever see the band live. Pretty rad.

David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins proved that their song catalog is every bit as fresh and relevant to a not quite sold out ACL Live. Opening was artist Vinsanto delivering an introspective collection of poems as songs.

Click through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics

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Show Preview: Cursive @ Mohawk (5.12)

I feel like a majority of the people that stumble upon this site had a period in their life when they were so heavily into music that it accompanied them everywhere. For me, 1997-2004, it was my main companion. Walking to class, walking to work, driving in my car on long road trips…no matter where I went, there was something playing; I honestly cared more about music than most of my relationships at that time. And, a huge part of those years was the Saddle Creek discography, particularly Bright Eyes and Cursive. Well, this Friday, Cursive is coming to Austin and the Mohawk to play the entirety of their 2000 classic, Domestica. So, in anticipation, I wanted to do a track by track breakdown, 23 years down the road from when I first listened. If you haven’t gotten your ticket; you can grab them HERE.

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Well, it took nearly a week to mentally regroup from the insanity witnessed on stage on Easter Sunday. At a resurrected Parish on the East side, Resound Presents welcomed the longstanding anonymous art collective, The Residents, for their Faceless Forever / Dog Stab! Tour. The tour, which was originally scheduled for 2020, correlated to the 40th Anniversary release of the classic, Duck Stab!. As always with all things, Residents, the performance was a wild synthesis of surreal, avant-garde artistic ventures and wide-eyed catharsis. Follow the jump for more.

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SXSW 2023 In Photos

Sure, we kept you up to speed the whole way through the conference. Sure, we have the big summary post. Now, I have the big gallery of pics from the week.

Lets get into it with a few highlights and the eye candy featuring shots from ATHvsSOTO, New Order, gravel pits, shiny backgrounds, bad lighting, temporary stages and new names for old favorites.

Click through, yall.

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About Last Night – Friday, March 17th @ SXSW

Your friendly ATH team somehow made it out for yet another day of fun and music at SXSW in Austin on Friday. Though a few of us were struggling to survive, we still manage to see a ton of bands at all kinds of locations throughout East Austin and on Red River. As usual, we each selected our top bands from the day and have a few thoughts to share from our experience throughout the day. Hit the jump for everything you need.

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About Last Night – Thursday, March 16th @ SXSW

Your ATH crew made it out once again into the madness of SXSW festival for a whopping 6th straight day out and about. We cut things a tad bit short due to the incoming weather issues, but we still managed to fit in a solid day of music and fun. As we’ve been doing, each of us will offer a few highlights plus our overall thoughts on what went down. All of that plus some fancy photos after the jump.

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About Last Night – Tuesday, March 14th @ SXSW

I find it strange that there’s so much complaining in the “industry” about SXSW. Sure, the payment issue is a real thing, and I stand with the artists on that issue, but that LARGE fact aside, it’s a pretty unique experience. Almost every performance feels more intimate than your average festival, and you get a chance to run into friends from all over the world who you might never otherwise see. Oh, and you never know when you’ll stumble into your new favorite band, so I call that a win! Anyways…here’s some photos and stuff after the jump!

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