New Tunes from Personal and the Pizzas

pizzaIt’s Friday, and as you cruise into the weekend, you definitely need something meaningful to carry you all the way to the end of the day.  Well, let the wonderful sounds of Personal and the Pizzas put you on their backs and carry you into the weekend.  Sure, it’s a bit derivative, but if you don’t like this song you aren’t a United Statesian.


Download: Personal and the Pizzas – I Don’t Feel So Happy Now [MP3]

From The Closet: At The Drive-In

at-the-drive-inNow I promise not to make this another one of those “man I wish Mars Volta would break-up so At the Drive-In would get back together” type of posts.  I like Mars Volta, I really do.  Well at least I used to a few years ago when they still put out listenable material… I’m giving you “Invalid Litter Dept.” from the incomparable 2000 album Relationship of Command because it’s always been one of my ATDI favorites since I first heard the album.  It also marks the bands last effort together before all shit broke loose and most everyone went their separate ways.  Enjoy it and pick up this album if you’re the last fool on the planet who doesn’t own it.


New Tunes from Doveman

tombartThomas Bartlett is a New York based keyboardist, currently backing up The National on tour.  But, as most touring musicians do, he’s got his own gig on the side, Doveman.  This new track is really quiet, almost inaudible, but it makes the beauty of the arrangement jump out in the end.  Expect the album to come your way later this year.


Download: Doveman – Breathing Out [MP3]

Balmorhea @ Stubbs (5/22)

balmorhea13One of our newest and favorite local discoveries of the last year, Balmorhea, are playing another sure to be great show at Stubbs on Friday night.  Pompeii and Alex Dupree and The Trapdoor band will take the stage as well to open things up.  Tickets for this show are $10  from Front Gate and doors open at 9:30.  Friday night is jammed packed full of goodness, so you’ve got some big decisions to make.


Download: Balmorhea – Harm & Boon [MP3]

New Cassettes Won’t Listen

cwl5002Jason Drake (known to you and I as Cassettes Won’t Listen) has finished his new album and is ready to give us a sneak peak with new single “Into the Hillside”.  The album of same name will be made available June 16h.  Apparently we’re looking at a mostly instrumental album as evidenced by the single.  Thanks to Trip Wire for the tip.


Download: Cassettes Won’t Listen – Into the Hillside [MP3]

Faux Hoax

01852_01847_fauxhoaxpicPolyvinyl just sent out some information about this new project/band Faux Hoax which is set to release an EP on the label.  The new group is a recording project from Danny Seim (Menomena), John Askew (The Dodos/Tracker), and Dave Allen (Gang of Four).  Vocal and lyrical collaborations were also done with Joe Haege (31 Knots/Tu Fawning) & writer Adam Gnade.  The star studed cast have worked on this project for over 2 years and are now ready to release 3 song EP Your Friends Will Carry You Home which can be bought from Polyvinyl now.  Digital bonus track “Foxworthy” can be had below.  It comes off as very experimental but definitely has that Menomena touch on it.


Download: Faux Hoax – Foxworthy [MP3]

Yellow Bike Project 12th Anny @ Red 7 (5/21)

ybp_logo_400pxAustin’s most unique non-profit, The Yellow Bike Project, are celebrating 12 great years of existence by putting on a party/show at Red 7 on Thursday night.  The lineup is stacked with talent and includes ATH faves Shearwater headlining along with Theatre Fire, Red Cortez, Buttercup, and the Yellow Bike Project Gospel Choir.  Shearwater don’t have any other Austin dates planned for the summer so you better see them while you can!  Show starts at 8pm.


 Download: Shearwater – The Snow Leopard [MP3]


megafunWe don’t know a whole lot about this band Megafaun other than we really like their tunes and they hail from Durham North Carolina.  From first listens their sound draws a lot from fun countryish sounds similar to maybe our own Brothers and Sisters with maybe even more twang.  Or you could just call it fun.  Here’s latest single from the band “The Fade” which will appear on new album Gather, Form & Fly due out July 21st.  You Austinites will also be pleased to know that Megafaun will be opening for Bowerbirds when they come through town in August at Mohawk.


Download: Megafaun – The Fade [MP3]

Young Love @ Mohawk (5/20)

052009_mohawk_younglove0Many moons ago Dan Keyes used to live and play music in Austin with his hardcore band Recover.  After the demise of that band, Keyes left for the big NYC to start his new dance-rock project Young Love.  High critical praise has been coming over the last couple of years and now the band are making a stop off in Austin on Wednesday night at Mohawk.  Promising young bands Paper Route and The Always Already will provide your opening entertainment.  Tickets are on sale now for $10 or can be bought at the door for $12.  Head out and say welcome home to our man Dan Keyes!


Download: Young Love – Black Boots [MP3]

Tunes from An Horse

horseWe caught up with An Horse during SXSW for a quick interview, and now that their album Rearrange Beds has been circling aroudn, we thought we’d offer up more of their festive pop for you today.  Also, this single, “Camp Out,” has just recently got the video treatment, and you should check it out here.


Download: An Horse – Camp Out [MP3]

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