Stream New Indiepop from We The Pigs

I’m always scouring for dreamy pop and upbeat indiepop numbers to share…mostly because that’s my wheelhouse, listening-wise. Luckily, this new EP from We. The Pigs just went live via their label Discos de Kirlian, which happens to offer up the best of both sides. The openers is a little bit dreamy, with a shimmering wash of atmospherics in the background. But, next on “Too Young” you’ll find the slightly jangling chords and a sparkling vocal performance…some male vocals join in on this tune too. I don’t want to give too much away but I know the indiepop fans are going to eat this EP up; order it HERE.

This New Cults Track Is a Jam

If there’s one thing Cults know how to do, it’s craft an undeniable hit. They create the sort of pop music that cross boundaries of hipsterdom into mass culture. That being said, you listen to the new tune they just dropped, and you’ll be enjoying the synth textures colliding with the vocals of Madeline Follin. I didn’t expect to imagine myself swinging about my classroom, shuffling my feet as I hand out the first day syllabus, but this tune definitely gives me that vibe. Look out for Offering on October 6th via Sinderlyn.

Did You Hear the New Darkbird Tunes

If you happened to hit up our SXSW show with our friends at Side One Track One, then perhaps you’re in on this, but Darkbird were one of the band’s that stole the show that night. Their set was energetic and forceful, and lets face it, pop music just doesn’t get much better. The group just dropped two powerhouse new tunes, leaving me with the same dropped jam I got from their live performance. Just press play and fall in love with these Austin folks.

Kedr Livanskiy Drops New Tune with Martin Newell

Martin Newell is a big deal around my house, so when I heard that he was doing some vocals for Russian electronic artists Kedr Livanskiy my interest was already piqued. The first minute or so of the track has Kedr crafting this almost space-like atmosphere for Martin to deliver spoken word, just before the song really begins to take dramatic shape. Once the beat hits, Newell can still be heard sampled in an echoing fashion, while brooding synths and drum loops kick in from behind. This song will appear on Ariadna, Livanskiy’s new album that drops on September 8th via 2MR.

Video Premiere: Nomads – Phasmophobia

I’ve been getting on board with this NOMADS train for the last few months or so and am growing my fandom as more music comes my way. At first it was something a bit different for me, but now it’s become something that I am completely in to. Today I’m elated to share a premiere of this video for new phobia themed song “Phasmophbia”. Featuring drums from Brian Wolfe (David Byrne & St. Vincent/The Dap Kings) this video/song is an electronic jam which features the Brooklyn groups unique take on what you once thought a live show should be. Creativity and a thoughtful new take on the elctronic/snyth genre are clearly present in this new track “Phasmophbia”. Check it out below:

Enjoy New Jack Cooper

It’s going to be a huge shame if this Jack Cooper goes overlooked, as the songs we’ve heard are really compelling…not to mention lovely. He dropped this new one today, and the opening immediately shuffles you into Cooper’s world, vocals hitting almost instantly as shakers and snare work behind careful guitar lines. Little vocal backing pieces flare up occasionally, providing a sentimental nostalgia that’s likely to make the world a better place. You’ll be able to hear Cooper’s debut solo effort Sandgrown this Friday when it’s released by Trouble In Mind.

Fresh New Music from the Bond Twins

Austin’s Brendan Bond is a jack of all musical bands; he’s played with Matthew Logan Vasquez, Grape Street, A. Sinclair, Golden Dawn Arkestra…but now he’s teamed up with his brother, Andrew, to release their own Just Kids EP. I love how you can hear the various influences in the sound the duo have crafted. There’s an innate infectious quality, particularly in the chorus. Speaking of that, I like the little guitar line that sets up the vocals. You’ll also hear a bit of a Texas twang in the guitar work of the song…home grown boys are the best. Enjoy this ode to summer and pools, but be sure to join the Bond Twins for the release of their EP on August 31st over at Mohawk with, Slomo Drags, Magic Rockers of TX and Lola Tried.

Stream Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy

Every once in a while you stumble into an album you were looking forward to, and you’re proven right…every note hits, every track wins you over. Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy, the new album from the Aussie outfit is one such LP. I’ve already posted gems like “Rock n’ Roll Cretin” and “Sweet Bells Jangled,” but there’s not a misplaced tune on this record; it’s honestly some of the best guitar pop I’ve heard come out this year. If you’re searching for a record that’s going to impress your friends with your great taste, then introduce them to Milk Teddy. The LP is available now from Lost and Lonesome!

Premiere of New Cruel Whip Single

Those in and around Austin already know of the many talents of David Petro (Xetas, Gospel Truth, Art Acevedo), but he’s not slowing down, as he is set to drop a new cassette as Cruel Whip. Our first listen to the new music has him crafting this dark tinged industrial collage called “Table of Drops,” which has this sly little pop sensibility lurking beneath the surface. You’re confronted by a wash of white noise, but light little synth bits drop in from the background, carefully build a touch of the uplifting spirit. Cruel Whip will release the Fatal Man Cassette on September 1st via Self Sabotage Records, followed by a release show Beerland on September 13th.

Delightful New Tune From Covey

What a pleasant surprise finding this new single “Same White Shoes” from Boston based outfit Covey. The song is a sort of slacker folk style of song which manages to be fun and playful while still maintaining that drab style. It’s an interesting and fun take on an older indie folk style that is sure to warrant repeat listens. Check it out below.

Covey will self-release Haggarty on September 22nd.

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