Daily Worker Drop Sister Dream Video

It’s been a busy season for Harold Whit Williams, but as of late he’s been focusing on the forthcoming Daily Worker EP, which drops this August. Today we’re pleased to share a fresh single from that release, which might have fans of his old project Cotton Mather quite enthused. This song’s fueled by a classic pop rock sensibility, offering up these huge guitar riffs that crunch beneath your feet, all centered around the cool vocal delivery of Williams; I love the way “dreaaaaammm” gets stretched out to the max, adding a nice little emphatic touch to the psychedelic burn that bleeds through this new tune. If you’re jamming out, be sure to keep an eye out for the MF Genius EP dropping on August 15th.

Rose Brokenshire Shares Afterthought

When not fighting wildfires for the Canadian government, Rose Brokenshire returns home to hole up and craft reflective pop songs. On the latest single, she’s reflecting on the realization that all her energy might have been spent on the underserving, leaving her last in line for her own love. She drapes those emotions atop a trickling beat that rolls up and down upon the cresting hills of a subtle piano line. Something in the voice feels like a sense of longing, perhaps the nostalgic leaning of reflecting on past relationships, though coming to grips with that sentiment seems to be the step towards more great pop music from the songwriter!

Teenage Tom Petties Share Night Nurse

Dear Teenage Tom Petties. I sincerely need you to stop writing such catch pop songs that, quite frankly, are ruining my day. I’m sitting here looking at an email inbox of over 100 new tracks and albums, but all I want to do is listen to this new track. I love how you’ve pushed the gritty bits of guitar to the distance; they’re not completely gone, but they allow the pitch of the vocals to really sell the melody. Oh, and then you went and threw in some “whoas” and handclaps. Are you serious? How can you expect anyone to get anything done when you’re writing with such whimsy and joy, all the while tossing in hooks galore? You’ve ruined my day. Alas, I’ll have to go grab a copy of your new self-titled record, dropping on August 2nd via Safe Suburban Home/Repeating Cloud.

Fresh Music from The Reds Pinks and Purples

Those of you who appreciate the purveyors of ‘San Francisco sadcore’ will surely be rejoicing in yesterday’s late new single from The Reds, Pinks and Purples. These two tracks seem juxtaposed, which I think is a great way to toss out new music, as one of the songs surrounds Glenn with this grungy bit of noise, sprinkling in a whimsical bounce beneath the pleasing tones of his voice. It’s perhaps more energetic than what we tend to get from the modern Glenn Donaldson work, thus contrasting against the sadness that pours through speakers on “New Market Space.” That piano line sounds lonesome, and the recording mix has the slightest little bleeding out through the speakers, making it all the more isolated. Two beautiful new tunes to enjoy!

Rock Out with Sylvia

Felt like the best way to begin a Friday was with a solid bit of rock n’ roll, though of course it would also come with a little melodic morsel to sample, like this ripping new Sylvia tune. They’ve just recently dropped EP II, and while I didn’t catch on until just now, you can bet I’ll have you cranking up your speakers immediately. The tune rushes right in with this shattering smatter of noisy discord, all centered around singer Gemma’s voice. Something about the vocals comes across as a bit pensive; they seem dreamy, sure, but they kind of feel as if they’re more of a place of solace amidst the band’s brash sounds. Sample this tune, then go check out the rest of EP II.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Share Roman Candle

While I adored the early music of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, I think I’m more in awe now seeing how they’ve dedicated themselves to never repeating what they’ve done before, going so far in their recent bio to say “the next album’s gotta be different from the last one.” This new single offers up a heartbeat-pulse to begin, but soon rushes off to meet Ed’s vocals; they sound like they’re a bit more operatic than one might expect, which is one of the consistently fascinating things about the group as they seem to evade pigeonholing from twerps like me. There’s this anxiousness that builds throughout, almost like some sort of possession has taken over Schrader, forcing him to belt his voice high above the frantic nature of the single itself. Their new album, Orchestra Hits, is shaping up quite nicely, if I do say so; it’s out via Upset the Rhythm on September 20th.

Wut Share Beuys Oh Beuys Single

Everything about the newest single from Wut feels very Pacific Northwest, at least if you were one of those that grew up listening to Beat Happening and the like. There’s a centric pop melody that courses through the middle, sugar-sliding into your heart with immediacy that opens you up to the group’s playful magic. But, while there’s that tootsie-roll center, the outer coating of the track is filled with sweet discord, punctuated by swirling walls of guitar and snapping drum beats that offer up a bit of bounce. Oh, and stay tuned for the 2 minute mark when they deliver a sharpness that drives home the track’s message! You’ll want to grab a copy of Mingling with the Thorns, out on August 18th via HHBTM.

Ocelot Share Prinssi Pikkuveli Single

We’re getting some light rain here in Texas, with the clouds hiding the early morning sun, so I wanted something shiny to spark up our day, like this fresh new single from Ocelot. While the song opens up an offering that feels akin to current indie pop trends, it quickly delivers a sound built with textures that provide an elegant depth. That bouncing barroom piano playfully sets the song afire, but it’s the overlapping vocals that drive the hook from the chorus deep into your soul. Even if, like me, you’re not up on your Finnish, the sentiment supersedes language barriers, finding a home in your listening rotation. This tune appears on Siskoni on Noita, out in September 20th via the good people at Soliti Music.


Check Out This New One From Wings of Desire

Apologies for my long absence and extended vacation as I stumble my way back into existence and posting some new tunes. Lots of new tracks came our way this morning, but this one called “Forgive and Forget (Reprise)” from UK based Wings of Desire hit me the hardest. Though I just returned from a long road trip, this tune makes me want to hit the open road again with a driving force and slight hints of Americana. Top track of the week for me.

Wings of Desire plan to release this as part of a new EP entitled Shut Up & Listen which is due out on August 30th. Pre-orders are live now.

Deathsport Share End of the World

I definitely remember being a young tween and realizing I wasn’t quite like my peers; they were devouring Nirvana and the like, and I was at home listening to my sister’s New Order and Cure tapes. They offered this electronic pulse and warmth that I clung to, at least for a few more years. Why does this matter? Well, if you listen to the new single from Germany’s Deathsport, you’re going to get that sentiment perfectly. It has this driving groove that locks you into dance moves, though like Republic-era New Order, there’s really feathered vocals, bordering on pure pop madness. Motorik beats and swirling dreamscapes abound, and all of it is destined to find a home inside your brain. They’ll release their Problem EP on August 16th.

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