Bnny Share Ambulance Video

I have this weird feeling that Bnnywill be high upon folks talking points list when their debut record finally drops; I’m already holding them in high esteem. I love the nakedness of this tune, just the solitude of the presentation is really striking, to me anyways. Not sure which feels lonelier, the vocals of Jess or that guitar, but either feels like its just hanging in isolation, waiting for our discovery. There’s also this very slight tonal change around the 1:10 mark that really made this song stick out in my mind, so if you’re looking for little flourishes to charm, check that brief moment. Everything will be out on August 20th via Fire Talk.


Another Great Massage Tune

This Massage LP better not sell out before I get paid, though admittedly, it should definitely be on everyone’s radar. The latest single has this wistful vibe, something akin to a movie scene where the passenger stares longingly out a window hoping/praying for a better day than today…or at least that’s how I’m hearing it. Plus, the jangles and the synths give the song this wash that sounds incredibly similar to Another Sunny Day’s “You Should All Be Murdered,” and that is 100% reason alone to steam this song and tap your toes. I mean, how many great songs can this band write? We’re going to find out when Still Life drops on June 25th.

Florry Announce Big Fall

I have next to no idea about Florry, other than what I can read on the bandcamp liner notes. But, I trust the label she’s on, and I trust the sounds coming through my speakers. At times, the latest single from the forthcoming Big Fall has this slight sort of indifferent bedroom jangle, something that you might associate with old K Records vibes…you know catchy but dissonant in a way. Then, the song has these scurrying guitar lines that seem sort of bluesy, giving the song this natural expanse that you might not associate with a two minute pop song. Being new to Florry, I’m definitely excited to hear more. You can grab the LP on August 27th from 12XU.

What’s Cool in Australian Music, Today

Clearly I’m struggling to not write about all the songs and all the cool things, so why not turn three posts into one, you know, just to cut down on boring you with my mundane thoughts on people’s music. So, below, you’ve got streams to 2 great LPs and a new single.



Shrapnel – Alasitas

This record’s impossible to describe in the absolute best way possible, though I’ve tried to pigeon-hole the band’s sound in the past. Just imagine bits of indie pop, elements of experimentation, prog and psych, then swirled about like the colors on the album art. This is an LP worth self-immersion.

Quivers – Golden Doubt

They’re going to get Go-Betweens comparisons, based on the band’s line-up alone, and parts of that are unfair, but parts are definitely just. What’s just is that they’re writing the same style of timeless pop tunes you want to share with everyone you love. I’m stuck on “When It Breaks” at the moment.


Delivery – Brickwork

I’ve already written about the first single from the band’s forthcoming Yes We Do EP, so, feels like we should continue that support as they offer up another frantic bouncer, an energetic frolic in fast forward. Their new 7″ will drop at the end of the month via Spoilsport!

The Narrow Escapes Return with New Singles

The Narrow Escapes have been quiet for almost a decade, but they return today with some jams on new label Tenth Temple Records (its ATH adjacent). The project is led by Art Silva, who played in Rose Selavy, and he’s joined by members of Meryll and Tres Oui, so you know that the songs are going to be energetic and hook-laden. “Cruise Life” is a little bit like the title, a nice little sailing trip off into the sunset, cruising through the seas with a nice little smile upon your face. “Night Owls” is a definite jam, and one you’d expect with the members involved; it feels like a power pop anthem crafted in the latest corners of the night, propulsive but just hinting at darkness. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about what’s coming from the band and label!

Space Daze Release Visible Spectrum

Before Space Daze, Danny Rowland played in Seapony; I was fortunate to book them for this great show at SXSW where they played with Twerps and Suckers next to a chicken coop. But, the last few years Danny’s really been focusing on his solo stuff, and while there are some sonic similarities to the work, he’s clearly making things his own on the new Visible Spectrum EP. I think you just need to listen to “Don’t Mind” to hear him breaking free of dreamier tendencies and going straight for the bouncing pop jugular! Honestly, I love the contrast of the guitar sound against the steady thump of the beat on this tune, all the while Danny sings just in the distance. But, to be honest, you’d be remiss if you skipped past any of these songs, so just be good to yourself and enjoy the EP below!

Darkbird Drop Pop Hit

A few years ago, when we were throwing one of our ATH vs SOTO SXSW shows, we had Darkbird on the bill, and since then, we’ve been keeping tabs on one of that shows standout performers. This week, they’ve got this incredible bouncy pop tune ready for you all, produced by Walker Lukens, so you know there’s going to be hooks galore. I mean, the driving synth lines definitely feel like they’re here to provide you with the necessary energy, just bouncing and pumping your fists in the air as you sing along with your friends. I’m not always a straight pop fan, but when its this good, you can’t really turn away from it can you? No! So just turn it up!

Simon Merle Drops Solo LP

To be fair to Simon, he’s received tons of coverage on this site, though that’s been entirely due to his songwriting duties in the now defunct outfit, the Bankees. Simon’s voice has always been a strong pull for me, and it remains one of the central focal points on this album, as he’s working with pretty barebones construction here, mostly wrapping his voice around soft strumming (and the occasional backing vocal) throughout the LPs entirety. But, there are moments when little details creep in, like on my favorite “I Can’t Talk.” There’s even some Bolan-esque ballads here, like “Never Be Famous,” so you’ll likely spend a good amount of time immersing yourself in the entirety of this album. Give a listen and its a NYOP download!


The Umbrellas Announce Self-Titled Debut

So, I’m probably a few days late to this one, but I was on vacation! And, as a huge Slumberhead (that’s what we call ourselves, right?), I’m entitled to to post about the announcement of the Umbrellas debut LP! This San Fran act honestly reminds me of their label-mates, the Jeanines, except maybe clearing out some of the fuzzy cobwebs and offering up a more sugary presentation. It’s heavy on the jangles, sharpened with great melodic vocals, and to be fair, it’s everything you’ve probably ever loved about indiepop bands, past and present. A timeless sound that I never tire of hearing; look for the self-titled debut on August 6th via Slumberland!

Rider Release Debut EP

Rider might be a new name on your radar, as it is mine, but the project is helmed by Frode Stromstad of I Was a King. The Norwegian project also includes Honey Radar‘s Jason Henn on drums, which should further our interest on this side of the pond. This project definitely pulls in Frode’s familiarity with little nuggets of pop, though admittedly, this feels a bit grittier, in the best way possible. “Deep Rivers” has some faint GBV references, though Stromstad’s voice is too kind, offering more of a melodic feel. I think the easiest to access for folks will be “Smell the Floor,” built on huge riffs disguised beneath layers of fuzz, though rest assured there’s melodic treasure lurking beneath this song’s surface. Just imagine if Comet Gain were a power pop band; then you’ll understand Rider. Stream the whole EP below!

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