New Tune From Moon Tide Gallery

Often times I am finding myself constantly on the lookout for something new, different, and/or unique in the music world. The young Baltimore based songwriter and producer Mason Gainer has hit on something today with this new single “Venus Fly Trap” under his recording moniker Moon Tide Gallery. While listening to the song for the third or so time this morning, I keep getting this sort of Chemical Brothers beat paired with something a touch more washed out and shoe gazy like MX Lonely. Hopefully it will give you a little touch of creativity for your Monday.

This track is part of a new EP entitled Stop Looking at Me Like That due out in June.

Mnevis Share T.K. Collider

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Swiss outfit Mnevis after the release of their debut Episodes; they’ve gotten a bit of praise for folks that are inclined to digest Radiohead’s catalog in one sitting. Take, for instance, this new sprawling opus; it flirts with you as if it were a piece of mundane pop, utilizing autotune and synthetic beats to gets its hooks in you. And, as you’re satisfied with the pleasantries, it unfolds with both beats and vocals dousing themselves in a more pure form at the motorik beat rings true. Now’s your chance to be on the front lines of what’s cool in Switzerland…plus just enjoy a nice little morning musical marathon.

Pulse Park Share Dark Empath + Release First Second

Germany’s Pulse Park just dropped their latest full length, First Second, and I found myself immersing myself in the softened soundscapes they’ve crafted. “Dark Empath” is a standout, landing in the world somewhere between the Notwist and Radio Dept; it adhere’s to a fuzzy underbelly, then works everything around that, building both melody and discord into one being that reverberates through the whole of the tune. In spending some time with the tune, you’ll find it creates this sort of omnipresence in your life, not overbearing and heavy, but just sort of lightly floating with you, careful to be along for the ride. If you’re looking for a way to escape the Monday doldrums, then try out First Second.

Last Week’s Jams (4.15 – 4.19)

Trying to keep pace with ourselves, we covered a ton of ground last week on the site. We got to premiere a psychedelic campfire jam from Mountain Movers, and we might be one of the few US-based sites covering Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice…which steps in line with that Cola track we also ran. There’s a bit Austin contingent too this week, as Variety, Blushing, Strand of Oaks and Good Looks all honored us with fresh music from their forthcoming releases. We also flirted with a bit of electronic arts too, with new stuff from Martha Rose and Maria Chiara Argiro…just so you don’t think we’re all rock n’ roll over here. Anyways, start your week off here.

The Donnas + Real Gone Music

As many of you maybe waited in ridiculously long lines on Saturday for your Record Store Day gems and must haves, I thought it might be an appropriate time to focus on one of my favorite reissue focused labels who won’t gouge or pander to resellers. Of course I’m talking about the Orange, California based label Real Gone Music who have seen many features on these here pages over the years. They have been absolutely killing it recently with thoughtful reissues which won’t require 4am wake up times and certainly won’t drain your bank account. If you care to read on, hit the jump (I promise to keep it short).

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Ahem Announce Avoider LP

A day late, but important news that Ahem has readied another great LP of absolute rippers for your ears. Yesterday the good folks at Forged Artifacts announce the band’s return with this rad new tune, and it honestly reminds me a lot of early Superchunk. It’s got the same natural tenacity running through it, filled to the brim with an earnestness that feels fitting for the style. I want to feel the joy in the songwriting, and from the punch of the thundering drums to the vocal delivery, everything screams “joy” in this opening track from the forthcoming Avoider LP. If you love it (and you should), you can hear the whole LP on May 17th!

Introducing Julian Lahdemsaki

Our friends over in Finland alerted us to a new signing for the Soliti label, with roots in the American music scene. Julian Lahdemsaki was working in the States under various monikers (Julian Jones/Moose & the Elephant), but has recently returned to his homeland in Finland. It’s here that he’s found the footing to explore the sonic landscape of a continental move, and thus created a track with multiple moves within it as well. At times, the song burrows into house grooves, popping into the mode of more modern bedroom pop with some softened vocal appearances. But, the song never stays in one place for too long, perhaps like Julian’s own life; it’s a musical narrative done mostly without words, so invest a little time in his new piece. His Young Jupiter EP will be out on May 31st.

Alluvial Nuggets Share When We Lost the Internet

As we eagerly away the debut self-titled album from James Dutton’s project Alluvial Nuggets, at least we can all rejoice in another peak under the covers. At first, the song takes on a modern jig feel, straddling guitar chords working atop a bob-and-weave of the bass work, offering up a pulse that subsides to bring in a more bold pop approach. Although the bass line still maintains its energy, there is some arrangement work coming in to add these melodic bits that flesh it out, even as the song runs for the expanse at the end by way of smoking guitar lines. Look for the self-titled debut this June from Lost and Lonesome.

Ghost Party Offer Cardboard Moon

You can’t listen to the tones of the guitar strum on this new Ghost Party track without feeling the emotion; there’s this natural sense of longing that pulls you right into the core of the song. Vocals are presented in such a fashion that they feel more like a whispered conversation between two lovers, which loosely ties the voice to the sentiment in the lyrical work. All of this gets tied in a nice little bow by tinkering keys and sliding guitar, letting you drive that car off towards the horizon without ever looking in the rearview mirror. Stick till the end for a sweetened dose of sugar!

Lisasinson Share Salgo a la Calle

It’s been a minute since I’ve run a proper Spanish language tune, and since I’ve long loved the worked of Lisasinson, today seems like the perfect day to work their new single into the mix. There’s no hiding the fact that this is a pure pop rock track, even if you might not grasp the lyrical content. Running into the track with that insatiable bounce, you’re going to find the fish hooks under your skin; the vocals are coolly offered up, driving a dash of melody into the core. Through its opening minutes you can hear this growling guitar wanting to join in the fray, and eventually it makes its way into the forefront, ripping through the softened melody and exploding with a tenacity that keeps the song’s edge in tact.

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