Big Bill Share Coma Single

This past Friday our good friends in Big Bill released the stellar new single, “Coma,” which we wanted to delay so as to offer you up something delicious on Monday morning. While Eric Braden’s distinctive vocal delivery is omni-present, the mono-syallbic burst at the 37 second mark (and repeated later) is a sure-fire hook. What’s most impressive to me is how furious the band seems to be here; they’re playing with this angular jackhammering, more emphatic and rocking than ever before. All of this gets tied together with time changes matching up with Eric’s syllable play in the lyrics…one of the band’s signatures. Don’t miss out on this Jon Lovitz approved hit!

Emily Wolfe Shares Something Better Video

Back when we were throwing shows and booking things for SXSW, we had the wonderful Emily Wolfe on our annual SXSW bill with our friend John ( of 101X/SOTO fame). She’s got her new LP Outlier slated for a June release, and this great single is the perfect way to get you hooked on the sound she’s dishing out. Emily opens the tune with her voice riding atop a synthetic pulse, aptly building tension before dropping in with a crunchy hook. That chorus, while thematically heart-wrenching, hits just right with Wolfe hitting the perfect notes. But, the guitar virtuoso isn’t going full pop, with a nice little solo showing off her signature Epiphone guitar sitting poolside. Outlier drops June 25th.

The Week in Music May 10 – 14

Here we are. Here you are. It’s Monday morning, so let’s go back in time. Way way back, to last week. We’ve got new hits from the Goon Sax and Quivers, as well as some more obscure stuff like Keron and Nina Savary. Plus, we’ve got some old favorites in Dentist, Leon Bridges and Tapeworms, piled on top of a few tunes we dug that already got the mass of hype you’d expect. As per our tastes, its all over the place, which is sort of how I’m feeling on this Monday morning. Have a rad day my friends!

Tape Waves Share Invisible Lines Video

I think one of the things I love about listening to Tape Waves is how safe (no-frills, comforting, etc) their brand of dream pop is, meaning that in the best way! You get folks over indulging in beats, or minimizing the strum of a guitar, and maybe even sometimes coating the vocals in too much of a studio wash. But here, as you can hear with their latest single, Tape Waves don’t need to employ any of those little textures; their songs succeed on their own merit. And, you can hear light guitar strums, steady drum bounce, and Kim’s wonderful voice fitting right into it all; they’ve managed to balance in such a way that you might even just call normalize it by calling it some of the best pop music all around. Good songs supersede technological studio tricks, in my mind anyways. Plus, the video’s adorable, featuring cats, ice cream and a couple going through their record collection! Bright is out soon via Emotional Response!

Jesper Zacco Shares Dream Single

I’ll admit to not knowing much about Jesper Zacco, prior to this debut single for famed Labrador Records, but I’m fully on board with what he’s doing in this brand new single. The song opens with a careful vocal lurking behind some careful notes…ringing notes, synth echoes and atmospheric washes; it’s like a mischievous character playfully lurking around trees in a foggy forest. But, that mystery unfolds in the chorus, delivering this momentary clarity; it’s this sort of subtle warmth that I remember washing over me when I had early records by Nada Surf on, or maybe even the Wrens. Jesper will be releasing his debut this September, so we’ll keep you posted!

Keron Shares Alphanumeric Single

There was something about the immediacy of the latest single from Georgia’s Keron Robinson (or Keron). Punching in almost immediately with this heavy voice that seemed to be hiding beneath the mix sucked me right into the tune; I felt like I was being invited to a secret party filled with careful nuanced melodies and subtle pop hooks. I think the chorus really solidified my love for this tune; there was something about it that just felt huge and powerful, despite being a little softer in its delivery. Keron will be releasing a new record later this year, so keep your ears peeled for more hits!

Pony Hunt Share Stardust Video

I love a great video, particularly when its paired with equally great song, like the latest from Pony Hunt. For me, the song was a rolling journey, begun by the drum beat; they set you up with a soft roll, laying out the world before your feet. It’s then that Jessie Antonick’s voice enters the fray, serenading you with this heavenly voice, filled with guttural emotion, yet sparkling in the dark shades of the song. I appreciate the little breakdown just after the 2 minute mark, offering a slight soul performance in the midst of the tune’s dense sound, which eventually creeps back in and carries the song to a close. This song appears on the new record, VAR!, which is out on July 23rd via Wing and Wing.

Lachlan and Snowy Release Phone In

I’ve no qualms stating that anything loosely affiliated with the Ocean Party will likely get space on our site, but even more so if its got great songs, like the latest release from Lachlan & Snowy (now of Pop Filter, among others). In fact, Lachlan reached out to let me know the project began as sort of a joke, but when you’ve got two great songwriters and friends, its hard to keep great music buried. There’s maybe a few tunes lurking in here that you could maybe forgive for being playful recording banter, but even then, you’re not going to find many songs better than “Blame it on the Seasons” or “Triple End; I just don’t know how you call either of those tunes ‘jokes” in the grand scheme of things. Honestly, one of those tunes might be one of my favorite of the week! Go ahead and find yourself falling in love with two great friends writing music together. Stream Phone In below:

Yesterday’s Massage Video

We’ve definitely been supporting Massage on their new LP, careful to throw in only the appropriate Pains of Being Pure at Heart references where applicable. Here we are a day late on their new video for the record’s first single, which is the opening track on Still Life. For me, this tune is all about the juxtaposition of the varying guitar sounds that course through the song. At times they’ve got that disorienting fuzz, other times you get crisp circular jangles, at times both battling for air…and all of it dripped over a simply thunderous beat. Honestly, what’s amazed me the most about this record, or at least the singles, are how well balanced everything is…every guitar sound, drum beat, and vocal; its really a special treat for us all. Still Life is out in July via Mt. St. Mtn./Tear Jerk/Bobo Integral.

Nina Savary Shares Second Guessing Video

French performer Nina Savary is a true multi-disciplinary artist, whether she’s dancing, acting or singing, which is the case here; she’s signed on to work with Tin Angel Records, releasing this debut single for us to share. The song’s a very delicate number, leaving a great deal of space for Savary to work with her voice in and out of the notes; she maneuvers carefully around synth notes and rolling drum hits. That voice has mesmerized me, feeling like it could eventually evaporate into nothingness as she moves onto the next note. There’s also this wonderful little guitar interlude right around the 2 minute mark that’s very brief, but very special. The song was written for Nina by Chris Cummings (Marker Starling), and it’s a quite nice way to ease into your morning.

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