New To You: Jangly Pop From Good Dog Nigel

This track may be a few months old, but it’s definitely still worth a few minutes of your day. Good Dog Nigel, or Parker Emeigh, is an indie rocker from Lynchburg, Virginia who recently released TheImplied SunriseEP back in January. From it, I’m pleased to share “I Can’t Be,” which is a bouncy number, fueled by guitars that alternate between jangly and fuzzy. What I’m so fond of about this number is that dichotomy between slacker pop and tight knit rock during the choruses. Check it out below and then head over to Good Dog Nigel’s Bandcamp for the rest of the EP.

New Indiepop from Den Baron

I love how a respected label ends up sending you down a delicious ear candy-filled wormhole; the next few hours of my listening I owe to Cloudberry Records and Den Baron. The German outfit had some late 90s/early 00s success with Apricot/Shelflife, but their comeback 7″ sounds absolutely delightful. It all begins with this teasing piano, opening into this guitar shuffle that ushers in the casual croon of the vocals; I love how they get draped with off-set backing vocals. And, the track doesn’t fall into the trap of wrapping things up; they step up the game with these stabbing vocal lines and “bops” after the 3 minute mark, riding the track throughout the rest of the number. This is the A-side track for the band’s new 7″, which drops later this Spring.

Check Out Grace Ives Latest Single

This single from Grace Ives has been floating around for a few days, but as I circle back on it, I can’t help but be impressed with the song and its structure. For one, the beat behind Ives’ voice is operating at driving speed; it’s quick, almost IDM-esque…giving the musical element some sort of industrial sterility. But, on top sits Grace and her vocals. They have carry this deep tone, heavy in its emotional presentation, but supported by a lighter backing vocal that sort of lifts the song up. The music and the voice are diametrically opposed, yet the somehow find themselves interlocked, weaving an emotional black hole that sucks you inside. If you dig it, 2nd will be next Monday on Dots Per Inch.

Another Single from The BVs

Monday’s are meant to be about great tracks, occasionally the great tracks you just discovered from the previous week. In the case of the BVs, you might not have heard their new album Cartography, but I wanted to make sure its on your radar because it’s one brilliant LP. They’ve tossed out another single to hopefully encourage your ears, so get to it. The track is like a nice homage to Galaxie 500; the guitar work cascades and creates this beautiful landscape for the listener. Then, the heavy vocals come in, almost working in contrast to the music, holding onto their own wondrous melody. I can’t say enough good things about this band, so I won’t stop until you’re all in love. Grab the limited LP from Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

Bouncy Indiepop from Jeanines

Slumberland Records had a great week last week…a new video from Business of Dreams, an EP from Papercuts and a cover from Frankie Rose…but the best news was the announcement of this Jeanines LP. There’s an infectiousness bounce tearing through your speakers the instant you press play; it’s matched by that understated jangle in the guitars that makes indiepop nerds swoon. Alicia Jeanine’s vocals have this crystalline quality that sort of ride the melodic wave of the track itself; I’m not sure I’ve been so quickly charmed as I was upon first listen here…and it’s short, so go on and press repeat as many times as you can fit into the next hour. The band’s self titled debut will be out on June 14th.

Casual Pop from No Local

I spent a lot of time listening to the latest single from No Local, a band comprised of Snowy and Zac D (who passed away before his time) from the Ocean Party. Part of that was nostalgia, but a great deal had to do with just how great this simple song is; I think it’s a testament to Denton and Snowy’s writing partnership. It’s a song mostly worked around keys and soft drum work, while the vocals sit back casually, repeating the the line “I’ve got nothing more to give” as the song draws to a close. The End Again will be out at the end of April courtesy of Osborne Again and Emotional Response.

Wild Firth Share Nevermind Video

If you’ve missed they hype surrounding Wild Firth‘s new LP, then now’s your time to get in on the action, and what better way than by enjoying the group’s new video. The video is sort of a journey in and of itself, taking the viewer on a ride through a sort of hazy 80s style cut of landscape images; it fits pretty perfectly with the vibe of the tune itself. A fuzzy guitar opens things up, letting the vocals sort of work the listener into things. You could see where some bombast would be perfect as the tension builds, but the group, don’t go with the expected, dropping this gorgeous light jangling guitar pop to meld with the fuzzy feels. There’s a nice little vocal change right before the 2 minute mark, adding a wee bit of pop sensibility in the song’s latter half. I know you love it, so go grab Lawn Memory, out April 26th via Forged Artifacts.

Blushing Share Dream Merchants

Remember when we released Blushing‘s Weak EP? Yeah, that ruled. But, the band hasn’t slowed down since then, dropping a 7″ and now this new single as we await their full-length LP on the horizon. The song features the band’s signature approach to songwriting with guitars feuding in order to create this huge wall of sound…one that is eventually filled by Noe’s screeching guitar wail. Vocals intoxicate, swirling about in the shadows of the track, peaking as the melodies all smash into one another. It’s the perfect way to start off that sleepy Monday morning.

Abram Shook Shares New Tune

We’ve known Abram Shook for a really long time, since the beginning of this little site, actually. We’ve watched him grow, worked with he and his project Feverbones to release their LP, and now we seeing him grow again. The last few months he’s teased us with images that border on space-alien or maybe even disco; we knew something was coming, and now we finally get to hear it! In the first 40 seconds he offers up this sort of tinkering pop ambiance, but just after that, the song really drops in and there’s a funkier element to what Shook is working with in the song. That funk has always existed, especially if you’ve been fortunate enough to watch him play live, but it’s way out in the open here, then smoothed and polished for the chorus. We hear he might have a new album on the horizon, but for now, we just get this single!

Show Review: Better Oblivion Community Center @ Stubb’s – 4/9

Tuesday night, the Better Oblivion Community Center graced us with their presence at Stubb’s, alongside the company of Lala Lala and Christian Lee Hutson for the first real Stubb’s Sweat of the season. One of the most buzzed about acts of 2019, BOCC is a cult of sadness, with its two founders, Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers at the helm of the vessel of sadness. What we got was a great night for fans of both artists individually as well as new fans of the project. Read past the jump to get my brief thoughts on the night.

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